Costco Senior Discount and Costco Senior Membership Fee Policies

Costco does not offer a senior discount or a discounted membership fee for seniors. For more information on the Costco senior discount policy, see below.

Is There a Costco Senior Discount? Senior Membership?

Costco does not have a discounted membership for seniors or a senior discount available, a corporate customer service representative said. We contacted Costco stores in Arizona, Georgia, New York, and Maryland to verify this information. Each location confirmed that there are no senior discounts on membership fees, products, or services at Costco.

Costco offers a variety of products and services — such as hearing aids, prescription eyeglasses, and health-care items — that may be of special interest to seniors. If you’re on the fence about paying full price for a Costco membership (which is required to shop at the wholesale chain), see our articles for a membership cost breakdown and information on sharing Costco memberships.

For other savings options, see our list of over 90 senior discounts.

In Summary

Costco does not have a senior discount or discounted senior memberships.

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