Fry’s Food has 119 locations, primarily in the state of Arizona. From Tucson to Tolleson, Fry’s is a well-known spot to pick up groceries, buy lottery tickets, or visit the pharmacy. But did you know Fry’s Food will provide a 10% discount on the first Wednesday of every month to all seniors with a VIP card? Here are the details…

How Do You Become Eligible for the Fry’s Senior Discount?

Anyone 55 and older AND who is a VIP member qualifies for the Fry’s senior discount. We’ll cover how to become a VIP member in a moment. Simply show proof of age (like a driver’s license or another form of ID with your birthday on it) and you can have the discount applied to your purchase. Need finding your nearest Fry’s location? You can visit the Fry’s store finder here (just click on the blue “Find a Store” link in the top right corner).

When Can You Get the Discount?

Fry’s has what’s known as Fry’s senior day. This means you must shop on certain days in order to receive the Fry’s senior discount. The Fry’s Food senior discount is available on the first Wednesday of every month. The remaining dates for 2017 are as follows:

  • 4/5/17
  • 5/3/17
  • 6/717
  • 7/5/17
  • 8/2/17
  • 9/6/17
  • 10/4/17
  • 11/1/17
  • 12/7/17

How Much Is the Senior Discount?

The Fry’s Food senior discount is 10% off of all items — with a few exceptions. Take a look below for more details.

Items That Don’t Qualify for the Senior Discount

The senior discount does not apply to prescription drugs, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, postage stamps, taxes, gift cards and certificates, Western Union money transfers and money orders, lottery tickets, Ticketmaster purchases, or any items purchased at Fry’s fuel centers (including fuel).

You must be a member of the Fry’s VIP Club to receive the discount. It’s as simple as registering — no need to jump through any hoops. You can sign up with Fry’s VIP Club on the Create an Account page of the Fry’s website, or at any register at any Fry’s store.

Note that not all of the above information is available on the Fry’s website. We reached out to Fry’s customer support to verify the details.

Other Deals at Fry’s

The VIP Club gets you access to other promotions at the store as well. The available promotions vary each week. To see the current offers, use the store finder (in the top right corner) and enter your zip code to find the promotions at the store closest to you, or visit the Promotions page to see the deals that are being offered at every Fry’s store.

Unless the promotion says specifically that it cannot by combined with any other offers, you can use the senior discount along with the weekly promotions.

If you sign up for the VIP card, you can also create an account so that your store preferences will automatically be saved.

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In Summary

Everyone appreciates a deal — so if you’re a shopper in the 55+ category, be sure that you’re taking advantage of the discounts available to you. Fry’s Food will provide a 10% discount on the first Wednesday of every month to all seniors with a VIP card. If you don’t shop at Fry’s Food, there are plenty of other grocery stores that provide senior discounts as well.