106 Best Senior Discounts by Age: 55, 60, etc

Couple dining at a restaurant with a senior discount

Many stores, restaurants, movie theaters, hotels, and services offer discounts for senior citizens.

If you meet the company’s age requirement, you can show your ID, enter a promo code online, or show a membership card for an organization like AARP to get discounts up to 30% off.

Below, we have the list of senior discounts — organized by age limit, so you can easily find the discounts for which you qualify.

We compiled this information by contacting companies directly for the details of their senior discount policies.

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Comparison Table

We’ve compiled the most pressing details of each company’s senior discount policy into a table.

Select the company name or scroll to the list below to find out more about each company’s discount policy and requirements.

(Note: This table follows our list order of age by default, but you can also sort it by company name or discount amount by selecting the arrows at the top of each column.)

Company Minimum Age Discount Amount Requirements
AT&T50 $10 AARP membership
Avis Rent a Car50 30% AARP membership & discount code
Bealls50 15% Photo ID; valid on a designated day of the week (usually Tuesday)
Bonefish Grill50 10% AARP membership
British Airways50 $65 to $200 AARP membership
Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.50 10% AARP membership
Budget Rent A Car50 30% AARP membership
Budget Truck Rental50 10% to 20% AARP membership
Carrabba's Italian Grill50 10% AARP membership
Chart House50 10% AARP membership
Collette River Cruises50 $50 to $100 AARP membership
Consumer Cellular50 5% to 30% AARP membership
Denny's50 15% AARP membership
Glasses.com50 30% AARP membership
Grand European Travel50 $100 AARP membership
Harry & David50 20% AARP membership
Hertz50 20% Photo ID & senior CDP code
Joe's Crab Shack50 10% AARP membership
Landry's Seafood50 10% AARP membership
LensCrafters50 10% to 50% AARP membership
Outback Steakhouse50 10% AARP membership
Payless Car Rental50 5% AARP membership & senior promo code
The Popcorn Factory50 20% or $20 AARP membership
Rainforest Cafe50 10% AARP membership
Regal50 20% AARP & Regal Crown Club memberships
Schwan's50 $20 AARP membership
Sixt50 5% Photo ID
Target Optical50 $10 to $20 AARP membership
Ticketmaster50 Varies by event AARP membership & senior discount code
UPS Store50 5% to 15% AARP membership
Zipcar50 Lower-price membership and $40 driving credit AARP & Zipcar memberships
Belk55 15% to 20% Photo ID
Best Western55 15% Photo ID
Carl's Jr.55 10% Photo ID
Carnival Cruise Line55 Varies by date and cruise details Photo ID
Chili's55 10% Photo ID
Christopher & Banks55 10% Photo ID & Friendship Rewards membership
Extended Stay America55 Varies by date and location Photo ID
Family Fare55 10% Photo ID
Fred Meyer55 10% Photo ID
Friendly's55 10% or free coffee Photo ID
Fry's55 10% Photo ID and Fry's V.I.P. Club membership
Hardee's55 Varies by location Photo ID
IHOP55 10% Photo ID
JOANN55 20% Photo ID
Kroger55 5% Photo ID and Kroger Plus card
Michaels55 10% Photo ID
Ross55 10% Photo ID and Every Tuesday Club membership
Royal Caribbean Cruises55 Varies by date and cruise details Photo ID
T-Mobile55 Varies by plan Photo ID & "55" mobile plan
Walgreens55 Varies; usually around 20% Photo ID or online senior coupon code & Balance Rewards membership
Western Digital55 15% Youth Discount membership
Red Roof Inn59 10% Photo ID
AMC Theatres60 Varies by location; usually around $2 Photo ID
Choice Hotels60 10% Photo ID
D&B Supply60 10% Photo ID
El Pollo Loco60 10% Photo ID
Golden Corral60 $0.50 to $1 Photo ID
Harris Teeter60 5% Harris Teeter VIC card
Kohl's60 15% Photo ID
McDonald's60 Varies by location Photo ID
Motel 660 8% Photo ID
Hotels by Wyndham60 Varies by destination and date Photo ID
Ramada Hotels60 10% Photo ID
Showcase Cinemas60 Varies by location Photo ID
Supercuts60 $2 to $3 Photo ID
Big Boy62 Varies by location Photo ID
Cinemark62 Around $3 Photo ID
IHG Hotels62 Varies by booking dates and location Photo ID or a retiree group membership card like AARP
Marriott62 Up to 25% Photo ID & senior promo code
Peter Pan Bus Lines62 15% Photo ID
RedCoach62 10% Photo ID
U.S. National Park Service62 Lower-price annual and lifetime passes Photo ID or passport
Amtrak65 10% Photo ID
Great Clips65 Varies by location; usually around $2 Photo ID
Hilton Hotels65 10% Photo ID
Rite Aid65 Free pharmacist consultation and extra rewards Rite Aid wellness65+ membership card
Spectrum65 Varies by package Must be SSI recipient
United Airlines65 Varies by booking details Photo ID
Applebee'sVaries by location Around 10% Photo ID
Arby'sVaries by location Around 10% Photo ID
Chick-fil-AVaries by location Varies by location; a percentage off or free drink Photo ID
Culver'sVaries by location Around 10% Photo ID
Diary QueenVaries by location Varies by location; usually 10% Photo ID
GoodwillVaries by location Varies by location; usually 10% Photo ID
Jiffy LubeVaries by location Varies by location; usually around 10% Photo ID
Landmark TheatresVaries by location Varies by location; usually about $2 Photo ID
SubwayVaries by location Varies by location; usually 10% Photo ID
Burger KingVaries by location Varies by location Photo ID
Caribou CoffeeVaries by location Varies by location Photo ID
The Coffee BeaneryVaries by location 10% Photo ID
Dunkin'Varies by location Free or discounted beverage Photo ID
Einstein Bros. BagelsVaries by location Varies by location Photo ID
Jack In The BoxVaries by location $0.50 Photo ID
PaneraVaries by location Varies by location Photo ID
Shoney'sVaries by location 10% off your order or 50 cents off a drink Photo ID
StarbucksVaries by location Varies by location Photo ID
Wendy'sVaries by location Free or discounted drink Photo ID
AlbertsonsVaries by location Varies by location Photo ID
Giant FoodVaries by location 5% on Tuesdays Photo
Hy-VeeVaries by location Varies by location Photo ID
KFCVaries by location 5% to 10% or free drink Photo ID
Luby'sVaries by location Discounted meal Photo ID
SafewayVaries by location Varies by location Photo ID
ShopRiteVaries by location 5% on Senior Day (usually Tuesday or Wednesday) Photo ID
Tim HortonsVaries by location 10% Photo ID
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The List

Discounts for Seniors 50+

AT&T logo


  • Discount: Up to $10 off per line, per month, plus lower activation and upgrade fees[1]
  • Proof of age: AARP membership card[1]
  • Other requirements: Find more details in our article on wireless providers with AARP discounts.
Avis logo

Avis Rent a Car

  • Discount: Up to 30% off car rental base rates[2]
  • Proof of age: AARP membership card[2]
  • Other requirements: Use the Avis Worldwide Discount code when booking; you can find the current code at the Avis Rent a Car website.
Bealls logo


  • Discount: 15% off on a particular day of the week (usually Tuesday) designated as Senior Discount Day[3]
  • Proof of age: Photo ID[3]
  • Other requirements: Only valid in stores, not online[3]
Bonefish Grill logo

Bonefish Grill

  • Discount: 10% off food and non-alcoholic beverages[4]
  • Proof of age: AARP membership card[4]
  • Other requirements: Dine-in orders only[4]
British Airways logo

British Airways

  • Discount: $65 to $200 off round-trip flight tickets to over 100 cities[5]
  • Proof of age: AARP membership[5]
  • Other requirements: None[5]

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

  • Discount: 10% off food and non-alcoholic beverages[6]
  • Proof of age: AARP membership card[6]
  • Other requirements: None[6]
Budget logo

Budget Rent A Car

Budget Truck Rental logo

Budget Truck Rental

  • Discount: 10% to 20% off local or one-way truck rentals plus a $10-per-day Physical Damage Waiver[8]
  • Proof of age: AARP membership[8]
  • Other requirements: Must book by phone or online[8] at the Budget Truck AARP booking page
Carrabbas logo

Carrabba’s Italian Grill

  • Discount: 10% off food and non-alcoholic beverages[9]
  • Proof of age: AARP membership card[9]
  • Other requirements: Dine-in only[9]
Chart House logo

Chart House

  • Discount: 10% off food and non-alcoholic beverages[10]
  • Proof of age: AARP membership card[10]
  • Other requirements: None[10]
Collette River Cruises logo

Collette River Cruises

  • Discount: $50 to $100 off per person on tours of seven or more days[11]
  • Proof of age: AARP membership[11]
  • Other requirements: None[11]
Consumers Cellular logo

Consumer Cellular

Dennys logo


Glasses.com logo


  • Discount: 30% off a complete pair of glasses (lenses and frames), plus free expedited shipping[14]
  • Proof of age: Enter AARP’s discount code “RP_AARP30_GL” at checkout.[14]
  • Other requirements: None[14]
Grand European Travel logo

Grand European Travel

  • Discount: Up to $100 off select guided tours[15]
  • Proof of age: AARP membership[15]
  • Other requirements: Book online or by phone directly through Grand European Travel[15]
Harry & David logo

Harry & David

  • Discount: 20% off gift baskets, chocolates, baked goods, fruit, and cheese online; $20 off a purchase of $79.99 or more[16]
  • Proof of age: AARP membership and the current discount code from AARP’s website[16]
  • Other requirements: Not valid on wine[16]
Hertz logo


  • Discount: Up to 20% off car rental base rates[17]
  • Proof of age: Show a photo ID when you pick up the vehicle[17]
  • Other requirements: Must use the senior discount CDP code when booking your rental;[17] you can find the current code on the Hertz senior discount page.
Joe's Crab Shack logo

Joe’s Crab Shack

  • Discount: 10% off food and non-alcoholic beverages[18]
  • Proof of age: AARP membership card[18]
  • Other requirements: None[18]
Landry's Seafood logo

Landry’s Seafood

  • Discount: 10% off food and non-alcoholic beverages[19]
  • Proof of age: AARP membership card[19]
  • Other requirements: None[19]
LensCrafters logo


  • Discount: 50% off lenses, 30% off sunglasses, 15% off frame-only purchases, 10% off contact lenses at participating locations, and discounted eye exams[20]
  • Proof of age: AARP membership card[20]
  • Other requirements: None[20]
Outback Steakhouse logo

Outback Steakhouse

  • Discount: 10% off food and non-alcoholic beverages[21]
  • Proof of age: AARP membership number or card[21]
  • Other requirements: Valid on dine-in and curbside orders[21]
Payless Car Rental logo

Payless Car Rental

The Popcorn Factory logo

The Popcorn Factory

  • Discount: 20% off online orders or $20 off purchases of $79.99 or more[23]
  • Proof of age: AARP membership number[23]
  • Other requirements: None[23]
Rainforest Cafe logo

Rainforest Cafe

  • Discount: 10% off food and non-alcoholic beverages[24]
  • Proof of age: AARP membership card[24]
  • Other requirements: None[24]
Regal Theatres logo


  • Discount: Up to 20% off online ticket purchases and $3 off any popcorn and soft drink combo[25]
  • Proof of age: AARP membership[25] (Note: For discounted tickets, purchase your tickets through AARP’s member portal. At the concession stand, show your AARP membership card.)
  • Other requirements: To receive concession discounts, you must also be a Regal Crown Club member.[26]
Schwans logo


  • Discount: Double Schwan’s Rewards points and $20 off a home delivery purchase of at least $50 for new customers[27]
  • Proof of age: AARP membership number[27]
  • Other requirements: None[27]
Sixt logo


  • Discount: 5% off regular car rental rates[28]
  • Proof of age: Show a photo ID at the time of pick-up[28]
  • Other requirements: Must book your rental through the SIXT senior discount page
Target Optical logo

Target Optical

  • Discount: $10 off a complete pair of glasses, $20 off Transitions lenses, 10% off contact lenses, $10 off non-prescription sunglasses, and discounted exams[29]
  • Proof of age: AARP membership card[29]
  • Other requirements: None[29]
Ticketmaster logo


  • Discount: Discounts vary by the event, and not all events offer senior tickets.[30] You can find current discounts on the Ticketmaster AARP Ticket Deals page.
  • Proof of age: AARP membership[30]
  • Other requirements: Some offers will require a discount code.[30]
The UPS Store logo

UPS Store

  • Discount: 5% off shipping and 15% off other products and services[31]
  • Proof of age: AARP membership[31]
  • Other requirements: None[31]
Zipcar logo


  • Discount: Lower price on annual membership and $40 in driving credits[32]
  • Proof of age: AARP membership number[32]
  • Other requirements: Join through the Zipcar AARP membership page

Discounts for Seniors 55+

Belk logo


  • Discount: 15% off home goods and shoes and 20% off all other purchases[33]
  • Proof of age: Show your photo ID at checkout[33]
  • Other requirements: Only valid in stores[33]
Best Western logo

Best Western

  • Discount: Up to 15% off room rates[34]
  • Proof of age: Show your photo ID at check-in[34]
  • Other requirements: None[34]
Carls Jr logo

Carl’s Jr.

  • Discount: 10% off for seniors at most locations[35]
  • Proof of age: May ask to see a photo ID[35]
  • Other requirements: None[35]
Carnival logo

Carnival Cruise Line

  • Discount: Varies by date, stateroom type, and port/destination[36]
  • Proof of age: Must show your current, valid photo ID at embarkation[36]
  • Other requirements: Blackout dates apply at various times throughout the year;[36] plan your trip at the Discount Cruises for Seniors page.
Chilis logo


  • Discount: 10% off your meal[37]
  • Proof of age: Show your photo ID to your server[37]
  • Other requirements: Available at participating locations; usually dine-in only[37]

Christopher & Banks

  • Discount: 10% off select in-store purchases[38]
  • Proof of age: Show your photo ID at checkout[39]
  • Other requirements: Must also be a Friendship Rewards member[38]
Extended Stay logo

Extended Stay America

Family Fare logo

Family Fare

Fred Meyer logo

Fred Meyer

  • Discount: 10% senior discount on the first Tuesday of each month[42]
  • Proof of age: May be asked to show a photo ID[43]
  • Other requirements: Valid on private brand groceries (e.g., Fred Meyer and Simple Truth), apparel, shoes, accessories, home products, and most electronics[42]
Friendlys logo


Frys Food Stores logo


  • Discount: 10% off on the first Wednesday of each month.[45] For this year’s schedule, see our article on Fry’s senior day.
  • Proof of age: Fry’s V.I.P. club membership[45]
  • Other requirements: Doesn’t apply to prescription drugs, alcohol, tobacco, stamps, taxes, gift cards, money transfers, money orders, lottery tickets, Ticketmaster purchases, or any items purchased at Fry’s fuel centers (including fuel)[45]
Hardees logo


  • Discount: Varies by location at the discretion of the franchisee[46]
  • Proof of age: May need to show a photo ID[46]
  • Other requirements: None[46]
IHOP logo


JOANN logo


  • Discount: Up to 20% off in-store purchases on special Senior Discount Days;[48] check for the next senior day at the JOANN website
  • Proof of age: Show a valid photo ID at the register[48]
  • Other requirements: Excludes gift cards, classes, customized items, machines, As Seen on TV items, magazines, and certain brands like Glowforge[49]
Kroger logo


McDonald's logo


  • Discount: Discounted coffee and soft drinks at many locations[51]
  • Proof of age: May need to show a photo ID[51]
  • Other requirements: Vary by location[51]
Michaels logo


  • Discount: 10% off your purchase, including sale items[52]
  • Proof of age: Michaels Rewards account[52]
  • Other requirements: Excludes Great Buy items, clearance, doorbusters, MichaelsPro Packs, customer framing, beverages, candy, books, magazines, gift cards, LEGO products, sewing machines, technology, Cricut, Glowforge, Silhouette, Christmas trees, and The Elf on the Shelf[53]
Ross Dress for Less logo


Royal Caribbean logo

Royal Caribbean Cruises

  • Discount: Varies depending on your travel dates, stateroom selection, and port/destination[55]
  • Proof of age: Show a photo ID when boarding the ship[55]
  • Other requirements: None[55]
T Mobile logo


  • Discount: Less expensive plans for seniors age 55 and older; existing and new customers are eligible[56]
  • Proof of age: Show a government-issued photo ID at your local T-Mobile store[56]
  • Other requirements: Must choose the Essentials 55+, Magenta 55+, or Magenta MAX 55+ plan[56]
Walgreens logo


  • Discount: Usually around 20% off[57]
  • Proof of age: Show your photo ID or use the current online senior coupon code (when available)[57]
  • Other requirements: Available on select dates; must be a Balance Rewards card member; also available to AARP members[57]
Western Digital logo

Western Digital

Discounts for Seniors 59+

Red Roof Inn logo

Red Roof Inn

  • Discount: 10% off room rates[59]
  • Proof of age: Show your photo ID at check-in[59]
  • Other requirements: None[59]

Discounts for Seniors 60+

AMC Theatres

AMC Theatres

  • Discount: Varies by location;[60] usually around $2 off ticket prices[61]
  • Proof of age: Show your ID at the box office or choose the senior price when purchasing tickets online.[60]
  • Other requirements: None[60]
Choice Hotels logo

Choice Hotels (Clarion, Comfort Inn, EconoLodge, Quality Inn, Rodeway Inn, Sleep Inn)

D&B Supply logo

D&B Supply

  • Discount: 10% off regular-price items on Tuesdays[64]
  • Proof of age: Show your photo ID at checkout[64]
  • Other requirements: You can’t combine the discount with other coupons or discounts.[64]
El Pollo Loco logo

El Pollo Loco

  • Discount: 10% off (maximum of $1)[65]
  • Proof of age: You may need to show your photo ID.[66]
  • Other requirements: You must let your cashier know that you qualify before you pay.[65]
Golden Corral logo

Golden Corral

  • Discount: 50 cents to $1 off the dine-in buffet, plus a free beverage during Early Bird Special hours[67]
  • Proof of age: Show your ID when paying for your meal[67]
  • Other requirements: None[67]
Harris Teeter logo

Harris Teeter

  • Discount: 5% off on Thursdays[68]
  • Proof of age: Use your VIC card at checkout and tell your cashier you’d like the senior discount.[68]
  • Other requirements: Excludes fuel, pharmacy, gift card, and ticket purchases[68]
Kohls logo


  • Discount: 15% off in-store purchases on Wednesdays[69]
  • Proof of age: Show your photo ID at checkout[69]
  • Other requirements: Can’t be combined with other percentage-off discounts; not valid on select premium brands, like Dyson and Under Armour[69]
Motel 6 logo

Motel 6

  • Discount: 8% off the best available nightly rate[70]
  • Proof of age: Present your valid photo ID at check-in[70]
  • Other requirements: Call (800) 899-9841 and mention the senior rate or select “Senior Rate” when booking online; maximum of two rooms for six consecutive nights.[70]
Wyndham logo

Hotels by Wyndham (AmericInn, Days Inn, La Quinta, Microtel, Super 8, Travelodge, Wingate, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts)

  • Discount: Varies depending on dates and destination[71]
  • Proof of age: Show your photo ID at check-in[71]
  • Other requirements: Call (800) 225-3297 to request the senior rate or search for hotels on the Wyndham senior discount page.[71]
Ramada logo

Ramada Hotels

ShopRite logo


Showcase Cinemas logo

Showcase Cinemas

  • Discount: Discounted tickets every Wednesday, plus a discounted popcorn and fountain drink combo for $5.50[74]
  • Proof of age: Show your photo ID at the box office[74]
  • Other requirements: Not available at the Showcase SuperLux location or for Lux Level performances, special engagements, Event Cinema presentations, or holiday tickets[74]
Supercuts logo


  • Discount: $2 to $3 off haircuts at participating locations[75]
  • Proof of age: You may need to show a government-issued photo ID.[75]
  • Other requirements: None[75]

Discounts for Seniors 62+

Big Boy logo

Big Boy

  • Discount: Free coffee with unlimited refills at many locations; some also offer a senior punch card for extra discounts[76]
  • Proof of age: May need to show a photo ID[76]
  • Other requirements: Find more details in our research on free coffee for seniors.
Cinemark logo


  • Discount: About $3 off the adult ticket price[77]
  • Proof of age: Show your photo ID at the box office or select the senior price when buying tickets online.[78]
  • Other requirements: Valid at participating theaters; not valid for Cinemark XD, Xtreme, IMAX, or special engagement tickets[78]
IHG logo

IHG Hotels (Candlewood Suites, Holiday Inn, Staybridge Suites)

  • Discount: Varies depending on your booking dates and location[79]
  • Proof of age: Photo ID or retired persons’ organization membership card[79]
  • Other requirements: Only available at participating locations[79]
Marriott logo


  • Discount: Up to 25% off your room rate[80]
  • Proof of age: Show your photo ID at check-in[81]
  • Other requirements: Maximum two rooms per night; available at participating locations based on room availability. Call (407) 586-2000 to request the promotional code.[81]
Peter Pan Bus Lines logo

Peter Pan Bus Lines

  • Discount: 15% off regular adult fares[82]
  • Proof of age: Show your photo ID when buying your ticket or boarding the bus.[82]
  • Other requirements: Must book by phone at (800) 343-9999 or at the ticket counter[82]
RedCoach logo


  • Discount: 10% off regular ticket prices[83]
  • Proof of age: Show your photo ID when boarding[83]
  • Other requirements: Must book online and change the ticket type from “Adult” to “Senior”[83]
U.S. National Park Service logo

U.S. National Park Service

  • Discount: Discounted annual and lifetime park passes, plus discounted park amenity fees like boat launch and camping[84]
  • Proof of age: Documentation of age and residency, such as a photo ID or passport[84]
  • Other requirements: Must pay an additional $10 fee if you purchase your pass online or by mail[84]

Discounts for Seniors 65+

Amtrak logo


  • Discount: 10% off most fares[85]
  • Proof of age: Show your photo ID when purchasing your ticket and boarding the train.[85]
  • Other requirements: Not combinable with other discounts and not valid on Saver or Flexible fares[85]
Great Clips logo

Great Clips

Hilton Worldwide logo

Hilton Hotels (DoubleTree, Embassy Suites, Hampton, Hilton, Homewood Suites)

  • Discount: Around 10% off the best available rate; may vary depending on destination and travel dates[87]
  • Proof of age: Show your photo ID at check-in[87]
  • Other requirements: Must select the senior rate when booking online; not valid on already discounted rates[87]
Rite Aid logo

Rite Aid

  • Discount: Free pharmacist consultation, plus earn 5x points on the first Wednesday of each month[88]
  • Proof of age: Rite Aid Rewards 65+ membership[88]
  • Other requirements: Must join the free Wellness65 membership program
Spectrum logo


  • Discount: Varies by internet package (may include a free modem, no data caps, etc.)[89]
  • Proof of age: Provide documentation of Supplemental Security Income (SSI)[89]
  • Other requirements: Must be an SSI recipient[89]
United Airlines logo

United Airlines

  • Discount: Varies depending on your destination and travel dates[90]
  • Proof of age: Show your photo ID on request[90]
  • Other requirements: Available on select flights; must book through an agent and request the senior rate or select the senior category when booking on the United Airlines website[90]

Discounts With Varied Age Requirements

Applebees logo


  • Discount: Varies by location; usually around 10%. Some locations offer a senior day each week with a higher discount of 20% to 30%.[91]
  • Proof of age: You may need to show your photo ID.[91]
  • Other requirements: None[91]
Arbys logo


  • Discount: Varies by location; usually around 10% off[92]
  • Proof of age: Photo ID[92]
  • Other requirements: None[92]
Chick-fil-A logo


  • Discount: Varies by location; may include a percentage off of your meal or a free drink[93]
  • Proof of age: Varies by location[93]
  • Other requirements: None[93]
Culver's logo


  • Discount: Usually 10% off, but may vary by location[94]
  • Proof of age: You may need to show a photo ID, or simply ask the cashier for the discount.[94]
  • Other requirements: Available at participating locations; you may want to check with your local store before visiting.[94]
Dairy Queen logo

Dairy Queen

  • Discount: Usually 10% off; varies by location[95]
  • Proof of age: Show your photo ID when you order[95]
  • Other requirements: None[95]
Goodwill logo


  • Discount: Usually 10% off on a particular day of the week; discount days and age cutoffs vary by location[96]
  • Proof of age: Show your photo ID at checkout[96]
  • Other requirements: Only valid on donated merchandise[96]
Jiffy Lube logo

Jiffy Lube

  • Discount: Varies by location; usually around 10% off[97]
  • Proof of age: Show your valid photo ID[97]
  • Other requirements: None[97]
Landmark Theatres logo

Landmark Theatres

  • Discount: Discounted tickets (usually about $2 off the adult price) are available for ages 62 and older at most theaters, though the specific age limit varies by location.[98]
  • Proof of age: Show a photo ID at the box office or select the senior ticket price when purchasing tickets online.[98]
  • Other requirements: None[98]
Subway logo


  • Discount: Varies by location; usually around 10% off[99]
  • Proof of age: Show your photo ID[99]
  • Other requirements: Available at participating locations[99]

Other Restaurants, Cafes, and Grocery Stores

Not all places have a set minimum age or discount amount for their senior discounts.

The following restaurants and cafes have variable discounts, as noted in our article on free coffee for seniors:

  • Burger King
  • Caribou Coffee
  • The Coffee Beanery
  • Dunkin’
  • Einstein Bros. Bagels
  • Jack In The Box
  • Panera
  • Shoney’s
  • Starbucks
  • Wendy’s

Companies That Don’t Offer Senior Discounts

The following stores, companies, and restaurants do not offer senior discounts at the time of this writing.

(Note: Linked company names will direct you to our previous research on each company’s policy.)

  • AAA (Note: While there is no discount on the membership fee, members do receive a variety of discounts on things like dining and travel.)
  • ALDI
  • Amazon
  • Best Buy
  • Burlington
  • Costco
  • Disney Parks & Resorts
  • The Disney Store
  • Food Lion
  • Giant Eagle
  • H-E-B
  • Hobby Lobby
  • The Home Depot
  • HomeGoods
  • JCPenney
  • LA Fitness
  • LongHorn
  • Lowe’s
  • Macy’s
  • Marshalls
  • Olive Garden[100]
  • Raley’s
  • Red Lobster
  • Ruby Tuesday
  • Save-A-Lot
  • SiriusXM
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Stop & Shop
  • Target
  • Texas Roadhouse
  • T.J. Maxx
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Verizon
  • Walmart
  • Whole Foods
  • WinCo
  • WW (formerly Weight Watchers)
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