Is There an AARP Verizon Discount? Senior Cellular Discounts Detailed

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AARP membership comes with many great discounts, including discounts on insurance, car rentals, hotels, vacation packages, and of course, cell phone plans, phones, and accessories. In this article, you’ll learn exactly how to use your AARP membership to save money on your cell phone bill. Here’s what you need to know about the AARP Verizon discount (or lack thereof) and which other cell providers offer an AARP discount.

Who’s Eligible for AARP Membership?

AARP membership is open to those in the U.S. ages 18 and up (even though the group is aimed for those over 50). If you’re eligible, you can enroll online or call (888) OUR-AARP to apply. The cost of AARP membership is $16 each year or $12 for the first year with automatic renewals. Additionally, the spouse of an AARP member can join for free, opening the door for your family to get even more discounts.

Benefits Of AARP Membership

More than 38 million seniors belong to AARP. AARP members have access to a whole host of discounts. Discounts include health insurance, car rentals, vacation packages, movie tickets, restaurants, and countless other everyday items and services. AARP also helps seniors face challenges to their financial security, health care, and community involvement.

Does a Verizon AARP discount exist?

No, Verizon does not offer an AARP discount. Verizon Fios — which offers internet, TV, and digital voice phone bundles — also does not offer an AARP or senior discount. But if you’re really wanting to get a discount on your wireless bill, Verizon does offer an employee discount.

Though Verizon Wireless does not offer any discounts for AARP members, they do offer discounts to employees of, or people affiliated with other organizations. To check if your organization has an agreement with Verizon Wireless, contact your HR department or visit Verizon’s discount program page and enter your work email address in the section labeled ‘Not Yet a Verizon Customer.’ For example, many teachers can receive an 18% discount, and veterans and active duty military service members are offered a 15% discount off their monthly Verizon Wireless service and a 25% discount off select accessories.

The List of Wireless Providers That Do Offer an AARP Discount

Although Verizon Wireless does not offer an AARP discount, a number of other mobile phone service providers do:

AT&T logo

1. AT&T

  • Discounts: 10% discount on monthly service charges of qualifying wireless plans and a 15% discount on eligible accessories
  • How to take advantage of the AARP discounts at AT&T: Online or by showing an active AARP membership card in an authorized retail store
  • Find out more

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2. Consumer Cellular

  • Discounts: 5% discount on monthly service charges and a 30% discount on eligible accessories. AARP members are also given an extended risk-free guarantee — if an AARP member is not 100% satisfied, they may cancel their plan and pay nothing
  • How to take advantage of the AARP discounts at Consumer Cellular: Contact or visit your local Consumer Cellular retailer; find the nearest Consumer Cellular.
  • Find out more

Cricket Wireless logo

3. Cricket Wireless

  • Discounts: $20 mail-in rebate for each new device and a free or discounted device upgrade (selected models only) every 24 months
  • How to take advantage of the AARP discounts at Cricket Wireless: Rebates must be mailed in within 60 days of device activation.
  • Additional information: This discount can be used on up to five phone lines and can be combined with other rebate offers.
  • Find out more

For more companies with senior savings, see our list of over 90 senior discounts by age.

In Summary

An AARP discount can help you save money on everything from insurance to cellular service. If you are 50 or older, or your spouse is, you can enjoy these discounts for an AARP membership fee of just $16 per year. Although there is no Verizon AARP discount, there are other providers that do partner with AARP. Verizon Wireless does offer discounts for veterans and active duty service members, as well as the employees of many companies with whom they have agreements — including AARP employees! Contact your HR representative, visit your local Verizon Wireless retail store, or visit Verizon’s web page to find out if you are eligible for discounts with Verizon.

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  • Cheryl

    I was told there was a $10 discount from AARP for Fios. Is there one?

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Lindsey Desmet

      Hello, Cheryl! Great question! We contacted customer support at Verizon Fios and were told that there is no senior discount or AARP discount. We have updated our article to include this information.

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