6 Car Rentals With Senior Discounts

Elderly couple in a rental car

Several car rental companies offer senior discounts, including Avis Rent a Car, Budget Rent a Car, and Hertz.

Some require that the renter be an AARP member, while others simply verify the renter’s age with a photo ID.

Below, we list the rental agencies that do and do not provide senior discounts.

What We Recommend

Avis Rent a Car and Budget offer the highest discounts for seniors — up to 30% off of the base rate, plus extra perks like a free upgrade (on certain vehicles) and a free additional driver.

Both of these options require an AARP membership and are available to renters aged 50 or older.

If you aren’t an AARP member and don’t wish to join, Hertz is the best option.

It offers up to 20% off the base rate, and all you need to qualify is the senior discount code and a valid photo ID showing that you’re at least 50 years old.

Comparison Table

You can use the table below to quickly compare car rentals with senior discounts.

Scroll past the table or select the company name to find more information in our list below.

Note that you can also sort the table by selecting the arrows at the top of any column.

Rental Agency Discount Amount Proof of Age
Avis Rent a CarUp to 30% off base rates AARP membership
Budget Rent A CarUp to 30% off base rates AARP membership
HertzUp to 20% off base rates Photo ID
Payless Car Rental5% off base rates AARP membership
SIXTUp to 5% off base rates Photo ID
Zipcar$20 off annual membership and $40 in free driving credits AARP membership

The List

Below, we list the rental agencies that offer senior discounts, beginning with the best discounts.

We gathered this information by contacting each rental agency’s customer service department and several rental locations across the U.S., as well as viewing their policy documentation online.

Avis Rent a Car

  • Discount: Up to 30% off the base rate, one Additional Driver Fee waived, a free upgrade, and a 3% credit on your next rental at participating locations[1]
  • Minimum age: 50[1]
  • Requirements: Must have an AARP membership and use the current Avis Worldwide Discount number (available on the Avis website) when booking your reservation[1]
  • Restrictions:
    • Does not apply to specialty vehicles
    • Upgrade only available for compact to full-size vehicles
    • Cannot be used in combination with other promotions
    • You must book at Avis’ website to receive the 3% credit and must use the credit within 12 months[1]
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Budget logo

Budget Rent a Car

  • Discount: Up to 30% off base rates, one free additional driver, a free upgrade, and a 3% credit on your next rental[2]
  • Minimum age: 50[3]
  • Requirements: Must have an AARP membership and use the current Budget Customer Discount number (available on Budget’s website)[3]
  • Restrictions:
    • Does not apply to specialty vehicles
    • Cannot use in combination with any other Budget Customer Discount number or promotion
    • Must use your 3% credit within 12 months
    • Free upgrade only available for one vehicle class between compact and full-size[3]
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Hertz logo


  • Discount: Up to 20% off base rates[4]
  • Minimum age: 50[4]
  • Requirements: Must verify your age with a government-issued ID and use the current discount code found on Hertz’s 50+ Car Rentals page[4]
  • Restrictions:
    • Must make an advance reservation
    • Cannot combine with other offers, promotions, certificates, or vouchers
    • Car class exclusions apply and vary by location[5]
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Payless Car Rental logo

Payless Car Rental

  • Discount amount: 5% off the base rate, a free upgrade, and one waived additional driver fee[6]
  • Minimum age: 50[7]
  • Requirements: Must have an AARP membership and use the current promo code found on Payless Car Rental’s website[6]
  • Restrictions:
    • Not valid on one-way rentals
    • Free upgrade only applies to compact through full-sized vehicles
    • Geographic restrictions may apply, depending on the location[6]
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Sixt logo


  • Discount amount: Up to 5% off the standard base rate[8]
  • Minimum age: 50[8]
  • Requirements: Must show a valid photo ID to confirm your age when you pick up the rental car[8]
  • Restrictions:
    • Valid on premium fleet vehicles
    • Must book your rental through the Senior Car Rental Discount page on the SIXT website
    • Excludes extras like protection packages and GPS[9]
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Zipcar logo


  • Discount amount: $20 off your annual membership and $40 in free driving credits[10]
  • Minimum age: 50[10]
  • Requirements: Must be an AARP member[10]
  • Restrictions:
    • Must have a valid, current AARP membership[10]
    • Must meet Zipcar’s driver eligibility requirements by having a valid, unexpired license and clean driving record[11]
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Car Rentals That Don’t Offer Senior Discounts

In the course of our research, we found that the following rental agencies don’t offer senior discounts:

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