ShopRite Senior Discount Policy Explained

Senior discounts are a well-deserved way to celebrate your years of life and experience.

While you might think of places like restaurants and movie theaters first when you think of senior discounts, you can even get senior discounts at some grocery stores, including select ShopRite supermarkets.

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ShopRite stores are individually owned and operated, so the senior discount policy varies by location.[1][2]

Some stores offer 5% off to seniors on Tuesdays. There are also other ways to save at your local ShopRite.[1][3]

Below, I explain more details of the policy, including the restrictions, which locations participate, and some alternatives to help you get the best prices.

ShopRite Senior Discount Policy

Some, but not all ShopRite locations offer senior discounts. Discount policies are decided by each individual store’s owners.[1]

I contacted ShopRite stores in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania for more information about the senior discount policy.

Of those I contacted, only stores in Maryland offer a senior discount, which is 5% off on Tuesdays.[1][3]

Because the policy varies by location, it’s best to contact your local ShopRite to find out whether it offers a discount (and, if so, how it works).

Age Requirements

The age requirement to get a senior discount at ShopRite is usually 60 or 62, depending on the store.[1][3]

However, most locations I contacted that offer senior discounts stated that they give discounts to all seniors, regardless of age, and won’t require you to show ID.[1][3]


Where available, you can use the senior discount on most purchases at ShopRite, but your local store may have a few exclusions.[1]

Among the locations I contacted, customers can’t use the senior discount when purchasing cigarettes, prescriptions, or lottery tickets.[1]

Combining Discounts

When a senior discount is available, Shoprite typically gives the discount after subtracting any available coupons or other promotions from your total.[1]

So, for example, if you’re buying $50 worth of groceries and have a $5 coupon, the senior discount will apply to your new total of $45.

Other Ways to Save at ShopRite

If you’re unable to get a senior discount at your local ShopRite, there are a few other ways to save money at the supermarket.

These include the following:

  • ShopRite Price Plus Club: Members receive special offers, instant cash savings, and other promotions. You can enroll for free by creating an online ShopRite account and tapping “Become a Price Plus Club Member” when the option appears.[4][5]
  • Coupons: ShopRite offers digital coupons. You can save coupons to your online account, then enter your phone number on the pin pad at checkout to apply them.[6]
  • Military discount: Some ShopRite stores offer a 5% military discount on Wednesdays.[1]


If your local ShopRite doesn’t offer a senior discount, other grocery stores may offer senior discounts.

ACME Markets and Safeway are two options that may be local to you and offer senior discounts at some locations.[7][8]

For even more options, check out the list of stores that offer senior discounts.

Tip: AARP membership can help you get discounts at a wider variety of stores and/or when ordering meals online.[9][10] There’s an annual membership fee of up to about $16,[11] but membership may be worthwhile if you use the available discounts regularly and save more than the membership cost over the course of the year.


Do you need any type of special membership or store card to get a senior discount at ShopRite?

No, you don’t need to get any type of special card or enroll in services to get a senior discount.[1]

Is there any payment type you can’t use when getting a senior discount?

No, you can use any payment type with a senior discount.[1]

Are there special hours for senior discount days?

No, you can shop and use your senior discount any time during regular store hours on its senior discount day.[1]

In Summary

Some ShopRite stores offer a 5% senior discount on Tuesdays. The supermarket also offers other ways to save, such as joining the ShopRite Price Plus Club or using digital coupons.[1][3][4][6]

If this doesn’t work for you, other grocery stores offer senior discounts, including some ACME Markets and Safeway locations.[7][12]

You might also want to consider joining AARP for additional savings at a wider variety of stores.[9][10]

You’re welcome to share your experiences shopping at ShopRite or tips to help other seniors save in the comments section below. Feel free to ask any additional questions you have about senior discounts, too.

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