ShopRite Senior Discount Policy Explained

Here’s the ShopRite senior citizen discount policy in plain language. Some ShopRite locations — including about 70% of those we contacted — offer a senior discount. ShopRite is a supermarket cooperative with 50 members serving as owners and operators of individual stores. For more details of ShopRite’s senior discount policy, see below.

ShopRite Senior Citizen Discount Policy

ShopRite grocery stores are part of a cooperative — meaning members individually own and operate the supermarkets under the ShopRite banner throughout Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Since store policies are up to individual owners, some — but not all — ShopRite locations offer a senior discount. Terms of the discount will vary by location.

We contacted ShopRite stores in several states for a better idea of senior discount availability. About 70% of the stores we called do offer a senior discount. Examples include:

  • A ShopRite store in Connecticut told us it deducts 5% on Tuesdays for seniors age 55 and up.
  • A ShopRite store in Maryland also offered 5% off for seniors on Tuesdays, but only for purchases up to $50.
  • A ShopRite in New York told us that the 5% senior discount is available on Wednesdays, for seniors 62 and older.

Since the discount amount and age restrictions vary by store, it’s best to contact your nearest ShopRite for details of its senior discount policy.

In Summary

Some ShopRite grocery stores offer a senior discount, but, because stores are individually owned and operated, there is no corporate policy. About 70% of the stores we called offer senior discounts — usually of 5% off on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, but the policy and restrictions vary by location. For more on senior discounts on groceries, see our articles: Safeway Senior Discount Day and Kroger Senior Discount Day Details.

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