Life Time Fitness Student Membership/Student Discount Policy

Life Time offers a discounted membership for students. While membership fees vary by location, those with a valid student ID can receive up to $20 off monthly fees. Life Time also has a partial-year membership for students who attend school in a different city or state than their permanent residence. For more information on student memberships and how to get a Life Time student discount, see below.

Life Time Student Membership Policy

Life Time offers discounted memberships to current students, calls to the corporate office and multiple gym locations confirmed. Student discounts are available for members through age 26; you must be at least 18 to become a Life Time member.

To get a discount, you’ll need to show a valid student ID when you sign up for a membership. Monthly membership fees at Life Time vary by location but start at around $45 a month. Students living year-round near a Life Time facility can receive a discount of up to $20 off the monthly membership fee at most locations. Student discount amounts vary by location.

Life Time also offers a partial-year membership for students who attend school in a different city or state. The membership is active throughout the summer until Sept. 1. Students with this membership type can also access the club during the holidays, spring break, and winter break.

During our calls to Life Time gyms across the country, we were repeatedly offered free passes to test the facilities. Passes are given at the discretion of management and may be approved for various reasons. You can sign up for a free day pass online once every 60 days, and several locations we contacted mentioned free three-week passes. (For information about another gym that offers free or low-cost trial periods and guest passes, see our article on Retro Fitness’ guest policy.)

Keep in mind, students are not exempt from Life Time’s one-time enrollment fee, which costs about $100. The Life Time gyms we contacted explained that about three to four times per year, such as on Black Friday, special membership events are held where the enrollment fee may be waived.

Life Time is a gym chain with locations across the United States and Canada. To learn more about Life Time’s amenities and programs, see our article. We also have the list of 100+ other places with student discounts.

In Summary

Life Time offers discounted memberships for students. Membership fees vary by location and discounts can be up to $20 off regular monthly membership fees. Partial memberships for students who go to college in a different city or state are also available.

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