Safeway Return Policy Explained: Without Receipt, Time Limit, etc

When you receive a grocery delivery or arrive home from a shopping trip, you'll usually store your groceries or use them to prep meals -- but sometimes, you'll find that you purchased the wrong item or there's an issue with one of the products.

In times like these, it's reassuring to know whether you can return or exchange the item(s).

At Safeway, you can return most receipted items, but there are some requirements that vary by location.

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Safeway store managers are in charge of setting the return policies and time limits for each location. At your local store, you may be able to make returns within two, seven, fourteen, or thirty days of purchase with the receipt.[1][2][3]

Non-receipted returns are at the discretion of each store’s management; Safeway will usually deny no-receipt returns for high-value items.[1][2]

Find out more about Safeway’s return policy below, including time limits, restricted items, refunds, receipt lookup, and non-receipted returns. I also explain how delivery and curbside pickup returns work.

Safeway Return Policy

You can return or exchange most items at Safeway grocery stores as long as you have the receipt.[1][2]

Safeway generally doesn’t accept non-receipted returns; however, it’s more likely to allow you to make a return or exchange if the item is valued at less than $10.[1][2][3]

Keep in mind that each Safeway sets its own return policy and all of the policy details are at the discretion of the store’s manager.[1]

I contacted stores in Arizona, South Dakota, Virginia, and Washington, as well as corporate customer service representatives, to confirm Safeway’s return policy details.

Time Limit

Each store sets its own time limit for returns.[2] The stores I contacted said they would accept most receipted returns within seven days, fourteen days, or thirty days, depending on the location.[1][3]

The time limit for making a return is generally shorter (typically 24 to 48 hours) for flowers and perishable items, such as meat.[1]

Non-Returnable Items

There are a few items you can’t return to Safeway under any circumstance.[1][4]

These include:[1][4]

  • Alcohol
  • Baby formula and food
  • Gift cards
  • Prescriptions
  • Tobacco products

Receipt Lookup

Safeway can look up receipts for purchases made with a Safeway for U membership.[1]

You can also find receipts in the Safeway app or on Safeway’s website by logging into your Safeway for U account.[1][2][5]

However, Safeway representatives can’t look up receipts using the purchasing debit or credit card.[1][2]

In-Store Return Process

You can make returns or exchanges at Safeway’s customer service desk when it’s open.[1][2]

Customer service desk hours vary from regular store hours but are usually from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. or 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.[1] To find out exact times, it’s best to contact the store directly.

Present the item(s) and proof of purchase. If your purchase qualifies for return, an associate will process the return for you.[1]

Note that if Safeway approves a non-receipted return, you must provide a valid ID.[1]

Delivery and Curbside Pickup Returns

You have seven days to request a refund on delivery or curbside pickup items, including Safeway Marketplace purchases, by calling Safeway at (877) 505-4040.[1][2][6][7]

You can also contact the Safeway where you purchased the item. It may issue a refund without you having to bring in the item if it’s within 48 hours of the delivery.[1][2]

Return acceptance will depend on the item, your reason for requesting a refund, and the location.[1][2]

After 48 hours have passed, Safeway will likely require you to return the product to a store.[1]

Keep in mind that Safeway’s satisfaction guarantee doesn’t apply to items you’ve damaged by improper storage, normal wear and tear, or misuse.[6][7]

Tip: If Safeway grants you a refund for a spoiled or defective item but doesn’t require you to bring it into a store, it’s best to take pictures of it before throwing it away. This will serve as proof and help protect you if you have problems getting a refund.[2]


For receipted returns, Safeway issues refunds to the original form of payment for cash, debit card, credit card, and EBT card purchases.[1][2]

If you paid with a check, once it clears, you’ll receive a refund in the form of store credit as a coupon or gift card.[1][2]

Without the receipt, you’ll either receive a refund in the form of cash or as store credit.[1]

Additionally, Safeway issues refunds for delivery items to the original form of payment or as store credit.[6][2]

Note that debit card, credit card, and EBT card refunds generally take three to seven business days to appear on your account.[1][2]


Are there any fees when making a return at Safeway?

No, Safeway doesn’t charge a fee on returns or exchanges.[1][2]

Is Safeways’s return policy different for Safeway for U members?

No, Safeway for U members have the same return policy as nonmembers.[1][2]

Will you lose Safeway for U points for purchased items that you return?

No. Once you earn points, Safeway for U locks them into your account until you redeem them.[1][2]

What if you need to return or exchange an item under a manufacturer’s warranty?

You should be able to return an item that’s under warranty to Safeway if it’s within the store’s return window. If it’s past this return window, refer to the warranty for instructions on how to proceed.[1][2]

In Summary

You can return most receipted items to Safeway’s customer service desk as long as you’re within the time limit, which varies by location.[1]

The return time window may be shorter for items like perishable foods and deliveries.[1][2]

Safeway denies most non-receipted returns, although you can find your receipt in the Safeway app or your Safeway for U account if you used it when making the purchase.[1][2]

Safeway typically issues refunds to the original form of payment and you can expect funds to arrive on debit cards, credit cards, and EBT cards within three to seven business days.[1][2]

Feel free to ask further questions or share any relevant personal experiences you’ve had making returns to Safeway in the comments section below.

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