Where Can You Buy a SCHEELS Gift Card? Answered

Exterior of a SCHEELS store

SCHEELS gift cards are available for purchase in SCHEELS stores and at the retailer’s own website.[1][2]

When buying for someone else, it’s helpful to know your alternative purchase options, as SCHEELS brick-and-mortar stores aren’t found in most U.S. states.[3] It can also be convenient if you’re looking to combine gift card orders.

You won’t find SCHEELS gift cards for sale in third-party stores, such as Walmart and CVS.[1][4][5]

However, there are a couple of online options.

Below, I have the list of places where you can buy SCHEELS gift cards, complete with purchase details and discounts, and the places that don’t sell them.

What to Know Before Buying

There are no additional fees or shipping charges when purchasing a SCHEELS gift card, whether you’re shopping with SCHEELS or one of the businesses on the list.[1][2][6]

Physical gift cards sold in SCHEELS stores are available in the denomination of your choice with no minimum or maximum amount.[1]

Physical and digital gift cards purchased on its website are available in any denomination, as well, with a $1 minimum and $10,000 maximum amount.[2]

Gift card amounts available from the companies in the list below are limited to what’s available at any given time.[6][7]

The List

The following online retailers sell SCHEELS gift cards. I’ve listed them beginning with your best option in regard to discounts.

Note that both businesses are gift card resellers, so discounts and availability vary by what’s currently on their market. [6][7]

Raise logo


  • Physical or digital? Digital[8]
  • Discount range: Around 6% to 12%[8]
  • Shop

CardCash logo


  • Physical or digital? Physical[9]
  • Discount range: Around 2% to 3%[9]
  • Shop

If you prefer to shop for gift cards in person or you’re considering purchasing a different brand, see our list of stores that sell gift cards near you.

Places That Don’t Sell SCHEELS Gift Cards

Our research found that the following stores don’t sell SCHEELS gift cards.

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