Albertsons Return Policy Explained

Knowing a store's return policy before heading in to make a return can give you confidence and peace of mind -- especially when you need to return perishable items like groceries.

It's also reassuring when to know whether items are returnable before making your purchase, in case you accidentally grab the wrong item or no longer need it.

Albertsons accepts most receipted returns, though there are a few restrictions to keep in mind.

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Albertsons’ return time limit varies by location but is generally between seven and 30 days.[1][2][3][4]

It may also accept a return if you lose the receipt, although this is at the discretion of each store manager.[1][2]

Below, I detail Albertsons’ return policy, including non-returnable items, the return process for online orders, refunds, and non-receipted returns.

Albertsons Return Policy

You can return most purchases at Albertsons (including perishable food and fresh flowers) as long as you have the receipt.[1][2][3]

Each store sets its own window for returns and exchanges, though it typically ranges from seven to 30 days. You’ll have to check with your local Albertsons for its exact time limits.[1][3]

I contacted Albertsons’ corporate customer service department and Albertsons stores in Texas, Utah, and Washington to confirm its return policy details.

Non-Returnable Items

While you can return or exchange most items at Albertsons, there are a few things you can’t return.[4][5][1]

These include:[4][5][1]

  • Albertsons for U free items
  • Alcohol
  • Baby formula
  • Gift cards
  • Prescriptions
  • Tobacco

You also can’t get a refund for WIC purchases, though you can exchange them for exact items.[6]

Non-Receipted Returns

Returns and exchanges without a receipt are at the discretion of each Albertsons store manager.[1][2]

Most of the stores I contacted said they would likely accept the return, although it’s best to call ahead to check.[1]

Tip: While Albertsons can’t look up a receipt with the purchasing debit or credit card, you can find receipts in your purchase history if you have an Albertsons for U account.[2][7][1]

Online Orders

You have up to 48 hours to contact Albertsons to request a refund for missing or substituted items in online delivery or pickup orders.[8][9]

Albertsons also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for up to seven days after you pick up or receive a delivery for online purchases.[8][9]

If you aren’t satisfied with something in your order, you can notify the delivery driver or contact Albertsons at (877) 505-4040 to request a refund or credit to your account.[8][9][3]

Whether you have to bring refunded items into a store depends on the item and your reason for wanting a refund. For example, you generally don’t have to bring in damaged or spoiled items.[3][2]


If you make a return with the receipt, you’ll typically receive a refund to your original payment method whether you purchased the item in-store or online.[1][2][3]

However, if you paid for the item with a personal check, you will receive your refund as a store gift card.[1][2]

Debit card and credit card refunds generally take three to five business days to process. Full refunds for online orders may take up to seven business days.[2][3]

If Albertsons accepts a non-receipted return, it will issue your refund in the form of store credit or as an Albertsons gift card.[1][2]


Are there specific hours when you can make a return at Albertsons?

You can make a return or exchange any time during regular store hours at Albertsons.[1]

Will you lose Albertsons for U points if you return an item for which you received points?

Yes, Albertsons automatically deducts points from your Albertsons for U account when you return items that earned points.[5]

Can you return curbside order items at curbside?

No, if you need to return an item purchased with curbside pickup and an associate instructs you to take it back to the store, you will have to bring it into the store.[1][2]

Are delivery fees refundable when returning an online purchase?

Albertsons doesn’t typically refund delivery fees. However, depending on the issue, it may refund the fees as a one-time courtesy — for example, if you had problems with the driver or Albertsons didn’t deliver your order on schedule.[3][2]

Does Albertsons’ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee cover Marketplace purchases?

Yes, Marketplace orders fall under this guarantee.[10]

In Summary

Most Albertsons purchases are returnable if you have the receipt, with a few exceptions (such as alcohol and gift cards).[4][3]

Return windows vary by store, but are generally between seven and 30 days.[1][2]

Aside from personal check purchases (which Albertsons refunds as a store gift card), you’ll receive a refund to the original form of payment for receipted returns.[1][2]

Non-receipted returns are at the discretion of each store manager. If Albertsons accepts the return, it will issue a refund as a store credit or gift card.[1][2]

You’re welcome to ask any questions you have about the Albertsons return policy below. You can also leave relevant comments or share personal experiences you’ve had making returns to Albertsons.

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