Walmart Tire Warranty & Return Policy Explained

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Short Answer — Walmart allows returns of most unused, uninstalled tires within 90 days. However, if you purchased snow tires, 90 days have passed, or you’ve already installed or mounted your tires, they aren’t eligible for return. They may instead qualify for repair or replacement under a manufacturer warranty or Walmart’s $10-per-tire Road Hazard Warranty.

Walmart Tire Return Policy

Walmart’s standard return policy allows you to return most items within 90 days of purchase.

This policy includes tires purchased from a Walmart store or — except for snow tires, which aren’t returnable.[1]


To be eligible for a return, tires can’t be mounted or installed. They must be in unused condition.[1][2]

If you mounted and used the tires and discovered an issue with them, you may be able to submit a warranty claim; we have more details about the Walmart tire warranty policy below.

It’s best to provide proof of purchase (a receipt or order number) when returning tires. However, the store may be able to look up your purchase and approve your return without a receipt.

If you don’t have proof of purchase, you’ll need to show a government-issued photo ID.[3]

Keep in mind that Walmart tracks returns, and store managers have the final authority to deny your return for any reason, including a missing receipt or history of frequent returns.[2]

Return Process

You must return tires to a Walmart store with an Auto Care Center, even if you bought them online.[1][4]

To find an Auto Care Center near you, use Walmart’s store finder and select “Auto Care Center” in the search filters. You can visit the customer service desk during regular store hours to make your return.[4]


Most returns with a receipt will receive a refund to the original payment method. However, if you paid with a check and have your receipt, you’ll get a refund in cash.

Additionally, if you paid with a credit or debit card and that card is no longer available, you’ll receive a Walmart gift card.[1]

Without a receipt, you’ll need to show a photo ID and pass the refund verification process. If Walmart accepts your return without proof of purchase, you’ll receive your refund on a Walmart gift card.[1]

Walmart Tire Warranty Policy

Walmart’s tires typically come with a standard manufacturer warranty, the terms for which vary by brand.[2]

Walmart also offers an optional Road Hazard Warranty for $10 per tire and a Lifetime Balance and Rotation service for $14 per tire.[5]

As noted above, Walmart doesn’t allow tire returns after installation or mounting; these warranties and services give you repair and replacement options if you experience an issue with the tires after installation.

Manufacturer Warranties

Manufacturer warranty coverage varies depending on the specific tire you buy but typically covers manufacturing defects up to around 40,000 to 50,000 miles.

Standard tire warranties don’t cover things like installation damage, nail punctures, modifications made by the customer, or uneven tread due to bad alignment.[6][7]

To file a claim, you’ll need to contact the manufacturer. You should receive documentation of the warranty when you buy the tires, which will include contact information, details of exactly what the warranty covers, and other terms and conditions.[2]

Road Hazard Warranty

Walmart’s Road Hazard Warranty is optional at the time of purchase. For a cost of $10 per tire, Walmart will cover flat repairs, prorate the replacement of non-repairable tires, and cover unexpected road hazards that don’t typically qualify for the manufacturer warranty.[5][8]

Be sure to keep your original receipt, as you’ll need to show it when using the Road Hazard Warranty. You can get a repair or replacement at any Walmart Auto Care Center location.[8]

Lifetime Balance and Rotation

For $14 per tire, you can purchase lifetime balance and rotation services, under which Walmart will rotate and balance your tires every 7,500 miles at no additional cost.

This service is also included with the basic tire installation package and value tire installation package.[9][10]

You can visit any Walmart Auto Care Center to use this service; if possible, bring your original receipt.[2]


  • David

    I purchased my tires and Road Hazard warranty on March 27, 2019. This morning I noticed a nail impaled in one of the tires. My Walmart Auto Center is closed with the recent news so I am unable to visit my local Walmart. Any advice?

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Lindsey Desmet

      Hello, David! Walmart has actually closed all of its Auto Care Centers so those employees can assist with essential cleaning and restocking tasks. Unfortunately, this means you cannot visit a different Walmart store. You will need to get your tire repaired at an open (non-Walmart) auto shop in your area.

      Normally, getting a repair elsewhere would void your Road Hazard warranty; however, given the circumstances, Walmart should be able to honor the warranty when the Auto Care Centers reopen. You may want to contact Walmart’s customer service department to be sure before getting the repair.

  • Candice Romero

    If I purchased the Road Hazard Warranty and I got a screw in my tire that my husband put a plug in, will that void the warranty? I didn’t see anywhere on the paper given to me that it does, nor is it stated on the Walmart website under the hazard information.

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Lindsey Desmet

      Hello, Candice! Good question! We contacted Walmart and were told that repairs to the tire by anyone other than Walmart will usually void the warranty. However, warranty claims are handled on a case-by-case basis depending on the condition of the tire, so you may want to contact your local Walmart to discuss your situation. Best of luck!

  • Betty J Sanders

    My husband purchased tires at Walmart in 2012. He purchased the Road Hazard Warranty. We had a flat repaired in 2015. Now I have a slow leak in one tire and a fast leak in another. Are they still covered under the warranty?

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Lindsey Desmet

      Hello, Betty! You will need to visit your local Walmart Tire & Lube Express location to see whether the warranty is still valid for your tires. The warranty does not have a set time limit; coverage is instead based on the tread depth/tire wear. Best of luck!


    Where can I purchase the Road Hazard warranty for tires I bought from

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Lindsey Desmet

      Hello, Robyn! Do you plan to have a Walmart Auto Care Center install the tires? If so, you should be able to purchase the warranty with your installation package. (For example, the $25-per-tire Value Package includes the Road Hazard warranty.) If you do not plan to visit a Walmart Auto Care Center for installation, you can contact’s customer service department at (800) 966-6546 for assistance. Best of luck!

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