Shaw’s Check Cashing Policy Explained

Stack of US currency after cashing a check

Shaw’s allows customers to cash certain types of checks at the store.

While the retailer doesn’t publish its check cashing policy online, we contacted customer service representatives at Shaw’s stores for information about the policy.

Find out more about the check cashing rules at Shaw’s below.

Personal Check Policy

Shaw’s does not cash personal checks. This rule means that you won’t be able to pay for groceries by writing a personal check, and you won’t be able to cash two-party or third-party personal checks.

See our related research for a comprehensive list of stores (selling groceries and general items) offering personal check cashing services.

Payroll Check Policy

You can cash your payroll check at any Shaw’s location, as long as it’s under $1,500.

While the limit is strict, the nitty-gritty details of the check cashing process remain informal. You may be able to cash a check without purchasing groceries.

Contact your local store and ask if they require grocery purchase to receive cash. Meanwhile, check out our list of alternative payroll check cashing options.

In general, grocery stores don’t accept handwritten payroll checks due to worries over fraud. To be safe, make sure your payroll check displays computer-printed payee and payor names. Your check must also have a stamped authorized signature or a computer-generated authorized signature.

Need a handwritten check cashed? Chose from one of these places that cash handwritten checks.

Government Check Policy

Shaw’s cashes government checks at all of its locations. The check limit is $1,500. The store doesn’t mention specific types of government checks, so if you’re unsure about your category of government check, contact the store ahead of time.

Other Check Types

None. You won’t be able to cash checks such as money orders, government checks, tax refund checks, insurance checks, or traveler’s checks at Shaw’s.

ID Requirements

Before heading to Shaw’s to cash a check, be sure to bring an acceptable form of ID:

  • State-issued driver’s license or photo ID
  • Military photo ID
  • Native American Tribal photo ID
  • Other valid government-issued photo ID

You’ll also need to provide your Social Security number to complete the check-cashing transaction.

Other Places to Cash a Check

There are several grocery stores other than Shaw’s that cash checks.

Usually, they’ll charge a reasonable fee, and sometimes they’ll make you sign up for a store card or check cashing privileges.

Find more about these options in our research on grocery stores that cash checks.

If you’re not married to the idea of cashing your check at a grocery store, see our comprehensive list of check cashing places nearby.

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