Shaw’s Check Cashing Policy Explained

Knowing a store's check cashing policy can help you decide whether it's the right option for you.

It's also helpful in making sure you come in prepared and that the store can indeed cash your check.

Shaw's offers check cashing services, but with some limits and restrictions.

$50 bill resting on top of other bills after cashing a check

Shaw’s will cash printed checks (primarily government and payroll checks) worth up to $1,500 in its stores.[1]

Fees vary by location but may be around $0.50 per check or a percentage of the check amount.[1]

I detail more of the check cashing rules at Shaw’s below, including what you’ll need to bring and the check cashing hours.

Shaw’s Check Cashing Policy

You can cash checks at Shaw’s, but usually only government checks and payroll checks.[1]

Some locations will run other printed checks through the system and cash them if the system verifies them.[1]

You can’t cash a personal or handwritten check at any Shaw’s store.[1]

I contacted Shaw’s locations in Maine, Rhode Island, and Vermont to confirm more details of its check cashing policy.


Shaw’s will cash checks worth $1,500 or less.[1]

If your check exceeds this amount, an associate can’t override the limit and cash it for you.[1] See more information about where and how to cash large checks.


Check cashing fees at Shaw’s vary by location. Some stores charge around $0.50 per check while others charge a percentage of the check amount, as determined by the check verification system.[1]


You must present a valid government-issued ID to cash checks at Shaw’s.[1]

However, you don’t need a store loyalty card or check cashing card to use its services.[1]

Tip: A Shaw’s associate will need to witness your signature, so be sure not to sign the back of your check until you’re at the customer service desk.[1]


You can only cash checks when the customer service desk is open — not any time the store is open.[1]

Check cashing is generally available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. but the hours may vary by location or during times when the store is particularly busy or short-staffed.[1]

It’s best to call your local Shaw’s to confirm its customer service desk hours if you’ll be visiting later in the evening.[1]


If the Shaw’s check cashing policy doesn’t work for you, several other grocery stores cash checks as well.

Find out more about your options, including the fees and which check types each grocer cashes, in the list of grocery stores that cash checks.


Is there an age requirement for cashing a check at Shaw’s?

No, there’s no age limit as long as you can present a valid, government-issued photo ID.[1]

Do Shaw’s for U members receive points for cashing a check?

No, members don’t receive points or other rewards for cashing checks at Shaw’s.[1]

Can you get cash back at the register on personal check purchases?

Yes; though Shaw’s doesn’t cash personal checks, some locations will allow you to get up to $20 cash back when paying with a personal check.[1]

Does Shaw’s sell or cash money orders in addition to cashing checks?

Shaw’s sells Western Union money orders but doesn’t cash them.[1]

In Summary

You can cash government and payroll checks at Shaw’s. It may also allow you to cash other printed checks in some locations, although none of its stores cash personal checks.[1]

Fees vary by store, but you must present a valid ID and checks can’t exceed $1,500.[1]

Check cashing is generally available at the customer service desk from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., though it’s best to call ahead to confirm the hours at your local store.[1]

Be sure to ask any questions about cashing checks at Shaw’s below. You can also share your past experiences or helpful advice.

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