King Soopers Check Cashing Policy: Cost, Types Accepted, etc

Exterior of a King Soopers store

King Soopers has served the Rocky Mountains for nearly a century to meet area residents’ supermarket needs, including money services such as check cashing. Visit a King Soopers location with an appropriate check and you can leave with cash in hand for a small fee.

King Soopers Check Cashing Policy

King Soopers cashes government checks, payroll checks, tax refund checks, insurance checks, and corporate checks.

It won’t cash personal checks, expired checks, post-dated checks, and savings bond checks. See our research for places that cash personal checks.


To cash a check at King Soopers, you’ll need:

  • Your check (government, payroll, tax refund, insurance, or corporate check — no personal checks)
  • A valid Social Security number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number
  • A current photo ID (accepted forms include U.S. driver’s license, state-issued ID, military ID, resident alien ID, Matricula Consular ID, passport, tribal nation or reservation ID)

King Soopers uses Certegy to authorize checks before cashing them. Certegy runs checks against its databases to determine whether to approve or deny them, with the intention of reducing the risk of accepting checks for merchants.

Limits and Fees

King Soopers will cash checks up to $5,000. It costs $3.50 for checks $2,000 and under and $6 for checks $2,000.01 to $5,000.

If you apply for a free SooperCard, you can save $0.50 on all check cashing fees.

If you aren’t satisfied with the fee, remember that some places cash checks for free.

Benefits of Using a 123 Rewards Card

King Soopers offers an option to load the cash from your check directly onto a 123 Rewards Card. Usually, it costs $3 to load money onto your 123 Rewards Card, but if you load the cash from your check directly onto the card, this fee will be waived.

You might also want to load your check directly onto a 123 Rewards Card if you’d prefer not to carry around cash, for safety concerns or other reasons.

The 123 Rewards Card is a prepaid Visa debit card, which you can use like cash anywhere that accepts Visa. The more you use the card, the more reward points you accumulate, and those points go toward savings on groceries and fuel at King Soopers.

Every 1,000 points automatically earn $5 in free groceries. You can accumulate three points for every dollar spent on a Kroger family brand product, two points for every dollar spent in a Kroger family store (excluding fuel centers), and one point for every dollar spent on anything else.

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