How to Cash a Large Check Without a Hold

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When you cash a large check, banks often place a hold on the funds, meaning it can take some time before you can actually collect your money. However, you can cash your check without dealing with a hold at some banks, check cashing stores, and grocery stores.

Depending on where you go, you may need to pay a fee of around $2 to $10 or a percentage of the check amount.

Below, we explain how to cash a large check without a hold, as well as how to cash a large check without a bank account.

Federal Policies for Cashing Large Checks

Bank deposits and check cashing activities are governed by Regulation CC, a Federal Reserve banking regulation that governs the availability of funds and collection of checks. The Federal Reserve Board’s financial institution guide to compliance with Regulation CC defines large checks as any amount greater than $5,000.[1]

Regulation CC rules state that for checks $5,000 and under, the first $200 must be made available by the next business day after the deposit is made, and the remaining funds must be available two business days after the deposit.[1]

For large checks over $5,000, banks can delay the availability for a “reasonable period of time.” The time period considered “reasonable” is two business days for large checks drawn from one of the bank’s own accounts (“on-us” checks), and up to seven business days for all other checks.[1]

For example: If you have a KeyBank check for $6,000 and you deposit the check at KeyBank, the entire amount must be available within two business days. However, if you deposit the $6,000 KeyBank check at Wells Fargo, you’ll have $200 available the next business day and the remaining funds may take up to six more business days (for a total of seven) to clear.

Because of this regulation, you may be able to get the funds from a large check faster by cashing it at the issuing bank, rather than your own bank (unless you have an account at the issuing bank). The bank or credit union that issued the check will typically cash large checks, though there is usually a fee involved.

Tips for Cashing Large Checks

If you are expecting a large check, there are a few things you may be able to do before receiving it to avoid having a hold placed on the funds:

  • Request that the business issuing the large check deposit the funds directly into your bank account via wire transfer. Direct deposit funds are typically available immediately after the bank receives them.
  • Ask for a cashier’s check in place of a business check. Unlike other types of checks, the Federal Reserve requires banks to make at least $5,000 of a deposited cashier’s check available by the next business day following the deposit.[2] Banks also don’t typically place holds on large cashier’s checks because the funds are guaranteed by the issuing bank rather than a personal or business account.
  • If you have a long-standing bank account and have been a customer in good standing at your bank, you can talk to a bank manager and ask them not to place a hold on the funds from your large check, or to cash the check outright rather than depositing it. In some cases, a bank may consider making exceptions for long-term customers who are cashing checks from established companies or institutions, such as U.S. Treasury checks, insurance checks, or checks issued directly by other banks.

Comparison Table

See the table below for a brief explanation of the fees and restrictions at each place that will cash large checks without placing a hold on the funds. You can select any place or scroll for more details.

Location Type Fees Restrictions
Fifth Third BankBank Vary Fifth Third Bank-issued checks only
PNC BankBank None for checks up to $25, then 2% PNC-issued checks only
CitibankBank None Non-Citibank checks may be cashed at the bank's discretion
HSBCBank Vary Non-HSBC checks may be cashed at the bank's discretion
KeyBankBank Vary for checks greater than $15 $5,000 limit
Bank of the WestBank $9.50 (free for government and cashier's checks) Bank of the West-issued checks only
U.S. BankBank $7 U.S. Bank-issued checks only
Citizens BankBank $7 Citizens Bank-issued checks only
TD BankBank $10 TD Bank-issued checks only
Truist BankBank None Truist Bank-issued checks only
Wells FargoBank $7.50 Wells Fargo-issued checks only; must not exceed $2,500
Chase BankBank $10 for checks greater than $50 Chase Bank-issued checks only
Bank of AmericaBank $8 for checks greater than $50 Bank of America-issued checks, American Express, Visa, traveler's, and government checks
PenFed Credit UnionCredit union None PenFed-issued checks only
Navy Federal Credit UnionCredit union None NFCU-issued checks only
Connexus Credit UnionCredit union None Connexus and Heritage Credit Union-issued checks only
Mountain America Credit UnionCredit union None Mountain America-issued checks only
Regions BankBank 1% to 4% for checks greater than $25 None
Chartway Federal Credit UnionCredit union $3 or 2% (whichever is greater) Chartway-issued checks and business checks
M&T BankBank 2% M&T Bank-issued checks only
BMO Harris BankBank $10 for checks greater than $50 BMO Harris-issued checks only
First National BankBank $10 First National Bank-issued personal and payroll checks only
ACE Cash ExpressCheck cashing store Variable Limit varies
Check Into CashCheck cashing store Variable Limit varies
PLS Check CashingCheck cashing store Variable $1,000 limit
United Check CashingCheck cashing store About 2% Variable
Check 'N GoCheck cashing store Variable Limit varies
Community Financial Service CenterCheck cashing store Variable None
Speedy CashCheck cashing store Starting at $2 Limit varies
Money MartCheck cashing store Variable Limit varies
Mr. PayrollCheck cashing store Variable; typically 1% to 2% Limit varies
USA Check Cashing StoreCheck cashing store Variable Limit varies
The Check Cashing StoreCheck cashing store Variable Limit varies
Friendly Check CashingCheck cashing store Variable None
Advance FinancialCheck cashing store 1% to 5%, depending on check type None
Pay-O-MaticCheck cashing store 2.27% None
H-E-BGrocery store Starts at $3 Limit varies
KrogerGrocery store Variable $5,000 limit
WalmartGrocery store $4 for checks up to $1,000, then $8 $5,000 limit
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The List

The following places will cash large checks without placing a hold on the funds, though most charge a small fee for this service. We’ve included banks and credit unions that will cash large checks for non-customers, as well as check cashing stores and grocery stores that cash large checks.

Banks and Credit Unions

Unless you have an account at the bank or credit union that issued your large check, the fastest way to cash high-dollar checks is to go to the issuing bank. Below, we’ve compiled the list of banks and credit unions that will cash large checks for both account holders and non-customers. The following banks and credit unions will cash checks of virtually any amount, ordered starting with the best overall options.

Note: Account holders can cash or deposit large checks for free at their own banks, but many financial institutions charge a fee for non-customers to cash checks drawn on their bank.

Fifth Third Bank logo

1. Fifth Third Bank

  • Large checks cashed for non-customers: Fifth Third Bank-issued checks; personal, payroll, government, tax refund, and cashier’s checks[3]
  • Fee for non-customers:Fees and restrictions may vary by location.[3]
  • Requirements: Must show a photo ID; non-customers may be required to provide a secondary form of ID.[3]
  • Find a Fifth Third Bank

PNC Bank logo

2. PNC Bank

  • Large checks cashed for non-customers: Checks issued by PNC Bank[4]
  • Fee for non-customers: Free for checks up to $25, then 2% ($2 minimum)[5]
  • Requirements: Two forms of valid photo ID[4]
  • Find a PNC Bank

Citibank logo

3. Citibank

  • Large checks cashed for non-customers: Citibank-issued checks; other large checks may be cashed at the bank’s discretion[6]
  • Fee for non-customers: None[6]
  • Requirements: Valid photo ID[6]
  • Find a Citibank

HSBC logo


  • Large checks cashed for non-customers: HSBC-issued checks; other large checks may be cashed for non-customers at the bank’s discretion[7]
  • Fee for non-customers: None for HSBC personal checks; otherwise, fees vary by location[7]
  • Requirements: Two forms of ID, including one valid, government-issued photo ID[7]
  • Find an HSBC

Key Bank logo

5. KeyBank

  • Large checks cashed for non-customers: KeyBank-issued checks up to $5,000[8]
  • Fee for non-customers: None for checks less than $15; fees vary by state for checks larger than $15.[9]
  • Requirements: Two forms of valid, government-issued photo ID[9]
  • Find a KeyBank

Bank of the West logo

6. Bank of the West

  • Large checks cashed for non-customers: Bank of the West-issued checks[10]
  • Fee for non-customers: Free for cashier’s checks or checks drawn on a government agency account; $9.50 per check for all other large checks (Bank of the West checks under $50 are free)[11]
  • Requirements: Valid photo ID[10]
  • Find a Bank of the West

US Bank logo

7. U.S. Bank

  • Large checks cashed for non-customers: U.S. Bank-issued checks[12]
  • Fee for non-customers: $7 per check[13]
  • Requirements: Government-issued photo ID; some branches may require additional information.[14]
  • Find a U.S. Bank

Citizens Bank logo

8. Citizens Bank

  • Large checks cashed for non-customers: Citizens Bank-issued checks (except third-party checks)[15]
  • Fee for non-customers: $7 per check[16]
  • Requirements: Government-issued photo ID[15]
  • Find a Citizens Bank

TD Bank logo

9. TD Bank

  • Large checks cashed for non-customers: Checks issued by TD Bank[17]
  • Fee for non-customers: $10 fee may be assessed[17]
  • Requirements: Must present two forms of idea; one should be a government-issued photo ID.[17]
  • Find a TD Bank

Truist One Checking

10. Truist Bank

  • Large checks cashed for non-customers: Any check drawn off of a Truist account; checks are cashed at each bank’s discretion.[18]
  • Fee for non-customers: None[18]
  • Requirements: Must show a government-issued, valid photo ID; check must be validated before cash is given[18]
  • Find a SunTrust Bank

Wells Fargo logo

11. Wells Fargo

  • Large checks cashed for non-customers: Checks issued by Wells Fargo up to $2,500[19]
  • Fee for non-customers: $7.50 per check[19]
  • Requirements: Government-issued photo ID[20]
  • Find a Wells Fargo

Chase Bank logo

12. Chase Bank

Find out more in our dedicated research on check cashing at Chase Bank.

Bank of America logo

13. Bank of America

  • Large checks cashed for non-customers: Bank of America issued checks, as well as American Express and Visa checks, domestic traveler’s checks, and government checks; all checks are subject to review and will be cashed at each bank’s discretion.[23][24]
  • Fee for non-customers: $8 for checks over $50[25]
  • Requirements: Two forms of ID, including one valid photo ID[26]
  • Find a Bank of America

Find out more in our dedicated research on cashing a large check at Bank of America.

PenFed Credit Union logo

14. PenFed Credit Union

  • Large checks cashed for non-customers: Varies by location and amount; must be drawn on PenFed Credit Union[27]
  • Fee for non-customers: Free[27]
  • Requirements: Government-issued photo ID[27]
  • Find a PenFed Credit Union

Navy Federal Credit Union logo

15. Navy Federal Credit Union

Connexus Credit Union logo

16. Connexus Credit Union

Mountain America Credit Union logo

17. Mountain America Credit Union

Regions Bank logo

18. Regions Bank

  • Large checks cashed for non-customers: Regions Bank issued checks; handwritten, payroll, government, insurance, tax refund, business, two-party checks, out-of-state checks, and money orders[32]
  • Fee for non-customers: No fee for checks under $25 drawn on a Regions Bank account; otherwise, a fee of 1% to 4% of the total check amount (minimum $5) applies, depending on check type.[32]
  • Requirements: Non-customers must apply for a free Regions Now card online or at any Regions Now branch. You’ll need a valid photo ID and Social Security number.[33]
  • Find a Regions Bank

Chartway Federal Credit Union logo

19. Chartway Federal Credit Union

  • Large checks cashed for non-customers: Chartway-drawn checks written from a personal or business account and checks payable to a business[34]
  • Fee for non-customers: $3 or 2% of the total check amount, whichever is greater[35]
  • Requirements: Valid photo ID[35]
  • Find a Chartway Federal Credit Union

M and T Bank logo

20. M&T Bank

  • Large checks cashed for non-customers: M&T Bank-issued checks[36]
  • Fee for non-customers: 2% of the total check amount; maximum $20 fee[36]
  • Requirements: Valid photo ID[36]
  • Find an M&T Bank

BMO Harris Bank logo

21. BMO Harris Bank

  • Large checks cashed for non-customers: BMO Harris-issued checks[37]
  • Fee for non-customers: $10 for checks over $50[38]
  • Requirements: Valid photo ID[37]
  • Find a BMO Harris

First National Bank logo

22. First National Bank

  • Large checks cashed for non-customers: First National-issued personal and payroll checks[39]
  • Fee for non-customers: $10 per check[40]
  • Requirements: Government-issued photo ID[39]
  • Find a First National Bank

Check Cashing Stores

The majority of check cashing stores will cash large checks. Fees for cashing large checks at check cashing stores typically vary depending on the type and amount of the check being cashed, so you may want to call ahead to your nearest location and ask for details on the fee for your specific check. Also, note that check cashing stores are almost always more expensive than a bank or credit union. As above, we’ve ordered the list below starting with the best overall options.

ACE Cash Express Logo

1. ACE Cash Express

  • Limit: Varies by location; ACE Cash Express does typically cash large checks[41][42]
  • Fees: Vary according to store location and check type[41]
  • Requirements: Valid photo ID[41]
  • Find an ACE Cash Express

Check Into Cash logo

2. Check Into Cash

  • Limit: Determined on a case-by-case basis and may vary by location[43]
  • Fees: Vary by location; to find out the fees at your nearest Check Into Cash location, go to the Rates and Terms page to find the “Rates for Your State.”
  • Requirements: Government-issued photo ID and enrollment in Check Into Cash’s check cashing program[43]
  • Find a Check Into Cash

PLS Check Cashing logo

3. PLS Check Cashing

  • Limit: $1,000[44]
  • Fees: Vary, but can be as low as 1% of the check amount plus $1.[44]
  • Requirements: Government-issued photo ID[45]
  • Find a PLS

United Check Cashing logo

4. United Check Cashing

  • Limit: Varies based on availability; it’s a good idea to call ahead for larger checks.[46]
  • Fees: Varies by check type and location; generally about 2% of the check amount[46]
  • Requirements: Government-issued photo ID[46]
  • Find a United Check Cashing

Check n Go logo

5. Check ‘N Go

Community Financial Services Center logo

6. Community Financial Service Center (CFSC)

  • Limit: None[50]
  • Fees: Vary by state[51]
  • Requirements: Must present a valid government-issued photo ID, Social Security number, and contact information with your check[51]
  • Find a CFSC

Speedy Cash logo

7. Speedy Cash

  • Limit: Varies by location[52]
  • Fees: Vary by state, starting at $2; typically 2% to 2.5% of payroll and government checks[52]
  • Requirements: Valid photo ID[53]
  • Find a Speedy Cash

Money Mart logo

8. Money Mart

Mr Payroll logo

9. Mr. Payroll

  • Limit: Since Mr. Payroll locations are franchised, restrictions may vary by store; however, the stores we contacted said there is no set limit as long as the check is approved.[56]
  • Fees: Vary according to check type, amount, and store location; typically between 1% and 2%[57]
  • Requirements: Valid photo ID[58]
  • Find a Mr. Payroll

USA Check Cashing Store logo

10. USA Check Cashing Store (California)

  • Limit: Limits are determined on a case-by-case basis and may vary by location.[59] USA Checks Cashed does cash large dollar amount checks.[60]
  • Fees: Small percentage of check; varies by location[61]
  • Requirements: Government-issued photo ID[60]
  • Find a USA Check Cashing Store

The Check Cashing Store logo

11. The Check Cashing Store (Florida)

Friendly Check Cashing logo

12. Friendly Check Cashing (North Carolina)

Advance Financial logo

13. Advance Financial (Tennessee)

  • Limit: None[65]
  • Fees:
    • Up to about 3% of total check amount for payroll and government checks; minimum fees of $3 for payroll and $2 for government checks[66]
    • 10% of total check amount for personal checks and money orders; minimum fee of $5[66]
    • 1% to 5% of total check amount for all other checks; minimum fee of $5[66]
  • Requirements: Valid photo ID[66]
  • Find an Advance Financial

Payomatic logo

14. Pay-O-Matic (New York City)

Grocery Stores

Not many grocery stores will cash checks greater than $5,000, as they don’t typically keep large amoutns of cash in-store. Grocery store check cashing limits are usually much lower, but there are a few that will cash large checks. For this list, we’ve included grocery stores with limits of at least $5,000 for check cashing, starting with the best options.

H-E-B logo

1. H-E-B Grocery (Texas)

  • Limit: Varies by location[69]
  • Fees: Varies by check amount; starting at $3[70]
  • Requirements: Valid photo ID[71]
  • Find an H-E-B

Kroger logo

2. Kroger

Note: The Kroger family of stores includes Baker’s, Dillons, Fred Meyer, Fry’s Food, King Soopers, and Ralphs.

  • Limit: $5,000[72]
  • Fees: Vary by store[72]
  • Requirements: Government-issued photo ID and Social Security or Tax Identification number; you don’t have to have a Shopper’s Card, but you’ll receive benefits if you do.[72]
  • Find a Kroger

See our related research for more on Kroger’s check cashing policy.

Walmart logo

3. Walmart

Note: Check cashing at Walmart is limited to $2,000 in Florida, and it is not available in New Jersey, New York, or Rhode Island.

  • Limit: $5,000; check cashing limit increases to $7,500 from January through April[73]
  • Check cashing fees: Up to $4 for checks less than $1,000; up to $8 for checks over $1,000 up to $5,000[73]
  • Requirements: Government-issued photo ID[73]
  • Find a Walmart
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