Cashing a Large Check at Bank of America: Policy & Fees Outlined

Short Answer: Bank of America deposit account holders can cash a large check (of any amount) at a branch location for free. If you’re not a Bank of America account holder, you can cash a check issued by Bank of America for a fee; Bank of America usually won’t cash checks issued by other banks unless you have an account. Bank of America branches also occasionally impose limits on checks cashed by non-members. We have more details about cashing a large check at Bank of America below.

Cashing a Large Check at Bank of America

If you’re a Bank of America deposit account holder, cashing a check — no matter the amount — is free. If you don’t have a deposit account with Bank of America, you can still cash a check issued by Bank of America. If the check amount is less than $50, there is no fee; if the check amount is more than $50, there is an $8 per check fee.

For non-members cashing large checks issued by Bank of America, including cashier’s checks, there is no set limit on the amount that can be cashed. However, the check must be “presented for negotiation in person,” a corporate customer service representative explained — meaning that an individual branch may set a limit at the discretion of the manager, after looking at the check, or based on the availability of cash at that branch.

If you’re not a Bank of America member but have a friend or family member who is an account holder, another option is to endorse the check to that account holder; See our article for Bank of America’s third-party check policy.

If you aren’t an account holder and the check was issued by another bank, you will not be able to cash it at Bank of America, according to our communications with the company. There may be an exception for some types of checks, such as government, payroll, and tax refund checks.

To cash a check, you’ll need two forms of identification, including a photo ID.

Bank of America does not place a hold when cashing a large check.

For more on cashing a large check, see our article on how to cash a large check without a hold.


  • Donna M Smith says:

    Is a Bank of America credit card considered an account to cash a check drawn on Bank of America without a fee? Thanks

    • Lindsey Desmet says:
      First Quarter Finance logostaff

      Great question, Donna! We contacted Bank of America and found that, unfortunately, you must have a deposit account to avoid the fee. The fee for Bank of America credit card holders is the same as the fee for non-customers — $8 for checks over $50. We have updated our article to include this information.

  • michael d barrett says:

    I went to an Arlington Heights branch and they told me there was a $2500 limit for non-customers even though it was a Bank of America check and a payroll check.

    • Lindsey Desmet says:
      First Quarter Finance logostaff

      Hello, Michael! As noted in our article, while there is no companywide limit for non-customers at Bank of America, individual branch managers may set limits at their discretion. While the branch you visited had a limit, there may be others in your area with a higher limit or no limit at all. If you still need to cash your check or want to know which branch suits your needs for future checks, you may want to call a few different branches in your area to find out their limits.