Stop & Shop Check Cashing Policy Explained (Hours, Fees, etc)

When you have a busy schedule, cashing a check at a store can help you save time by avoiding a separate trip to the bank.

However, not all grocery stores offer financial services, so it's good to know your favorite store's policy before you head out.

Select Stop & Shop locations -- but not all -- offer check cashing at the customer service desk.

Government check and $100 bill

Where this service is available, Stop & Shop will only cash payroll and government checks valued at up to $500.[1][2][3]

Below, you can find out more about Stop & Shop’s check cashing policy, including fees, requirements, and customer service desk hours.

Stop & Shop Check Cashing Policy

Only select Stop & Shop stores cash checks; this service isn’t widely available at the grocery chain.[1][2][3]

When I contacted stores in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York, most said that they don’t cash checks.

It’s best to contact your local Stop & Shop to find out if this service is available near you.

Where check cashing is available, I confirmed the following details of the policy by speaking with store customer service representatives.

Limits and Fees

The Stop & Shop stores that offer check cashing will typically cash government and payroll checks worth up to $500.[1][2][3]

Note that you can only cash one payroll and one government check per seven days.[1][2][3]

Fees vary by location but typically start at around $1.[1][2]


Stop & Shop only cashes payroll and government checks. You can’t cash personal checks or other types.[1][2]

You also need a Check Cashing Courtesy Card to cash a check at Stop & Shop. You can apply for one at Stop & Shop’s customer service desk free of charge.[1][2]

Approval times may vary by customer and location, so be sure to apply in advance before cashing a check at Stop & Shop.[1][2]

Additionally, you must provide a valid photo ID to cash a check at Stop & Shop.[1]

Tip: Stop & Shop uses TeleCheck for check verification and approval. If you’ve had trouble with TeleCheck in the past, it likely won’t approve your check for cashing.[1]


Stop & Shop’s check cashing services are limited in terms of location and check type.

Even if your local Stop & Shop will cash checks, you might want to compare your options based on their fees, restrictions, and amount limits to find the place that best suits your needs.

See the list of grocery stores that cash checks.


What are Stop & Shop’s check cashing hours?

At locations that offer check cashing, it’s available whenever the customer service desk is open — typically from around 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.[1]

Can you write a personal check for cash at Stop & Shop?

You can’t write a check for cash alone, but you can get cash back when paying for your groceries with a personal check. You can write the check for up to $50 more than your total to receive cash back. There is no fee for this service, though Stop & Shop verifies all checks through TeleCheck before accepting them.[1]

Does Stop & Shop sell money orders or offer other financial services?

Most Stop & Shop locations offer money transfers and bill payments through Western Union. You can also buy a money order using cash or a debit card.[1] See more on Stop & Shop money orders.

In Summary

You can cash payroll and government checks worth up to $500 at select Stop & Shop stores.[1][2]

Fees vary by location. You must have a Check Cashing Courtesy Card and a valid photo ID.[1][2]

At participating stores, check cashing is generally available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.[1][2]

If you have any questions or have more to say about check cashing at Stop & Shop, you’re welcome to leave a reply below.

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