Cash Back Limits at Walmart Using Credit, Debit, or Check

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Short Answer — Walmart offers up to $100 cash back on debit card and Discover credit card transactions. If you’re paying by personal check, you can get up to $20 cash back. Below, we explain the process of getting cash back at Walmart for each payment type.

Getting Cash Back at Walmart

At Walmart, the cash-back limit is $100 for debit card purchases. For checks, the cash-back limit is $20.

You can get cash back at regular registers and self-checkout stations (but only at regular registers for personal checks).

You can get cash back in multiples of $20 — meaning you can get either $20, $40, $60, $80, or $100 per transaction.

If you need more than $100 in cash back at Walmart, you can try making multiple transactions and request cash back each time. If you try this, though, you may have to switch registers because each one has limited cash.

We contacted Walmart customer service to find out more about the company’s cash back policy. Representatives were unable to confirm whether or not Walmart charges any extra fees for cash back, and they recommended checking with your local store.

It’s unlikely that you’ll be charged for cash back, but you do have to make a purchase — otherwise, you’ll have to use an ATM.

You can get cash back anytime during regular store hours at your local Walmart.

When Paying With a Debit Card

Debit cards are the most common and reliable payment type for getting cash back.

At Walmart, you can get up to $100 cash back on a debit card purchase at a regular register or self-checkout station.[1]

If you want more than $100, you can make multiple transactions and request cash back each time.

Using this method, you might run into another limit — your debit card’s daily transaction limit. This is typically a limit on the amount of money you can spend and/or the number of times you can use the card each day, and it’s meant to protect against fraud and card theft.

You can consult your debit card agreement to find out how many transactions you are permitted to make per day.

You’ll also be limited by how much money you have in your account. If you select more cash back than is available in your account, your card might be declined.

At most banks, you can opt-in to an overdraft program that allows you to use more funds than you have in your account (up to a set limit), but there is often a fee.

If you’ve opted into one of these programs, you’ll be able to withdraw cash even if you don’t have enough money in your account at the time.

To get cash back using your debit card at Walmart, follow these steps:

  1. Gather the items you need to purchase and go to the checkout register, ringing up the transaction as normal.
  2. When it’s time to insert your card, be sure to run it as debit (if you are paying with a debit card but select credit on the machine, you might not be able to get cash back).
  3. The machine (whether you’re at a traditional or self-checkout lane) will prompt you to choose whether you want cash back or to continue with your transaction. Select “yes” for cash back and choose your desired amount.
  4. Confirm your purchase by entering your PIN. If the machine doesn’t prompt you to select cash back, ask the cashier if you can get cash back before entering your PIN.
  5. Your card will be charged for the full amount — the value of your purchase plus the amount of cash back. The cashier will then give you your receipt and your cash.

When Paying With a Credit Card

Typically, you can’t get cash back at the register when you pay with a credit card. If you can get cash back with your credit card, the transaction will usually be treated as a cash advance.

Cash advances are subject to a fee, and interest begins accruing immediately, rather than at the end of the billing period, as with most credit card transactions.

Before getting a cash advance, you should check your credit card agreement to find the associated rates and fees.

One of the few credit cards that allow cash back is the Discover Card through its “cash over” program. Walmart accepts Discover and participates in the cash over program.

At Walmart, you can get up to $100 cash back when you use your Discover Card. And, unlike other credit cards, there will be no fee for your cash back.

When Paying With a Personal Check

Walmart accepts personal checks as a payment type, and you can get $20 cash back when paying with a check.[1][2]

Follow these steps:

  1. Check out at the cash register as normal (you can’t pay by check at the self-checkout).
  2. When it’s time to pay, ask the cashier if you can pay with a personal check and get cash back. To pay with a personal check, you’ll need to show a government-issued, photo ID.
  3. Make your check out for the value of your purchase plus up to $20 cash back. Give the cashier your check and show your ID.
  4. The cashier will scan your check through a check verification service to protect against fraud. Walmart uses either Certegy or TeleCheck. Provided the system doesn’t reject your check, the cashier will give you your receipt and your cash back.

Other Ways to Get Cash at Walmart

Some Walmart locations have ATMs in-store. If the ATM isn’t associated with your bank’s network, you’ll be subject to an ATM fee, so getting cash back at the register is probably cheaper, even if you’ll have to buy a small item for the sake of making a transaction.

Walmart also offers check cashing services, but note that it won’t cash personal or handwritten checks. The fee is $4 for checks up to $1,000 and $8 for checks over $1,000 and up to $5,000. Check out our related article for more about Walmart’s check cashing policy.

If there are no Walmart stores near you, or if you prefer to shop elsewhere, we also have the list of where to get cash back.


  • Donald Bottenfield

    Hi, Donald here. I have a Green Dot debit card. Will Walmart accept the card?

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Lindsey Desmet

      Hello, Donald! Yes, you can use your Green Dot card to make purchases and get cash back at Walmart.

  • Leslie

    Can you get Canadian cash back at a Canadian Walmart using a US debit card?

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Laura Bachmann

      Hi Leslie,

      Yes, you can get cash back in Canada with an American card. But, be warned that if your card runs as credit instead of debit, you’ll run into some problems. Almost all American debit cards are “combo cards” backed by a credit company (hence they usually have Visa or MasterCard written on them, even though they’re debit cards). So while you might usually run your card as debit, and it might, in fact, be a debit card, some networks might be running it as credit. Some networks will still ask for your PIN even though they ran your card as credit. Ultimately, whether your card will run as debit depends on which bank issued your card and whether it’s compatible as debit with the network used by the store in Canada. You should call your bank or credit union ahead of time and notify them that you’ll be traveling, and ask them whether your card will run as debit in Canada. If you’re worried about having trouble getting cash back, you should check your ATM options before you head to Canada, to have a backup way to get cash. ATMs will probably be easier than getting cash back at Walmart.

  • Jay

    Even if I’m at the 100 max for today, I can still go to customer service and request more cash back?

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Laura Bachmann

      Hi Jay,

      The $100 limit is per transaction, so if you make a new purchase and your debit card has sufficient funds, you should be able to get another $100 in cash back.

  • Eddie

    Can you order Walmart cards with team logo on them

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Rebecca Turley

      Hi Eddie,

      Great question. A few years back, Walmart offered personalized gift cards through their digital photo center, but it looks like they discontinued that program some time ago. I checked and there is no mention of being able to personalize gift cards anymore. Sorry!

  • Lela

    Good morning, I got cash on my account but my bank needs 5 working days to clear the cash and i need to get my daughter a present for her birthday, Can i use the card to shop at walmart and also get an advance cash?

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Rebecca Turley

      Hi Lela,

      Your ability to access your cash will depend on a variety of factors, such as how much money your bank will release until your check is cleared. You’ll want to check with your bank and ask if they release any portion of the check before the five-day hold.

  • Lindsey Sweeney

    Hello Editor in Chief_ Hillary M Miller.
    You mentioned somewhere in the article that the customer service desk allows a customer to get cash off his or her credit card by swiping and almost always higher than a $100 to $1000 minimum and $5000 at a charge of $3 or more multiples of it. I want to know, Does all customer service desks at all walmart stores allow this kind of service?

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Sarah Quinn


      Yes, to the best of our knowledge, you can always get cash at the Customer Service desk at Walmart. A fee of $3 is applied to get cash up to and including $1,000. The fee goes up to $6 if you want over $1,000 but $5,000 is the maximum. I hope this helps!

      • Lindsey Sweeney

        I pray so too. Thanks for the confirmation.

  • Jean Crawley

    I have a savings catcher account but can only find where I can sign up for a new account. You do not make it easy to SIGN IN when you already have an account. Please explain.

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Hillary M. Miller

      Hi Jean,

      To reach the Savings Catcher sign-in page, visit the Walmart home page ( and click on the “Account” button in the top right corner. (It’s the person icon, directly to the left of the store locator icon.) If you have any further concerns or problems, you can reach Walmart support directly here. I hope this helps!

  • Rick

    So, explain this. My wife’s debit card number was lifted and the thief made a fake card and ran it for $50 cash back transactions 19 separate times at the Walmart in N Smithfield RI in a 26 minute period on 12/29/16. No PIN needed and no item bought!

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Hillary M. Miller

      Hi Rick,

      I’m sorry to hear about the experience your wife had with her debit card! That does sound like a highly unusual situation, as cash back is generally only given for transactions where the customer is making a purchase. Unfortunately, I’m not able to provide any particular insights into this issue, as I’ve not heard of or been able to find an account of a similar situation happening in the past. It sounds like the best way to obtain more information would be to contact the Walmart where the transactions were made and ask to speak to a manager there, who would be able to provide more information about the PIN and cash back policies at that store. You can find the contact information for that store through the Walmart location finder. Best of luck getting this resolved!

    • Nimblefairywings

      Sounds like an inside job ! I just bet the same employee ran it every time. When I worked for JCPenney’s I saw a in training managér steal a customers 6k dollar credit card. He said he took it to the safe and would call the lady again. Instead He used the card to the maximum and told the manager, when questioned that the customer insisted on him waiting on him..

    • SSU

      I discovered today that someone made a fake card with my husband’s ATM/Credit card (he had the card in his possession) and used it to take $1003 from our checking at a Walmart in CA (we live in the midwest). Some how they had the pin. Tried twice – (could have been down $2006), but it was declined the second time. The bank has 10 days to return the money to our account. I was not notified by the bank, because a pin was used even though this is an unusual transaction for our account. We rarely use our card except at an ATM and even then only use them once or twice a month. Don’t know about you, but $1000 is a big hit to lose for 10 days. Moral of the story – Monitor your accounts, consider having an ATM only card and use credit cards instead. You have much more protection with a credit card. I tried to call the Walmart in question and no one answered the phone after multiple attempts. I can not believe that Walmart gives cash back of $1000 and the limit on my ATM is $500 a day. Monitor your accounts people!

  • Donahue Mullins

    Kroger stopped allowing cash back

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Hillary M. Miller

      Hi Donahue,

      I called around to a few Kroger locations, and it sounds like most still offer cash back on debit card transactions. If you weren’t able to get cash back on a recent transaction, that may be a policy specific to your local Kroger store. Thanks for letting us know so that we could double check!

  • Georgia

    With the Walmart credit card do I need to register a pin number.

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Hillary M. Miller

      Hi Georgia,

      The setup process for a Walmart credit card can depend on which type of card you have. There should be a phone number on the back of your Walmart credit card; if you give that number a call, an associate will be able to tell you all the necessary steps for setting up your card and making sure it’s ready to go. Many Walmart credit cards do not require a PIN. I hope this helps!

  • Dreezy

    Can I get a $10 cashback at Walmart?

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Hillary M. Miller

      Hi Dreezy,

      It may depend on the individual Walmart location. A self-checkout lane will generally only offer cash back in increments of $20. A standard checkout lane with a cashier may be able to offer $10 in cash back if you ask them directly (instead of using the PIN pad). The best way to be certain would be to contact your Walmart location directly and ask (or simply to try it next time you’re there). I hope this helps!

  • Dizzard

    Can I get Cashback using the credit option instead of debit with my bank card?

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Hillary M. Miller

      Hi Dizzard,

      Whether or not you can get cash back with a bank card run as credit will depend on the policies of your specific card. Discover cards, for example, are able to get cash back when run as credit at Walmart. Other banks and credit companies do not allow this option (or if they do, it qualifies as a cash advance, which typically incurs high fees and interest). If your bank card allows cash back at Walmart, you’ll see the option for it when you swipe to pay.

  • bird

    how many times can i get $100 cash back on my walmart credit card in one day is there a limit as to how much i can get cash back

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Hillary M. Miller


      The store won’t necessarily impose a limit on the amount of cash back you can get in one day, but the credit card itself likely has a cash back limit. That limit could vary from customer to customer, but you may be able to find the limit for your card listed on your monthly statement. If you don’t see your limit listed there, you can reach Walmart Credit Card customer support at 1-877-294-7880 for more information. I hope this helps!

  • Bryan L.

    The automatic checkouts at the Walmart closest to me NEVER offer a “cashback” option when using a debit card (or credit card for that matter) and run both debit and credit cards as “credit”…but their human (???) checkouts offer it & the automat ones in the other four Walmart’s around here do as well, could it be specific to that one location?

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | William Lipovsky

      Hi Bryan,

      After talking with Walmart, I’ve been told that certain Walmart’s don’t allow for the cash back option at the self-checkouts simply because of the type of machines in use. So while most Walmart’s do allow for cash back at self-checkout’s, your Walmart must not be one of them.

      The article has been updated to reflect this information.

  • Ester King

    I made purchases at Walmart and requested $100.00 cash back, but it was denied each time. I was not even close to my limit. Why did this occur?

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | William Lipovsky

      Hi Ester,

      Was it at an automated checkout?

    • Myca

      Hello Ester,
      This also happened to me. I came to realize that It’s 100$ maximum per day!
      The 100$ cash back limit applies not only per transaction but also per 24h. If you go the next day, you will be able to get another 100$ or less amount you need . Hope this answers your question

    • Carolyn Britton

      Per this site, one can get $100 cashback using a discover card at an attended checkout, as opposed to a self-help checkout. The local Walmart store permits cashback of only $60 using a Discover card. (Per Discover, their card limit is $120, with discretion left to the store.)
      Does each store set its own policy re this?
      My bank is out-of-town so I need to be able to obtain cash from Walmart, per your stated policy. Please clarify this in your response.

      • First Quarter Finance logo
        First Quarter Finance | Hillary M. Miller

        Hi Carolyn,

        I definitely apologize for any frustration that the article has caused. I reached out to Walmart customer support and confirmed that Walmart locations may set individual policies regarding the limits for cash back. I have updated the article accordingly. You may, however, still be able to make separate transactions to get more cash from Walmart. While this isn’t as convenient as getting $100 back in a single transaction, unfortunately it may be the only option if your local Walmart store caps cash back using a Discover card at $60 per transaction. Again, my apologies for the misinformation in the article, and thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.

  • Luis Oquendo

    Can Cash Back be done at any time before and after midnight if the Walmart is 24hrs(USA) or 24hrs closing 4am opening at 7am(Puerto Rico) with the Walmart Credit Card? Is it up to the Manager or is there a policy for all stores on hours for Cash Back from Credit Cards?

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | William Lipovsky

      Hi Luis,

      Yes – as long as you can access a checkout lane, you can get cash back. The system for getting cash back is automated so it needs no manager intervention.

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