Publix Cash Back Limit When Paying With Debit, Credit, or Check

Sign on the exterior of a Publix store

Short Answer — Publix offers up to $100 cash back when you pay with a debit card and up to $25 cash back when you pay by check.

Publix Cash Back Policy

Publix offers cash back with purchases you make with either a debit card or a personal check. However, like most grocery stores, Publix does not offer cash back on purchases made with credit cards.

We confirmed the following cash back policies by calling customer service representatives at multiple Publix locations.

Debit Card Purchases

When you shop at Publix using a debit card, you can get up to $100 cash back with your purchase — although for some smaller stores, the cash back limit is $50. There is no minimum purchase required to get cash back, and there are no additional fees. You can also get up to $100 cash back with a debit card at the self-checkout in Publix stores that have self-checkouts.

To get cash back at the register with your debit card, simply choose “yes” on the card swipe terminal when prompted for the cash back option, and then choose the amount of cash you’d like to receive.

Personal Check Purchases

The Publix cash back limit for personal checks is $25. There are no additional fees for this service. To get cash back with a personal check, make your check out for the total amount of your order plus the amount of cash you’d like to receive. For example, if you order came to $5.50 and you’d like $20 cash, you would write the check out for $25.50.

You’ll need a current, government-issued photo ID such as a driver’s license, state non-driver ID, or U.S. passport in order to pay with a personal check at Publix.

Store Hours

The typical hours for Publix stores are 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., Monday through Sunday, although some stores may open later or close earlier. You can get cash back with a debit card or personal check at any time during the store’s hours of operation.

Other Stores That Offer Cash Back

If you need a greater amount of cash back or would like to consider your options, Publix isn’t the only store that offers cash back. Most grocery stores and superstores offer cash back on debit card purchases, and some will give cash back with personal check purchases. See our comprehensive list of where to get cash back and the stores that give the most cash back.

If you have a Discover credit card, the Discover Cash Over program allows you to get up to $120 cash back at participating stores, depending on the particular store’s cash back limits. Standard interest rates apply. You can see a list of participating stores on the Discover Cash Over Purchases page. Publix doesn’t participate in the cash over program, but several other grocery stores, including Albertsons, Dillons, Kroger, Meijer, Safeway, and others do.

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