Does Rite Aid Do Cash Back? Answered + What Else to Know

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Short Answer

Rite Aid gives cash back if you pay with a debit card. You can usually get up to $40 back per transaction.

Does Rite Aid Give Cash Back?

Rite Aid offers the option to get cash back when you pay with a debit card. You cannot get cash back if you pay with a credit card, gift card, or check.

According to Rite Aid corporate customer service, the average cash back limit at a Rite Aid store is $40 per transaction. You’re not limited to a specific number of transactions; so, if you need more than $40, you can make two separate purchases and request cash back with each one.

Cash back limits may vary according to the store manager’s discretion. You should always contact your local Rite Aid or ask a Rite Aid associate in the store what the cash back limit is before you proceed with your transaction.

There is no minimum purchase required to receive cash back. So if you find yourself in need of cash and nothing else, it’s as simple as buying a pack of mints or a candy bar and then requesting cash back when you pay with your debit card.

Cash back is a convenient alternative to using an ATM, as many ATMs and some banks charge fees for using them. When you get cash back after purchasing something small from Rite Aid, you avoid the ATM fee and get the added bonus of having some mints on hand for the evening.

If you’re interested in which other stores give cash back and how much (and there are many stores that do!), see our full list of stores that give cash back.

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