Circle K Cash Back Policy Explained (Limits, Fees, etc)

Getting cash back at the gas station like Circle K can be a convenient way to get more done at once.

Of course, it's helpful to make sure you can get cash back at your local station -- and in the amount you need -- before heading to the pump.

Exterior of a Circle K gas station

You can usually get up to $40 cash back at Circle K for a $1 fee. However, because some Circle K gas stations are independently owned, the policy may vary slightly by location.[1]

I’ve compiled more details of Circle K’s cash back policy below, plus where else to go if Circle K doesn’t meet your needs.

Circle K Cash Back Policy

Most Circle K locations offer the option to get cash back at the register inside the convenience store.[1]

Keep in mind, however, that some Circle K locations are independently owned and operated franchises, so policies may vary slightly by store.[2][3][1]

I contacted Circle K stations in Alabama, Pennsylvania, and Wyoming in order to confirm more details of its cash back policy.

Fees and Limits

You can typically get up to $40 cash back at Circle K for a fee of $1.[1]

Some locations offer predetermined amounts, including $5, $10, $20, and $40. Others will allow you to select any cash back amount from $1 to $40.[1]


You can only get cash back at Circle K when paying with a debit card. You can’t get cash back on a credit card, personal check, or with Apple or Google Pay.[1]

There are no minimum purchase requirements, so you can get cash back when buying something as simple as a pack of gum or bottle of water.[1]


If Circle K’s fees and limits don’t work for you, there are other places where you can fuel up and get cash back.

Compare your cash back options at other stations, such as QT and 7-Eleven, with the list of gas stations that do cash back.

Tip: If you need a larger amount of cash back, it’s best to visit a grocery store or superstore rather than a gas station. Some stores have limits of up to $200 or more and offer cash back with additional payment methods like credit cards or personal checks. See the list of stores where you can get cash back.


What’s the fee to withdraw cash at a Circle K ATM?

Circle K generally offers ATM services through Chime. Chime members can withdraw cash without a fee; fees vary for non-Chime customers.[1]

What’s the maximum amount you can withdraw at a Circle K ATM?

This varies by location and whether or not you bank with Chime, but the limit is typically $300.[1]

Does Circle K cash checks or offer other financial services?

Circle K doesn’t cash checks or money orders, but it does sell money orders.[1] See more on Circle K money orders.

In Summary

You can get up to $40 cash back at Circle K for a $1 fee. Available denominations vary by location and may include set amounts or any amount from $1 to $40.[1]

Cash back is only available for debit card purchases, but there are no minimum purchase requirements.[1]

If Circle K’s cash back policy doesn’t fit your needs, you can visit another gas station or a retail store that offers higher limits and/or lower fees.

Be sure to use the comments section below if you have any additional questions or would like to share your experience getting cash back at Circle K.

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