Does Circle K Do Cash Back? Limits, Fees, and More Outlined

Exterior of a Circle K gas station

Short Answer — You can typically get up to $40 cash back at Circle K if you pay with a debit card.

Does Circle K Do Cash Back?

Circle K is one of many gas stations across the country that provides the option of cash back at checkout.

When paying for your purchases with your Visa, Mastercard, or Discover debit card, the cashier will ask if you’d like to receive cash back. We spoke to employees at several locations to verify that you may request as little as a penny, all the way up to $40.

No fee or minimum purchase applies. Circle K does not offer cash back if you pay by check.

Note that some Circle K locations are independently owned and operated franchises, which means they can refuse to give you cash back. Though we have never found this to be the case.

If you’d like to compare your options, there are plenty of other gas stations that give cash back, and the good news is that they usually don’t charge any fees. See our list of gas stations that do cash back.

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