Circle K Money Orders FAQ: Buying, Cashing, Fees, Refunds, etc

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Short Answer: Circle K sells MoneyGram money orders at most locations. The fee to buy a money order varies by location but is usually around $0.99 to $1.29. For more details on the Circle K money order policy, see below.

The Circle K Money Order Policy

Most, but not all, Circle K locations sell MoneyGram money orders. You may want to contact your nearest Circle K to make sure it does sell them before visiting the store.

Circle K’s money order fee is around $0.99 to $1.29, which varies by store. (For money order options with no fee, see our list of places that do free money orders.)

Where available, you can get a money order at the regular Circle K checkout counter. Money orders are available any time the store is open, associates from store locations in several states told us.

Want to compare your options? Check out our list of places that sell money orders for a comprehensive list of options.


You can buy a money order for up to $500 at Circle K; if you need one worth more than that, you’ll have to purchase multiple money orders and pay the fee for each separate money order.

You generally can’t purchase more than $2,999 in money orders per day at Circle K ($1,999 in some states).

Payment Methods

Circle K only accepts cash for money order sales.

Most locations have an ATM on-site or nearby if you need to withdraw cash to pay for your money order.

You can also get cash through the cash back option at the register, but the limit on cash back is $40 per transaction.

Identification Requirements

You don’t have to show any identification to purchase a money order from Circle K.


Purchasing a money order from Circle K is simple. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Find a Circle K near you that sells money orders.
  2. Pay cash for the money order and fees at the regular check-out desk.
  3. Fill out the money order completely, including payee and purchaser information.
  4. Deliver the money order in-person or by mail.

Make sure to bring with you the full amount of the money order in cash, plus any fees you will be charged for purchasing the money order (or use the in-store ATM).

It’s also a good idea to make sure you write down the payee information ahead of time and bring it with you to purchase the money order.


If you buy a money order at Circle K, you can get a refund if you damage it, lose it, or decide not to use it.

To request a refund, you must fill out a MoneyGram Money Order Claim Card. Send the claim card, a copy of your money order receipt (do not send the original), and a money order or check for the $18 processing fees to MoneyGram at the address listed on the claim card.

MoneyGram doesn’t guarantee that it’ll issue a refund, but a refund may be issued if the money order hasn’t yet been cashed.

For detailed information about the refund process, see our article on how to refund a money order.

Can You Cash a Money Order at Circle K?

Circle K doesn’t cash money orders, even those originally purchased at Circle K.

However, there are many banks, credit unions, check cashing stores, and grocery stores that can cash a money order for you. See our list of places that cash money orders.


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  • Anne

    Hi I was trying to rip my receipts off and accidentally ripped my money order. More than 3/4 is intact including the watermark. When and if I send this money order off will it be valid if it’s taped together and all filled out? Can the gas station reprint a money order if I have the transaction receipt and money order receipt??

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Laura Bachmann

      Hi Anne,

      Its more likely than not that you’re money order won’t be accepted, so I wouldn’t send it anywhere. Try taking it to your bank and cashing it out (even if you’ve filled it out, you can write “not used for intended purpose” on the back and endorse it). If they’ll cash it, use the money to buy a new one, and then send it to where it needs to go. Its also more likely than not that Circle K does not replace damaged money orders. Most retail establishments that sell money orders of other brands won’t, but if you have proof of purchase and everything on the money order is legible, its worth asking. If you can’t cash it out and Circle K can’t help you, you’ll have to request a refund or replacement from MoneyGram. We have a whole article on that to help: How to Refund a Money Order: USPS, MoneyGram, Western Union

  • Kway booker

    Lost my money order and want a new one or my money back don’t have the check or stubborn but got the receipt

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Hillary M. Miller

      Hi Kway,

      We published an article about how to refund a money order that might be helpful to you. For a MoneyGram money order, you’ll need to request or print a Claim Card form, fill it out, and submit it along with the receipt and an $18 processing fee to MoneyGram. If the money order has not been cashed, MoneyGram may issue a new money order. I hope this helps!

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