With over 8,000 locations in nearly all 50 states, Circle K is one of the biggest convenience store chains in the country. One of Circle K’s numerous convenient services is the sale of money orders. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about purchasing a money order at Circle K. Here you can learn about the fees, limits, accepted payment methods, and identification requirements for purchasing a money order at a Circle K convenience store.

What’s Covered in This Article:

  • What is a money order?

  • Why should you use a money order?

  • Does Circle K do money orders?

  • Fees and limits when purchasing a Circle K money order

  • Payment methods accepted by Circle K for money order purchase

  • Identification required to purchase money orders at Circle K

  • How to purchase a money order from Circle K

  • Can I cash a money order at Circle K?

What is a Money Order?

A money order is a secure payment method that can be used in place of cash or a personal check. It can be seen as a tool to transfer money or make payments without the need for a checking account. Money orders are prepaid by the purchaser, meaning they are considered more reliable than a personal check, which can be declined for insufficient funds.

Why Should You Use a Money Order?

There are some situations when a personal check will not be accepted and cash just isn’t practical, such as security deposits for housing, paying bills, or sending money by mail. Money orders are only payable to the payee indicated on the actual money order. This means if the money order is stolen, the thief will not be able to cash the money order. Money orders are also backed up by a receipt of purchase, which can help prove the money order was purchased in case that the money order is stolen or lost in the mail.

Cost to Buy a Circle K Money Order

The fees to purchase a money order from Circle K vary by state. After surveying locations in a variety of states, the fee for each money order ranges from $0.99 to $1.29. The highest single-denomination money order is $500. If you need a money order in an amount higher than $500 then you will need to purchase multiple money orders and pay the fee for each separate money order.

Money Order Limit at Circle K

The largest single-denomination money order is $500. Each state has its own cap as to total transaction limit per customer, ranging from $1,999 to $2,999. Some stores will accommodate money order purchases of $3,000 and above but federal law mandates these transactions be recorded and monitored. The $3,000 amount is the threshold for the need to collect information as required by The Patriot Act. A single purchase of $3,000 and above or multiple orders totaling $3,000 within a 24 hour period from the same location will trigger the need for federal reporting on the transaction.

Where Can I Find a Circle K?

Founded more than 60 years ago, Circle K has more than 15,000 locations around the world, including stores in most U.S. states with a few exceptions.

Circle K does not have stores in the following states:

  • Utah
  • Idaho
  • Montana
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Wyoming
  • Nebraska
  • Alaska
  • Rhode Island

Which Circle K Locations Offer Money Orders?

Most Circle K locations sell money orders. After calling a variety of stores in different states, all but two Circle K stores sold money orders. Circle K stores are a mix of franchises and corporate-owned stores. This difference in ownership accounts for the store’s decision to sell money orders. Call your local Circle K ahead of time to confirm that it sells money orders and the fee charged for purchasing money orders.

Payment Methods Accepted by Circle K

Circle K only accepts cash for money order sales. Most locations have an ATM on-site or nearby for customers to obtain cash for their money order. You can also get cash through the cash back option at the register, but the limit on cash back is $40 per transaction.

Identification Required to Buy a Money Order from Circle K

No identification is required to purchase a money order from Circle K for an amount under $3,000. If the amount is over $3,000 then the transaction must be recorded and the purchaser must have appropriate identification in the form of a driver’s license, state identification card, or passport.

Transactions over $3,000 in cash are monitored by the United States Federal Government to combat money laundering in accordance with The Patriot Act. If you go over $3,000 in a single transaction or in several transactions from the same location on the same day, the information below must be recorded on a Monetary Instrument Log.

  • Customer’s name
  • Customer’s address
  • Customer’s Social Security Number
  • Customer’s date of birth
  • Date of purchase of money order
  • Serial number of each money order purchased
  • Dollar amount of each money order purchased
  • Location where money order purchased
  • Total amount purchased with cash
  • Specific information on the ID used to verify the purchaser’s identity (driver’s license number/state of issuance)
  • If order is for a third party then third party info must be included in log before transaction can be complete (third party name, third party address, third party Social Security Number, alien identification number, tax id number)

Which Money Order System Does Circle K Use?

Circle K uses MoneyGram to service the money orders. MoneyGram International has been in business since 1940 and began as the Travelers Express Company. It is the second-largest money transfer company in the world. The mission of MoneyGram is to provide reliable financial connection for life’s essentials and daily needs.

How to Purchase a Money Order from Circle K

Purchasing a money order from Circle K is easy! Just follow the steps below:

  1. Find a Circle K location near you that sells money orders.
  2. Pay for the money order and fees in cash at the regular check-out desk at your local Circle K
  3. Fill out the money order completely, including payee and purchaser information
  4. Deliver the money order in person of by mail

Make sure to bring with you the full amount of the money order in cash, plus any fees you will be charged for purchasing the money order (or use the in-store ATM). It is also a good idea to make sure you write down the payee information ahead of time and bring it with you to purchase the money order.

MoneyGram lists a few more tips for a successful money order transaction:

  • Fill out the money order completely, leaving nothing blank
  • Use black ink and write legibly
  • Keep your receipt until you have confirmation that the payment has been received by the payee
  • Deliver your money order in person or mail from a secured mail box, do not use a drop box
  • Always handle and protect a money order like cash

How to Get a Refund on a Money Order from Circle K

In order to request a refund on a money order purchased at Circle K, the purchaser must fill out a MoneyGram Money Order Claim Card.

The Money Order Claim Card must be mailed to MoneyGram International with the following:

  • The bottom half of completed Money Order Claim Card
  • A copy of your money order receipt (do not send original)
  • A money order or check for $18 to cover processing fees

MoneyGram does not guarantee that a refund will be issued, but a refund may be issued if the money order has not been cashed. For detailed information about the refund process, read this article.

Alternatives to Circle K for Buying Money Orders

If the Circle K location near you doesn’t sell money orders, our article Where Can I Get a Money Order? At These 31 Places lists a multitude of solutions. Here are a few the list:

The United States Post Office

Drug Stores

  • CVS
  • Rite Aid

Grocery Stores

  • Albertson’s
  • Fred Meyer
  • Kroger
  • Smith’s
  • Vons
  • Walmart

Local Bank Branch

  • Bank of America
  • Bank of the West
  • Chase Bank
  • Citibank
  • Wells Fargo

Local Credit Union

  • Navy Federal Credit Union
  • Security Service Federal Credit Union
  • Golden 1 Credit Union

Can I Cash a Money Order at Circle K?

No, Circle K does not cash money orders. However, our article Where Can I Cash a Money Order? At These 20+ Places lists quite a few places where you can cash your money order for free. Cashing a money order usually requires the payee to present identification that matches the money order so make sure you have that with you!

You can cash a money order without charge at the following places:

  • Your own bank
  • The bank or origin
  • The United States Post Office

The following places will charge a fee to cash a money order:

  • 7-Eleven
  • Albertsons
  • CVS
  • Kmart
  • Kroger
  • Money Mart
  • Safeway
  • Walmart (if the money order was purchased from Walmart)
  • Bi-Lo
  • HEB
  • Tiger Mart
  • Wegmans
  • The Check Cashing Store
  • Ace Cash Express
  • USA Check Cashing

Circle K Money Order: Conclusion

Circle K can be a quick, convenient place to buy a money order for a small fee, $0.99 to $1.29. Each store has its own money order limit, but the federal government mandates tracking of purchases $3,000 and over. Circle K only accepts cash as payment for money orders. Not all Circle K locations sell money orders so contact your local store to confirm before heading to the store. Circle K does not cash out money orders, but there are plenty of other national locations that do!