Food Lion Money Order Policy Explained

Food Lion can be a convenient option when you need to pick up groceries and buy a money order.

You can get both of these errands done at its stores, saving yourself a trip to the bank or a different money order agent.

However, Food Lion doesn't sell money orders.

Food Lion logo sign on the outside of a store

There’s generally no limit to the amount you can spend when buying a money order at Food Lion.[1][2]

However, Food Lion does have a few requirements when you purchase $3,000 or more in money orders. It also charges a fee of $0.89 per $500 spent.[1]

Below, I share more details of the Food Lion money order policy, including requirements, accepted payment methods, and customer service desk hours. You’ll also find alternatives for buying and cashing money orders.

Food Lion Money Order Policy

Food Lion sells money orders through Western Union but doesn’t cash money orders — even those originally purchased at Food Lion.[2][1]

I contacted stores in Delaware, Kentucky, and North Carolina to confirm more details of the money order policy.


Food Lion doesn’t typically have a limit on how much you can spend when purchasing money orders.[1]

However, there are additional requirements for purchases of $3,000 or more.[1]

For these large purchases, you must present a valid government-issued ID and your Social Security number. Food Lion will also complete a form to report the purchase.[1]

You don’t need to present an ID or fill out any additional paperwork for money order purchases of $2,999 or less.[1]


Food Lion charges $0.89 per money order and prints a new money order for each $500.[1]

That means that if you purchase $1,000 in money orders, Food Lion will print two and charge you a total fee of $1.78.

Payment Methods

You can only purchase money orders with cash or debit card. You can’t use a personal check or credit card.[1]

Tip: If you prefer to pay in cash, you can get up to $200 cash back at the register when paying with a debit card. Note that Food Lion doesn’t usually have an ATM for cash withdrawals.[1]

Money Order Hours

Food Lion’s customer service desk hours vary by location. It’s open during regular store hours in some places and closes at 8 p.m. or 9 p.m. in others.[1]

It’s best to call your local Food Lion to find out exactly when money orders are available.[1]


If you have more places to stop or would like to compare your options for purchasing a money order, you can review the list of places that sell money orders.

In addition, if you need to cash a money order, your bank or credit union is generally your best option, as most don’t charge their account holders check cashing fees.[3][4]

If you don’t have a bank account or your bank’s policy doesn’t work for your particular money order, you can cash money orders at Walmart[5] or at a check cashing store like ACE Cash Express or Check Into Cash.[6][7]


Can I pay for a money order at Food Lion with Apple Pay?

No, you can’t use Apple Pay to purchase money orders at Food Lion. It only accepts cash and debit cards for this type of purchase.[1]

Will you earn MVP rewards for money order purchases?

No, Food Lion doesn’t grant MVP rewards when you buy a money order.[1][8]

Does Food Lion cash checks or offer any other money services?

Yes, Food Lion cashes payroll and personal checks.[2] See more on Food Lion’s check cashing policy. You can also pay utility bills and complete money transfers through Western Union at Food Lion.[1][9]

In Summary

You can buy (but not cash) Western Union money orders at Food Lion’s customer service desk.[2][1]

There’s no set limit to how many money orders you can buy. However, keep in mind that Food Lion charges a fee of $0.89 per $500, and you can only pay for money orders with cash or a debit card.[1]

You’ll need to provide a valid government-issued ID and your Social Security number for money order purchases of $3,000 or greater.[2][1]

Additionally, you can purchase money orders during regular store hours at some locations, while others only offer money services until 8 p.m. or 9 p.m.[1]

If you have any questions about Food Lion’s money order policy, be sure to ask them in the comments section below. You can also share your experiences or reply to others.

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