Food City Check Cashing & Money Order Policies Explained

If you don't have a bank account or simply want to save yourself some time, picking up a money order or cashing a check at a grocery store can be a more convenient option than visiting a bank.

Food City can cash some types of checks. It also sells Western Union money orders at most of its stores (though it won't cash money orders).

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Food City charges fees of $5 for each check you cash and $1 per $500 spent on money order purchases.[1]

There are also requirements, limits, and other policy details to take into account, as explained below.[1]

I contacted Food City representatives in Alabama, Kentucky, and Virginia to confirm its available money services and the rules that apply.

Food City Check Cashing Policy

Each Food City location sets its own check-cashing guidelines. Most stores will cash printed payroll, government, and business checks.[1]

Some locations also cash personal checks. However, Food City doesn’t cash insurance or tax checks.[1]

It’s best to contact your local Food City to be sure it can cash your check before visiting.


Check cashing limits vary by store but generally range from around $1,000 to $1,500.[1]

The only exception to this rule is at locations that cash personal checks. Food City typically limits these checks to $25.[1]


Food City charges a fee of $5 per check that it cashes.[1]

Tip: If you’re planning to pick up groceries, be sure to cash your checks first. If you’re purchasing at least $20 worth of groceries, you can take your check cashing receipts to the register and the attendant will deduct the fees from your total.[1]

There’s no limit to how many $5 fees you can redeem at the register. However, it can’t exceed the total amount of your purchase, meaning Food City won’t give you a cash refund for the fees.[1]


You’ll need to present a valid government-issued ID when cashing a check at Food City.[1]

Food City Money Order Policy

Most Food City locations sell (but don’t cash) money orders.[1][2]


There’s no money order purchase limit at Food City, but keep in mind that you must fill out special paperwork for money order purchases of $3,000 or more.[1][3]

Be aware that Food City prints a new money order for every $500 you spend.[1]

For example, if you purchase $1,200 worth of money orders, you’ll receive three separate money orders (two worth $500 each and one worth $200).


Food City charges a $1 fee for every $500 spent on money orders. If your purchase exceeds $500, you’ll pay a fee for each money order the store prints.[1]

Using the example above, this means you would pay a $3 fee for a $1,200 money order purchase.


The majority of Food City locations that sell money orders only accept cash for this type of purchase, although a few locations also accept debit cards.[1]

In addition, you don’t have to present an ID when purchasing a money order at Food City unless the total is $3,000 or greater.[1]

If you purchase $3,000 or more in money orders, you must present a valid ID and fill out a legal form.[1][3]


Many grocery stores cash checks. Some places near you may have higher limits and lower fees than Food City.

To compare your options, check out the list of grocery stores that cash checks.

If you’ve received a money order, Food City can’t cash it for you. Instead, you can cash money orders at Walmart,[4] your bank,[5][6] or a check cashing store like ACE Cash Express or Check Into Cash.[7][8]


What hours are money services available at Food City?

You can generally visit the customer service desk for money services from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. or 10 p.m., though this may vary by location.[1]

Do you need to enroll in a special program or membership to cash checks or purchase money orders at Food City?

No, Food City doesn’t require a membership to use its money services.[1]

Can you get cash at Food City to purchase a money order?

Yes, Food City has ATMs available in its stores with varying fees and limits. You can also get up to $50 cash back at the register on debit card purchases with no additional fees.[1]

Will you receive rewards or points for purchasing money orders at Food City?

No, Food City doesn’t offer rewards when buying money orders or cashing checks at its stores.[1]

Should you contact Food City about lost or stolen money orders?

No, you would need to contact Western Union to check the money order’s status by calling (800) 999-9660. If no one has cashed it, you can fill out a money order refund request.[9][10] You can also find out more about how to replace a money order.

In Summary

You can cash certain types of checks at Food City and purchase Western Union money orders at most of its locations.[1][2]

Food City charges $5 fee per check for its check cashing services, which you can deduct from qualifying grocery purchases at the register.[1]

Check cashing limits vary by store but generally range from about $1,000 to $1,500 for most checks.[1]

There’s no limit on purchasing money orders, though you must complete paperwork for purchases of $3,000 or more, and Food City charges a fee of $1 per $500 spent.[1][3]

Be sure to share how it goes if you cash a check or buy a money order at Food City in the comments section below, especially if your experience could be helpful to others. You can also ask any relevant questions about Food City’s money services.

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