Food City offers money order and check cashing services in its more than 120 locations throughout the U.S. You can buy money orders for a small fee and cash a check  — even late into the evening — at Food City. However, be aware that Food City has stringent check cashing requirements. Here’s everything you need to know about Food City’s money order and check cashing policies:

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Food City Money Order Policy

Buying a Money Order

Good news — you can buy a money order at any Food City location!

  • Type of money order: Western Union
  • Fee: $1 per money order
  • Limit: $500 per money order
  • Accepted payment: Cash or debit card
  • Hours: Typically 6 AM – 12 AM, but may vary by store
  • Source: Customer service
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Note: Because Food City uses Western Union for its money orders, if your money order is lost or stolen, your nearby Food City will not be able to help you. If you need help with your money order after it is purchased, call Western Union at (800) 999-9660, or go to the Western Union Money Orders website for help. Learn more in our article: How to Refund a Money Order: USPS, MoneyGram, Western Union, Etc.

Cashing a Money Order

Food City does not cash money orders, even the ones that were purchased at Food City. If you need to find a place to cash a money order, look at the list below or check out our article, Where to Cash a Western Union Money Order.

Food City Check Cashing Policy

Food City doesn’t cash money orders, but it does cash certain types of checks. If you want to cash a check at Food City, you should know these things:

  • Types of checks cashed: Payroll checks, U.S. government checks, and rebate checks on the store-approved list.
  • Requirements: For payroll and rebate checks, the paying company must be on Food City’s approved list before they will cash any checks. You can call your nearby Food City store to ask if your company’s paychecks are approved for cashing. Management has the right to refuse any check cashing request.
  • Fee: $3 per check
  • Limit: $1,000
  • Hours: Typically 6 AM – 12 PM, but may vary by store.
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In Summary

Your nearby Food City will be able to help you purchase a Western Union money order of up to $500 and will be able to cash payroll checks from employers on Food City’s approved list. Many Food City locations are open until midnight, making it a convenient solution if you need a check cashed after many places are closed.

If Food City’s policy doesn’t provide what you need, it’s pretty common for grocery stores to cash checks and sell money orders, so you have several other options. For more places to cash a check, see our article Grocery Stores That Cash Checks: Personal, Payroll, Insurance, etc. If you’re looking for somewhere you can buy a money order, see our article Where Can I Get a Money Order?