ShopRite Check Cashing and Money Order Policies Detailed

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ShopRite Supermarkets, Inc. is a retailers’ cooperative of individually owned and operated grocery stores with more than 300 locations in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland. This retailers’ co-op system allows owners to make their own store policy decisions.

Below, we explain the ShopRite check cashing and money order policies — because most locations cash checks and sell and cash money orders.

How to Cash a Check at ShopRite

Because each ShopRite is individually owned and operated, only select stores offer check cashing services.

Of the stores we surveyed, most cash checks, provided you are a co-op club member. You’ll need a ShopRite Price Plus card and activated check cashing privileges to be a qualifying member.

Here’s how to do it:

Become a Co-Op Club Member

To become a club member, you need to get a ShopRite Price Plus card. To get the card, you can sign up online or at the customer service desk in your local store. If you choose to sign up online, you can pick up your card in-store. If you apply in-store, you can complete the “check cashing privileges” application at the same time. If you are already a ShopRite Price Plus Club member but don’t have check cashing privileges associated with your card, you can also apply for check cashing privileges in-store at any time.

Sign up for Check Cashing Privileges

To apply for check cashing privileges, go to the customer service desk and complete a check cashing privileges application. Once you complete the application, you’ll need to show a valid, government-issued photo ID so the ShopRite customer service employee can process your application. The customer service employee will need your permission to save your personal information, including your checking account number, driver’s license number, phone number, email, and home address.

Once ShopRite processes your application, check cashing privileges will be added to your Price Plus Card, allowing you to cash checks at any ShopRite store with check cashing services.

Fees, Limits, and Accepted Check Types

Once you’ve been granted check cashing privileges, it’s free to cash checks at ShopRite. Because stores are independently owned and are therefore free to set their own policies, the type of check and maximum check amount you can cash may vary from one store to the next.[1]

Most stores we surveyed cash payroll checks and some government checks. Most ShopRites cannot cash personal checks. Limits vary, but the most common check amount limit is $500.

Typical store hours are every day of the week from 7 a.m. to 12 a.m. You can cash checks and purchase money orders at any time during regular store hours. For more information on check cashing privileges, contact your local ShopRite.

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Money Orders at ShopRite

Not all ShopRite stores sell money orders. Among those that do, the cost is $.99, and they can be bought for up to $500. To buy a money order, visit the customer service desk. Most stores only accept debit and cash for money orders, and some accept cash only.

You can use the Western Union agent locator to confirm whether your local store sells money orders. Switch to search by agent name (the default search is by address) and type in ShopRite, then filter for money orders under Western Union Services. Be sure to uncheck all filters other than money orders, so that your search doesn’t return agent locations that don’t sell money orders. If any ShopRite stores in your area sell money orders, they’ll appear in the results.

Compare your options with our list of many places that issue money orders.

Can You Cash Money Orders at ShopRite?

Of the stores we surveyed, we found no ShopRite stores that cash money orders. However, we spoke with a corporate ShopRite customer service representative who stressed that it is possible that some stores cash money orders. You can use the Western Union agent locator to locate a store that sells money orders, and then call the store to find out if they also cash money orders.

For alternatives, see our list of places that cash money orders.

  1. ShopRite Facebook Messenger chat[]


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