14 Stores That Give Cash Back on Personal Checks

Getting cash back at the register instead of stopping by the ATM can be convenient, saving you time and added fees.

While cards and digital payment methods are on the rise, personal checks are still welcomed by many retailers. And, among retailers that accept checks, some also allow customers to get cash back with them.

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Many types of stores accept personal checks as in-store payment, but most of the retailers that give cash back with personal checks are grocery stores.

Below, I list the stores that offer this service, complete with each store’s limit and restrictions — plus the stores that don’t.

The List

I list the stores that offer cash back with personal checks below, starting with the stores that have the highest cash back limits.

Note that the best option for you will vary depending on where you usually stop and which stores are closest to you.

Winn-Dixie logo

1. Winn-Dixie

Wegmans logo

2. Wegmans

Food Lion logo

3. Food Lion

H-E-B logo

4. H-E-B

Stop and Shop logo

5. Stop & Shop

Hannaford logo

6. Hannaford

Tops Friendly Markets logo

7. Tops Friendly Markets

Giant Eagle logo

8. Giant Eagle

ShopRite logo

9. ShopRite

Albertsons logo

10. Albertsons

  • Limit: $25[15]
  • Restrictions: Must have written a check at Albertsons in the last six months[15]
  • Find a store

Meijer logo

11. Meijer

Vons logo

12. Vons

  • Limit: $25[17]
  • Restrictions: Must have written a check at Vons in the last six months[17]
  • Find a store

Walmart logo

13. Walmart

Market Basket logo

14. Market Basket

Stores That Don’t Give Cash Back With Personal Checks

Some stores will accept personal checks but won’t give cash back for check purchases.

In the course of my research, I found that the following stores don’t give cash back for check purchases:


Tip: If you need a larger amount in cash back or you prefer to shop at stores that don’t appear on my list, you can generally get more cash back with a debit card.[34][16]

For the list of alternatives (including limits, self-checkout options, and each store’s conditions), see where to get cash back.

You can also write a check to yourself and cash it to get a larger amount of cash. See how to write a check for cash.


How do I fill out a personal check to get cash back?

Instead of writing the check for the purchase amount, you’ll write the check for the purchase amount plus the amount of cash back you desire. For example, if you were making a purchase for $15.32 and you wanted $25 cash back, you would write the check for $40.32.[11]

What are the requirements to get cash back on a personal check at the register?

Most stores will require you to show a valid, government-issued ID when using a personal check, and some may also require you to have a store loyalty card.[35]

Why was my check declined?

There are a variety of reasons why a store may decline to accept a personal check; common reasons are that you have a negative history with the check verification system or that the system suspects fraudulent activity. It’s best to contact your bank or the check verification company (usually TeleCheck or Certegy) to pinpoint the exact problem.[36][37]

In Summary

Several grocery stores offer cash back at the register when paying with a personal check; however, limits vary by where you shop and tend to be around $20 to $50.

If you need a larger amount, you can also get cash back using a debit card or write a check for cash.

If you have experience or terrific advice to share regarding writing a check at the store to get cash back, you’re more than welcome to share it below. You can also ask questions or engage with other users.

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