FedEx Money Order Policy Explained (Selling & Cashing)

When running errands, it can be convenient to tackle multiple tasks from your to-do list at the same place.

Many businesses offer a variety of services -- such as money services, business services, and mailing -- to help you do just that.

Exterior of a FedEx Office store

While FedEx offers services other than just sending and receiving packages, it doesn’t sell or cash money orders.[1][2]

Below, I explain the FedEx money order policy and the other services it offers, plus where else to go for a money order.

FedEx Money Order Policy

FedEx doesn’t sell or cash money orders at FedEx Office stores, FedEx Ship Centers, or authorized package pick-up/drop-off locations.[1][2]

I confirmed this information by contacting FedEx locations in Alabama, California, Illinois, North Dakota, and Massachusetts; none of the stores I called sell or cash money orders.

Customer service representatives told me that while FedEx Office offers some business services other than shipping, it doesn’t offer any financial services.[1]

Tip: Some FedEx Office stores are located within Walmart stores.[1][3] Walmart sells and cashes money orders,[4] which may make it a convenient place to stop if you need both FedEx services and money services.

Find out more about the limits and fees associated with money orders at Walmart.


It’s a good idea to compare your options when buying a money order to be sure the business you visit can issue a money order for the amount you need and doesn’t charge a fee larger than you’re willing to pay.

See the fees, limits, and best options for where to get a money order.


Can I send money through FedEx another way?

FedEx doesn’t offer other money-sending services, such as money transfers or cashier’s checks. You can mail a check or money order via FedEx, but mailing it in a standard envelope at your local Post Office will cost less.[1][5]

Do other shipping companies like UPS offer money orders?

There are no UPS money order services (as previously reported). However, the United States Postal Service (USPS) does issue money orders at all Post Office locations. You can also cash USPS money orders at your local Post Office.[6]

What other services are available at FedEx?

FedEx offers a variety of document services, including full-service and self-service printing, scanning, copying, faxing, and shredding. Wi-Fi hotspots and computer stations are available if you need to edit documents before printing. You can also get passport photos printed at FedEx Office locations.[7]

You can find more information about how money orders work in the money order FAQ.

In Summary

FedEx does not issue money orders, cash them, or offer any other money services.[1][2]

Instead, you can visit a store or bank that offers money order services. Your best option may be Walmart, which not only sells and cashes money orders but also has FedEx Office services at some locations.[1][3][4]

Feel free to share your own experiences at FedEx or your tips for buying and cashing money orders in the comments section below.

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