UPS Money Order Policy Explained (+ Where Else to Go)

When you have multiple items on your to-do list, it can be convenient to find a place that allows you to check off two or more tasks at once.

Understanding the services available at UPS can also help you plan ahead when you need to send or receive a package.

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Unfortunately, UPS doesn’t sell or cash money orders, though it does offer some other in-store services.[1]

Find out more about services available at UPS below, as well as a few alternative solutions for money orders.

Does UPS Sell or Cash Money Orders?

UPS doesn’t sell or cash money orders, nor has it ever offered these services.[1]

I contacted The UPS Store locations in Arizona, Michigan, South Carolina, and South Dakota to confirm this information.

If you need to have official documents notarized in connection with sending a money order, UPS does offer this service for about $10.[1]

Note that some locations may require you to have an appointment for notary services.[1]


There are a variety of places where you can get free money orders.

You can also purchase a money order from the United States Postal Service (USPS) for a fee of about $2 to $3 (depending on the money order amount).[2]

Tip: If you were hoping to save yourself a trip by mailing a package and getting a money order at the same place, or if you need to mail your money order, USPS will be your best option. All local Post Offices offer money order services, and you can handle all of your transactions at the same counter.[3]

You can also cash a USPS money order at any of its locations free of charge.[2]


Does UPS process other types of checks?

No. UPS doesn’t sell or cash any type of check, including cashier’s checks.[1]

Does UPS offer any other services?

UPS primarily offers shipping services and supplies, as well as mailboxes.[4][5] The UPS Store also offers some business services, including copying, faxing, scanning, notary, passport photos, printing, and paper shredding.[6][7]

How can I pay for a money order?

Many businesses selling money orders only accept cash as payment for this service, though some also take debit cards. Generally, you can’t purchase a money order with a credit card or check.[8][9]

You can find out more about sending and cashing money orders in the full money order FAQ.

In Summary

UPS doesn’t sell or cash money orders or any type of check. However, it does offer notary services for official documents for a fee of around $10.[1]

Alternatively, you can pick up or cash a USPS money order at any United States Post Office.[2]

You can any drop questions that come to mind regarding UPS services in the comments section below.

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