How to Track a Money Order from Western Union or Anyone Else

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You can track most money orders any time after purchase. Their traceability is one factor that makes money orders a safe form of payment.

While the exact process varies slightly by the issuer, you will usually need the serial number and dollar amount from the money order’s detachable stub in order to track it.

Note that if you purchased the money order from a convenience store, grocery store, or large retailer like Walmart and you lost the money order stub, your store receipt may include the serial number. If it doesn’t, the store may be able to reprint a version of the receipt that contains the serial number. You can request this at the money services desk.

Money Order Tracking Process by Issuer

We contacted the major money order issuers — MoneyGram, Western Union, USPS, and Amscot — as well as several major U.S. banks to find out more about how to track money orders.

Use the following methods to track your money order through each issuer:


You can track your money order on the MoneyGram website. Your money order serial number is the 10- or 11-digit number shown on the receipt stub in red ink; enter it in the appropriate field, then enter the dollar amount of the money order and select “Check Status” to track your money order.[1]

Alternatively, you can call MoneyGram customer service at (800) 926-9400 and provide the money order serial number and the amount of the money order.[2]

There’s no fee to track a money order online or by phone.[2] However, if you’ve misplaced the receipt stub and don’t know the serial number, you’ll need to fill out a Money Order Number Search form.

Send the form to the address listed on it along with the $40 processing fee. Note that a search without the serial number may take up to 60 days to process.[3]

Western Union

You can track your Western Union money order for free through the Western Union customer service hotline; the company does not offer online tracking.

Call (800) 999-9660, enter the 11-digit serial number on your money order receipt stub, and then press the pound sign.[4]

If you have the original receipt from the bottom of your money order, you can also fill out the Money Order Tracing/Refund request form that appears on the back of the receipt.[5]

If you’ve lost the money order receipt stub and need the serial number, you’ll need to complete a Money Order Research Request. Submit it along with any available documentation (such as the store cash register receipt) and the $30 administrative fee.

You can pay the fee with a personal check or money order.[5]


The USPS offers an online Money Order Inquiry System. Enter the money order 10- or 11-digit serial number from the receipt stub, the Post Office Number for the location where you bought the money order, and the amount.[6]

You can also call to track your USPS money order by calling (866) 974-2733 and entering the serial number.

If you lost your receipt stub, call the customer care center at (800) 275-8777 for assistance.


Amscot doesn’t provide online tracking for money orders. To track your money order, call Amscot customer service at (800) 333-6130 and give them the serial number from the receipt; if you’ve lost your money order receipt, customer service may still be able to assist you.[7]


As with other issuers, you’ll receive a receipt when you purchase a bank money order. The bank may keep a copy of the receipt. If you’re an account holder, it may also be able to trace your money order with information in your account history.[8][9][10][11]

However, each bank’s money order tracking process will vary. You can check your money receipt for tracking instructions or contact your bank for its procedure.

Keep in mind that your bank may or may not offer tracking services; it’s best to ask before making a purchase. Note, as well, that individual branches may charge for tracking money orders.

More Information

If tracking shows that your money order has been cashed and you want to confirm who cashed it, see how to request an endorsed photocopy.

If your money order has not been cashed, you may be eligible for a refund; see our previous research for more information on money order refunds.

Or, to find out more about how money orders work, see our money order FAQ.

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