How to Check If a Money Order Was Cashed

Person counting money after cashing a money order

Most money order issuers will allow you to check if your money order has been cashed by tracking the money order. To do so, you will need the money order stub or receipt that shows the money order serial number.

Without the money order serial number, you may not be able to check a money order’s status. However, most issuers offer a way for you to request information without the stub or serial number. Note that there may be an additional fee and processing time.

For step-by-step tracking instructions — with or without the original stub — see our research on how to track a money order.

Finding Out Who Cashed the Money Order

While money order tracking will tell you whether the money order was cashed, it will not give you any information about who cashed it. To confirm that your money order reached the intended recipient, you can request a photocopy.

The recipient must endorse the money order before they can cash it, so an endorsed photocopy will provide proof of the money order’s status and who cashed it.

We detail the process to request a photocopy from each major issuer below.


Use the MoneyGram Photocopy Request form. There is a $25 fee to request a photocopy.

Mail your payment along with the completed request form to the address listed on the form. You will receive your copy in the mail within about 30 days.

Western Union

Request a copy of the endorsed money order by using the Money Order Tracing/Refund request on the back of your money order stub. If you do not have the stub, you can print the form and mail it in.

You will need to provide proof of purchase, and Western Union charges $15 for an endorsed copy, which you will receive within 30 days in the mail.


To request a copy of the endorsed money order, visit your local post office to submit a 6401 Money Order Inquiry form.

The cost is $6.25, and you will need your original receipt showing the serial number and dollar amount, as well as information about the recipient and issuing post office.

It will take about 30 days for your copy to arrive in the mail.


Amscot customer service will address all money order inquiries and issues by phone or in person.

After tracking a money order and finding out that it was cashed, you can request an endorsed copy by calling Amscot at (800) 333-6130 or visiting your local branch.


Individual banks’ money order tracking processes vary, so if you anticipate needing an endorsed copy, you may want to ask about the process before you purchase your money order.

We spoke with representatives at Bank of America, Fifth Third Bank, PNC, Regions Bank, and U.S. Bank; all of them told us they can provide a copy of the endorsed money order, but some individual branches may charge for this service.

Next Steps If Your Money Order Was Not Cashed

If you find that your money order has not been and will not be cashed, you can request a refund; our previous research details the refund process for each issuer.

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