Dollar Tree Cash Back Policy Explained (+ Where Else to Go)

If you don't need a large sum of money, getting cash back at the register can save you ATM fees and a trip to the bank.

Dollar Tree is one store where you can get cash back -- and there's no minimum purchase, so you can even get cash back by purchasing a single item.

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Dollar Tree offers up to $50 cash back when you pay for your purchase with a debit card for a fee of about $1.50 or less, which is smaller than most ATMs.[1][2]

Below, I explain the details of Dollar Tree’s cash back policy and answer common questions about getting cash back.

Dollar Tree Cash Back Policy

Dollar Tree offers cash back when you make a purchase with your debit card; however, you can’t get cash back when you make a purchase using a check or credit card (including a Discover Card).[3]

I contacted stores in Arkansas, Michigan, and Wyoming and reviewed Dollar Tree’s policy documentation online to confirm the details of the policy.

Limits and Fees

With your debit card, you can get up to $50 cash back with your purchase. Dollar Tree doesn’t have a purchase minimum requirement to get cash back.[3]

Simply swipe your debit card at the register, select “yes” on the keypad when the cash back option appears, then choose the amount of cash you’d like to receive.[3]

Dollar Tree offers cash back amounts of $10, $20, and $50.[3]

If you’d like your cash back to include specific denominations ($1 bills, $5 bills, etc.), you can request them from the cashier while the register is open during your transaction.[3]

Note that there is a variable service fee of up to about $1.50 for all cash back transactions.[1]

Similar Stores That Give Cash Back

If Dollar Tree isn’t the only shop you plan to visit, several other retailers and grocery stores offer cash back with your purchase, and some may have higher limits or lower fees.

Compare your options (including their limits, fees, and other requirements) with the list of where to get cash back.

Most often, these stores offer cash back on debit card transactions, but some stores also give cash back with other payment types. See your options for cash back on personal check purchases.

Tip: Though there are a few exceptions, most stores have cash back limits under $100. If you need a large amount of cash back, your best bet will be to visit your bank or write a check for cash. You can usually withdraw cash for free at ATMs operated by your bank or at the teller counter.[4][5]


What should you do if you have issues getting cash back at Dollar Tree?

If a Dollar Tree store can’t give you cash back or if it denies you cash back but still charges you for it, you should contact Dollar Tree’s Asset Protection department. You can send them an email at[6]

Can I get cash back at Dollar Tree with Apple Pay?

No, you can only get cash back at Dollar Tree with a debit card.[3]

Do Dollar Tree stores have an ATM available?

Dollar Tree stores may have ATMs available at some locations. However, none of the locations I contacted had an ATM.[3]

Does Dollar Tree accept $100 bills?

Yes, Dollar Tree accepts $100 bills for payment at the register and at self-checkout where available.[3]

In Summary

For debit card purchases at Dollar Tree, you can get up to $50 cash back for a $1.50 or less fee.[3]

Cash back options generally include $10, $20, or $50, though you can request smaller bills at checkout.[3]

You can also get cash back at many other stores, including Family Dollar and Dollar General — though if you need a large amount of cash, visiting your bank will probably be a better option.

Feel free to share your personal experiences shopping or getting cash back at Dollar Tree in the comments section below. You can also reply to others’ comments and questions.

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