PNC Money Order Policy (Selling & Cashing): Fees, Limits, etc

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Short Answer — PNC does not sell money orders, but it will cash most money orders for account holders. It also offers cashier’s checks as an alternative to money orders.

PNC Money Order Policy

PNC will cash most money orders for account holders, but you cannot get a money order at PNC. As an alternative to money orders, PNC offers cashier’s checks.[1]

We confirmed this policy with PNC branches in Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, and Ohio.

If you would still prefer to get a money order, see our list of places that offer money orders.

Cashing a Money Order

To cash a money order at PNC, you will need a PNC bank account and enough money in your account to cover the amount of the money order. (There is no set amount limit that you can cash; it is based on your account balance.)

You must cash the money order at a bank branch, and you must bring a government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license.

Before your visit, you may want to call the branch and find out if it requires appointments.

PNC will cash most money orders, but it will need to verify that the money order is valid; this is a measure PNC takes to prevent money order fraud.

PNC does not charge account holders any fees to cash money orders.

You can also deposit a money order into your PNC account at a teller or drive-up window, but PNC does not allow ATM or mobile deposit of money orders (as previously reported).

Buying a Cashier’s Check at PNC

While PNC does not sell money orders, you can purchase a PNC cashier’s check at a teller window as long as you have a PNC bank account.[1]

Cashier’s checks are free for Performance Select, Performance, and Foundation checking account holders; otherwise, the fee is about $10. There is no dollar amount limit on PNC cashier’s checks.

To purchase a PNC cashier’s check, visit a teller, and show your valid, government-issued photo ID.

PNC occasionally requires the debit card linked to your bank account as an additional layer of security.

To pay for the cashier’s check, you can simply give the teller your account number or purchase the check with cash. You will also need to give the payee’s name, so be sure that you have the correct spelling.

  1. PNC customer service (888) 762-2265[][]

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