Royal Farms’ Money Order Policy: Fees, Payment Options, etc Detailed

Royal Farms convenience store and gas station

Short Answer

You can purchase a MoneyGram money order at Royal Farms convenience stores. While you’re there, you can also enjoy prepared foods and a number of other goods and services.

Royal Farms’ Money Order Policy

Royal Farms sells money orders at its various convenience store locations, as confirmed by a Royal Farms customer service associate job description summary. Additionally, we called stores in the Baltimore area and found that Royal Farms sells MoneyGram money orders up to $300 in value per money order for a $1.25 flat fee. But you’ll need to pay for your money order in cash — no exceptions.

While Royal Farms does sell money orders, it does not cash money orders at its store locations. Recommended Article: Where Can I Cash a Money Order?

Royal Farms is a convenience store chain with locations in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and New Jersey. In addition to money orders, Royal Farms sells fuel, coffee, prepared foods, and more. In fact, Food & Wine magazine rated Royal Farms’ fried chicken the best fast-food fried chicken.

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