Giant Eagle Money Order Policy FAQ: Fees, Hours, etc Detailed

.Does Giant Eagle sell money orders? Yes. Does Giant Eagle cash money orders? Yes! Keep reading to have your Giant Eagle money order questions answered.

What Is a Money Order and Why Buy One?

A money order is a paper form of payment with a specific sum written on it — much like a personal check. Unlike personal checks, money orders are only given after you provide the payment for the value of the money order and specify the recipient. The fee for purchasing a money order itself will usually be less than a dollar.

You may be asking why you should go through the trouble of purchasing and sending a money order. The biggest reason people opt for money orders is the security they provide. Ever sent cash in the mail to pay a bill only to have it stolen before it reached its recipient? Money orders can only be cashed by the person or business specified on them. Furthermore, money orders can be tracked, canceled, and reissued if necessary.

How Do I Purchase a Money Order at Giant Eagle?

To take advantage of the financial services offered at Giant Eagle, including purchasing money orders, you first have to apply for a Giant Eagle Advantage Card. You should bring your Advantage Card and I.D. every time you use Giant Eagle’s financial services.

The advantage card is Giant Eagle’s regular rewards card, not a credit or debit card. To get one, just bring a driver’s license, state photo ID or military photo ID to the customer service desk. If you want to get a head start, you can call Giant Eagle’s customer care at (800) 553-2324 to register for the card. You can also request a card when you register an account on Giant Eagle’s website.

Giant Eagle partners with Western Union to provide banking services in 211 of their 400 stores. You can purchase money orders at any of these locations. Use the Western Union agent locator to see if a store near you offers money services. Type in your location as well as “Giant Eagle” for the Agent Name and select “Money Order” in the search filter.

Money orders can be purchased at any time the Customer Service Desk is open at your Giant Eagle. As confirmed by Giant Eagle customer care, hours will differ from store to store. Customer Service Desks are often open for shorter hours than the whole store, especially in Giant Eagle stores that are open 24/7. In case Giant Eagle’s Customer Service Desk is closed, you can visit one of the places that sell money orders 24 hours a day.

What Are the Fees, Limits, and Accepted Payment Types?

As stated by Giant Eagle customer care, purchasing a money order at Giant Eagle will cost you 79 cents. This amount will vary by about 10 cents from store to store, depending on the state it’s in. At most Giant Eagle locations, you can purchase one money order for up to $500.

Giant Eagle’s money order fee is less than many outlets charge and slightly higher than some. For example, the U.S. Post Office charges $1.20 for money orders up to $500, Chase and Bank of America charge $5 for money orders up to $1,000, and Walmart charges 70 cents for money orders up to $500. Incredibly, but you actually don’t have to spend a dime buying money orders. There are some places nearby where you can get a money order absolutely free.

According to Giant Eagle’s check cashing page, cash and debit are the only forms of payment accepted for purchasing a money order. For example, personal checks, credit cards, and gift cards aren’t accepted forms of payment.

What If My Money Order Is Lost or Stolen?

If your money order is lost or stolen, bring your receipt or money order stub, I.D., and Giant Eagle Advantage Card to the location you purchased it from. Processing the refund will cost you a fee of $15. If you don’t have your receipt or money order stub, the processing fee will be $30 and you’ll have to fill out a research request form. If you are interested, see another article and you can find out more on how to refund a money order.

How Do I Cash a Money Order at Giant Eagle?

Cashing money orders at Giant Eagle is pretty simple and you can do so at any location. Just go to a Customer Service Desk and provide a valid photo ID as well as your Giant Eagle Advantage Card. The only catch is, Giant Eagle will only cash Western Union branded money orders that were purchased at a Giant Eagle. Western Union provides financial services for Giant Eagle. The information above was confirmed with Giant customer care. Looking for a different store to purchase and cash money orders? See the list of the most popular stores that cash Western Union money orders.

And finally, if you’re looking to cash a money order of a different provider, check out this list of places where you can cash a money order, including banks, check cashing places, grocery stores, and retailers.

In Summary

And that’s the Giant Eagle money order policy in plain language. Once you have a Giant Eagle Advantage Card, accessing Giant Eagle’s financial services is pretty simple. We hope we answered any questions you may have had, making the process of purchasing and cashing money orders even smoother.