The Giant Money Order Policy in Plain Language: Limits, Fees, Hours, etc

Here’s the Giant money order policy in plain language. You can get a Western Union money order at Giant Food Stores and Giant Food of Maryland stores. For all the details of the store’s money order policy, see below.

Giant Western Union Money Order Policy

Money orders are available for purchase at Giant Food Stores and Giant Food of Maryland stores; the two grocery store chains are sister companies. At Giant, Western Union money orders can be purchased at the customer service desk during business hours, which is typically from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Store hours may vary by location. Here’s Giant’s money order policy at a glance:

  • Money order issuer: Western Union
  • Limits: Vary by location; some stores have limits of $3,000 or $10,000
  • Fees: Vary by location; typically $1 to $2 for money orders up to $500
  • Source: Customer service

While you can purchase Western Union money orders at Giant, you can’t cash a money order in-store, according to our communication with the company.

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In Summary

Giant sells Western Union money orders. Limits and fees vary by location, so you’ll want to contact your local Giant store before heading out to buy a money order.

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