Giant Eagle Check Cashing Policy: Fees, Hours, etc Detailed

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Short Answer — Giant Eagle cashes payroll, government, and U.S. traveler’s checks for fees around $3 to $5. Exact fees vary by store, and you’ll need a Giant Eagle Advantage Card to cash checks.

Giant Eagle Check Cashing Policy

Giant Eagle cashes payroll, government, and U.S. traveler’s checks, though there are some rules and limits to keep in mind.

You must have a Giant Eagle Advantage Card (the retailer’s rewards card) and a valid photo ID to cash checks at Giant Eagle.[1]

Note that while most payroll and government checks are pre-printed, Giant Eagle will cash some handwritten payroll checks at the discretion of the store manager.[1]

Excluded Check Types

As noted above, Giant Eagle cashes payroll checks, traveler’s checks, and most government checks.

You can’t cash other types of checks at Giant Eagle, including:[1]

If you have one of these check types but would still prefer the convenience of cashing your check at a grocery store, see our list of grocery stores that cash various check types.


Except for child support checks,[1] Giant Eagle will charge a fee for all payroll and government checks you cash. The exact fee amount varies by store and may also vary by check type.[2]

For an idea of what you may pay, we contacted Giant Eagle stores in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. The stores we contacted had fees around $3 to $5.[3]

Still, it’s best to call your local store for specific fee information.


Giant Eagle may limit the number of payroll and government checks or the dollar amount you can cash within a 24-hour or seven-day period. This limit will apply across all locations but varies by customer depending on your check cashing history.[1]

For traveler’s checks, the limit is $100 per transaction.[1]

You can also cash personal checks written to cash and get cash back when paying for a purchase by check at Giant Eagle, but the limit is $30 per check.[1]


To cash a check at Giant Eagle, you’ll need to visit the Customer Service Desk and present your Giant Eagle Advantage Card. Even if check cashing is activated on your Giant Eagle card, the associate may ask to see your ID.[1][2]

You must sign your check in the presence of the Customer Service Desk associate, and the name on the check must match the name on your Giant Eagle Advantage Card.[1]

Before cashing your check, Giant Eagle will check it using a third-party verification service (TeleCheck), which may deny the transaction if you have a history of unpaid checks or other check cashing issues.[1][2]

If Giant Eagle denies your check and you believe it was in error, you can contact Giant Eagle customer service at (800) 553-2324 for assistance. You can also request your TeleCheck File Report on TeleCheck’s website.


As noted above, check cashing services are available at the Customer Service Desk any time it’s open.

Note that the Customer Service Desk’s hours are shorter than store hours and vary by location. It’s best to contact your local store for its customer service hours.[2]

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