Giant Eagle Check Cashing Policy: Fees, Hours, etc Detailed

If you live in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, or Maryland, chances are you’re familiar with the supermarket chain, Giant Eagle. With nearly 400 locations and services from groceries to gasoline, Giant Eagle has become a popular place to take care of financial errands.

Does Giant Eagle cash checks Yes! Keep reading to have all of your Giant Eagle check cashing questions answered. For instance, does Giant Eagle cash personal checks?

And see if they take checks as well.

How Do I Pay With a Check at Giant Eagle?

In order to use a check as payment as Giant Eagle, you must first get a Giant Eagle Advantage Card. This is Giant Eagles rewards card, not a debit or credit card. You can apply for one at the Customer Service Desk or call Giant Eagle Customer Care at (800) 553-2324. Keep your valid driver’s license, state photo ID, or military photo ID handy, you’ll need one of them to apply for the Advantage Card.

To pay by check, the name on the check must match the name on the Giant Eagle Advantage Card. You can request cash back up to $30 over the purchase price. Starter, counter, and temporary checks have to be approved by the “Front End” or “Store Leader” — these are titles of certain store management positions. You can’t purchase the following with a personal check: wire transfer, money order, lottery ticket, or Visa reloadable products. Giant Eagle specifies on their website that if you have one or more unpaid checks or fees with them or any other store, your check won’t be accepted.

According to Giant Eagle customer care, before any checks are accepted, your check cashing history is checked via Telecheck, a third party verification company. Telecheck doesn’t determine whether or not a check is good or bad, nor do they access your bank account information. Rather, Telecheck analyzes risk based on a statistical analysis of your check compared to all other checks in their system. This process helps prevent fraud. If you are curious about your file, learn how to request your Telecheck File Report on their website.

By making a purchase with a check, you authorize Giant Eagle to make one-time electronic funds transfer from your account or process it as a check transaction. If you write a bad check, you’ll be charged a fee up to $35. If the check and fee aren’t reimbursed within 30 days, you may lose check writing and check cashing privileges.

What If My Check Is Declined?

If you believe your check has been wrongly refused, you have two options. Giant Eagle recommends calling their customer care line at (800) 553-2324. Telecheck has directions on how to dispute the information reported to Telecheck on their website. Sometimes, the reasons Telecheck declines a check are benign, like that they simply don’t have any information on you. Try requesting your file or contacting Telecheck, sometimes if you supply them with your information, your checks will be accepted in the future.

How Can I Cash a Check at Giant Eagle?

Check cashing is also a financial service, so you need a Giant Eagle Advantage Card before you can cash a check. Again, this is Giant Eagles rewards card, not a debit or credit card. You can apply for one at the Customer Service Desk or call Giant Eagle Customer Care at (800) 553-2324. You’ll need to provide a valid driver’s license, state photo ID, or military photo ID to get the card. If this is your first time cashing a check at Giant Eagle, you’ll need to activate the check cashing services on your Giant Eagle card by speaking with a representative at the Customer Service Desk.

In a few cases, you won’t need to get the card. A Giant Eagle Advantage Card is not needed to cash WIC checks in Pennsylvania, Maryland, or West Virginia. You can also cash a Merchandise Rebate check at any location without a Giant Eagle Advantage Card.

Check cashing is done at the Customer Service Desk. When you cash a check, you should always bring a valid driver’s license, state photo ID or military photo ID. According to Giant Eagles check cashing policy, you must sign or endorse checks in the presence of a Giant Eagle employee. Additionally, the name on the check must match the name on the Giant Eagle Advantage Card account.

Checks can be cashed at any time the Customer Service Desk is open at your Giant Eagle. As confirmed by Giant Eagle customer care, this will differ from store to store. We recommend contacting your preferred store to confirm their availability.

What Types of Checks Does Giant Eagle Cash?

As stated in their check cashing policy, the following types of checks can be cashed at Giant Eagle:

  • Personal checks (up to $30)
  • Payroll checks
  • Handwritten payroll checks (only with manager approval)
  • Government checks
  • U.S. Traveler’s checks (up to $100)

According to the same policy, the following types of checks can NOT be cashed at Giant Eagle:

Fees and Limits

A check cashing service fee is charged for all payroll and government checks except child support checks. These fees differ depending on the specific store and check type, so inquire with customer service at your local store. While there is no set number or amount, Giant Eagle does reserve the right to limit the number and dollar amount of checks they allow you to cash. Stores have the discretion to set their own limits, and some may have restrictions on daily amounts as well as weekly amounts. Learn more about these restrictions on Giant Eagle Policies page.

If Giant Eagle chooses to limit the number or amount of checks, check out these places that cash checks near you. And if you are not satisfied with the fee, remember that some places cash checks for free.

In Summary

Once you have a Giant Eagle Advantage Card, accessing Giant Eagle’s financial services is pretty simple. We hope we answered any questions you may have had, making the process of cashing checks at Giant Eagle even smoother.