Ingles’ Money Order Policy Explained: Fees, Limits, etc

Here’s the Ingles money order policy. You can purchase a Western Union money order at Ingles Markets for a small fee. The grocery store chain — which primarily operates in the Southeast — does not, however, cash money orders. For more specifics, see below.

Does Ingles Sell Money Orders?

Ingles Markets sell Western Union money orders, customer service told us. At most store locations, there is a $0.69 fee to purchase a money order up to $1,000, with a maximum limit of $2,000 per day. Money order policies may vary by store, so check with your nearest Ingles.

Money orders are a secure payment method that does not require you to have a bank account. The U.S. Postal Service sells money orders, as well as other grocery store chains and banks and credit unions. For more on where to purchase a money order, see our article: Where Can I Get a Money Order?

Does Ingles Cash Money Orders?

The grocery store chain does not cash money orders. While there is no information about money orders on its website, we contacted several Ingles store locations to confirm that it does not cash money orders.

To find out where to cash a money order, see our article: Where Can I Cash a Money Order?

In Summary

Now you know the Ingles money order policy. Ingles Markets sell money orders, but you won’t be able to cash a money order in-store. For more on Ingles store policies, see our article: Grocery Stores That Accept WIC.