Does Ingles Cash Checks? Answered

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Short Answer — Ingles Markets does cash checks — typically personal or payroll checks up to $250.

Does Ingles Markets Cash Checks?

You can cash a check at Ingles Markets, but there are conditions.

Ingles Markets states on its website that shoppers can cash personal or payroll checks with an Ingles Advantage Card, plus a photo ID.

However, customer service representatives told us that the store only accepts printed (not handwritten) payroll checks — not personal checks or any other type of check. So, you may want to contact your local Ingles before trying to cash a personal check there.

Also, most Ingles Markets locations will only cash checks up to $250; the limit varies by location.

You can sign up for The Ingles Advantage Card online or in-store, and there’s no fee to join.

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