Does Ingles Cash Checks? Ingles Check Cashing Policy Explained

Does Ingles Cash Checks? Ingles Markets does cash checks — typically up to $250. For more on the store policy, see below.

Does Ingles Markets Cash Checks?

Here’s the Ingles check cashing policy in plain language. Yes, you can cash a check at Ingles Markets, but there are conditions. Shoppers can cash personal or payroll checks with an Ingles Advantage Card, plus a photo ID, according to Ingles Markets’ website. It’s free to join, and you can sign up for The Ingles Advantage Card online or in-store.

But they told us that the grocery store chain — with locations in Alabama, Georgia, Tennesse, Virginia, and the Carolinas — only accepts printed (this means not handwritten) payroll checks (not personal checks or any other type of check). So, you may want to contact your local Ingles before trying to cash a personal check there.

Also, most Ingles Markets locations will only cash checks up to $250; limit varies by location.

In Summary

Shoppers can cash checks at Ingles Markets locations, but some restrictions apply. You may only be allowed to cash printed payroll checks up to $250. Contact your local Ingles for more information.

For more on grocery stores that cash checks, see our article: Grocery Stores that Cash Checks: Personal, Payroll, Insurance, etc.

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