Publix Money Order Policy: Fees, Limits, etc Detailed

Combining grocery shopping with financial services like money orders is a great way to multitask and save time.

Publix is one store where you can get a money order and restock your pantry in one trip. However, Publix doesn't cash money orders.

Exterior of a Publix store with money order services

Publix sells Western Union money orders up to $500 for a fee of around $1 each.

I share more details of Publix’s money order policy below.

Publix Money Order Policy

Publix sells Western Union money orders at all store locations but doesn’t cash money orders of any kind.[1][2]

I reviewed Publix’s online policy documentation and contacted stores in Florida, Tennessee, and Virginia to find out more about its money order policy.

Fees & Limits

The fee to purchase a money order worth up to $500 is about $1, and you’ll need to show a valid photo ID.[2]

While there is generally no limit to how many money orders you can purchase, customers buying more than $3,000 worth will need to present their Social Security card and fill out additional paperwork.[2]

Money Order Refunds

If you purchased a money order from Publix and no longer need it, you can get a refund from Western Union as long as you have the money order or the receipt to attach as proof of purchase.[3][4]

To request a refund, fill out Western Union’s Money Order Customer Request form.[5][6]

Note that Western Union subtracts a $15 processing fee from the refund amount for money orders of $20 or greater, while there’s a $3 processing fee for money order refunds of less than $20.[6][4]

Refunds take about 30 days to process.[6][4]

Tip: While Western Union money orders don’t expire, they do begin to depreciate within one to three years of the original purchase date, so it’s best to request a refund as soon as possible.[7][8] If it’s blank, you can also make it out to yourself and cash it to avoid the processing fee.


You might want to compare your options when purchasing a money order to see if there are options near you with lower fees or higher limits that suit your needs.

For alternatives to Publix, including gas stations, grocery stores, banks, and pharmacies, see the list of places that sell money orders.


What are Publix’s money service hours?

You can purchase a money order at the customer service desk during regular store hours.[2] Most Publix stores are open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. or 10 p.m., except on holidays.[9]

What payment method does Publix accept for money order purchases?

You can pay for your money order using cash or a debit card; you can’t pay with a check, gift card, or credit card.[2]

How do I track the money order after purchase?

To find out whether the recipient has cashed the money order, you can call Western Union at (800) 999-9690. Press “1” for English, then “3,” “4,” and “0” to speak to a representative.[4]

In Summary

You can purchase a Western Union money order from Publix worth up to $500 for a fee of around $1 each, though Publix doesn’t cash money orders.[2]

To receive a refund for a money order purchased at Publix, you’ll need to fill out Western Union’s Money Order Customer Request form. There is a processing fee of $3 or $15 (depending on the money order’s value), which Western Union subtracts from the refunded amount.[2]

I’d be happy to hear your questions and experiences regarding Publix’s money order policy. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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