Weis Markets Money Order Policy: Fees, Limits, etc Detailed

Exterior of a Weis Markets store

Short Answer

You can purchase Western Union money orders at Weis Markets for a fee of around $0.79. You cannot cash money orders at Weis. Below, we detail the money order policy at Weis Markets.

Weis Markets Money Order Policy

Weis Markets sells money orders from Western Union. It does not cash money orders, even if the money order was initially purchased at Weis Markets.

To get the details on Weis Markets’ money order policy, we contacted stores in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Requirements to Purchase a Money Order at Weis

You can purchase a money order using cash or debit card. Weis does not accept credit cards for money order purchases.

Most of the Weis stores that we contacted don’t require identification to purchase money orders. However, the store may require a photo ID (such as a driver’s license) when purchasing a money order for a large amount.

Money Order Purchase Fees and Limits

Weis Markets charges about 79 cents to purchase a money order; the exact fee varies by store location. There isn’t a minimum money order amount, but there is a $2,500 maximum over 24 hours.

Other Places to Get and Cash Money Orders

For more information on where to get or cash a money order, see our lists of places that sell money orders and cash money orders.


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