You cannot purchase or cash a money order at Sheetz because Sheetz no longer offers money order services. However, there are several other convenience stores who do offer money order services.

Sheetz Money Order FAQ

Unfortunately, Sheetz doesn’t offer money order services. We spoke with customer service representatives from multiple Sheetz locations throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, all of whom confirmed that they no longer sell or cash money orders. A customer service representative from a Sheetz in Pennsylvania told us that Sheetz stopped doing money orders about two years ago.

Not to fret, there are other convenience stores and gas stations that do sell money orders. Most sell Western Union or MoneyGram brand money orders, and charge a small fee of about $1 or $2 per money order. Money orders will usually be limited to a $500 value each, but sometimes the limit may be as high as $1,000.

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In Summary

There are no longer Sheetz money order available, But if you need to purchase or cash a money order, there are several other stores that do offer these services. Many popular grocery stores, convenience stores, and pharmacies sell money orders. Stores like 7-Eleven, Walmart, Fred Meyer, and Rite Aid have many convenient locations for purchasing a money order. Finding a place to cash a money order may prove more challenging than finding a place to purchase one. Besides banks, there are handful of retail stores that will cash money orders in certain circumstances.