Does Walgreens Sell or Cash Money Orders? Answered

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Walgreens doesn’t sell or cash money orders at any of its stores, including Duane Reade locations. Instead, it offers Western Union money transfers.[1][2]

Walgreens Money Transfers

Walgreens is a Western Union agent, meaning you can send and receive Western Union money transfers at the store.[1][2]

Like money orders, money transfers are more secure than cash because they’re trackable and more secure than checks because they can’t bounce.

Money transfers are also fast — most complete within two business days, with some available the same day.[3][4]


Walgreens accepts cash for money transfers.[1]

Fees vary depending on your transaction details, such as where you’re sending the money and the total amount; you can get an estimate from Western Union online.

When buying a money transfer, note that you’ll need to provide the receiver’s name, country, and (in some cases) address, as well as your own government-issued photo ID.[5]


You can also receive a money transfer at Walgreens for no additional fee. There is a maximum payout of $300.[2]

To pick up your money, show a government-issued photo ID and provide the transfer’s tracking number, the sender’s name, and the expected amount.[6]

Other Places That Do Money Orders

If you’d still prefer a money order to a money transfer, there are similar stores where you can get them, including CVS and Rite Aid. See our list of places that offer money orders.

We also have the details of where to cash a money order.

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