Does Walgreens Sell or Cash Money Orders? Answered

Sign on the outside of a Walgreens pharmacy

Walgreens doesn’t sell or cash money orders at any of its stores, including Duane Reade locations. Instead, it offers Western Union money transfers.[1][2]

Walgreens Money Transfers

Walgreens is a Western Union agent, meaning you can send and receive Western Union money transfers at the store.[1][2]

Like money orders, money transfers are more secure than cash because they’re trackable and more secure than checks because they can’t bounce.

Money transfers are also fast — most complete within two business days, with some available the same day.[3][4]


Walgreens accepts cash for money transfers.[1]

Fees vary depending on your transaction details, such as where you’re sending the money and the total amount; you can get an estimate from Western Union online.

When buying a money transfer, note that you’ll need to provide the receiver’s name, country, and (in some cases) address, as well as your own government-issued photo ID.[5]


You can also receive a money transfer at Walgreens for no additional fee. There is a maximum payout of $300.[2]

To pick up your money, show a government-issued photo ID and provide the transfer’s tracking number, the sender’s name, and the expected amount.[6]

Other Places That Do Money Orders

If you’d still prefer a money order to a money transfer, there are similar stores where you can get them, including CVS and Rite Aid. See our list of places that offer money orders.

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