Ivybrook Academy Tuition Costs (Part-Time & Full-Time)

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Short Answer — Ivybrook Academy’s tuition rates range from about $195 to $490 per month for part-time care and $520 to $700 per month for full-time care, while tuition for summer camp ranges from $165 to $180 per week.

Ivybrook Academy Tuition Costs

Ivybrook Academy’s tuition prices vary by location, your child’s age, and childcare schedule.[1]

It doesn’t post its tuition rates online. However, we contacted academy representatives in North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Ohio to gather information on what you can expect to pay.

Below, you’ll find a price range of tuition costs for each age group. Keep in mind that schedule availability varies by location.

Program Attendance One Day a Week Attendance Two Days a Week Attendance Three Days a Week Attendance Five Days a Week
Toddler (18 months to two years) $195 to $275 per month $345 to $390 per month $450 to $475 per month Not available
Young Twos Not available $295 to $390 per month $450 to $475 per month $700 per month
Older Twos Not available $295 to $390 per month $450 to $475 per month $700 per month
Preschool (Three years) Not available $345 to $390 per month $390 to $490 per month $590 to $700
Prekindergarten (Four years) Not available Not available Not available $520 to $650 per month
Private Kindergarten (Five years) Not available Not available Not available $520 to $650 per month
Summer Camp (Two to six years) Not available Not available Not available $165 to $180 per week
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Note that Ivybrook Academy runs on a traditional annual school schedule (generally August through May), so the program age-appropriate to your child at the time of enrollment is the one they will remain in until the end of the school year.

Additional Costs

Ivybrook Academy tuition includes attendance, snacks, and classroom activities,[2] but there are a couple of costs to keep in mind in addition to tuition.

Registration Fee

Ivybrook Academy charges a registration fee of about $150 per child at enrollment. This is a recurring fee that’s due at the beginning of each school year.[1]

Summer Camp Activity Fee

The school offers summer camp, which generally consists of five half-days per week. Most locations require you to sign up for a minimum of two weeks at summer camp enrollment.[1]

In addition to tuition, you’ll pay a one-time activity fee ranging from $25 to $40 for summer camp. This activity fee replaces the usual $150 registration fee.[3][4]

Payment Methods and Schedule

Payments are due weekly. Online payments are available at all locations via debit card, credit card, or ACH transfer. Some locations also accept cash.[1]

Price Comparison

To compare Ivybrook Academy’s tuition rates and other costs with compatible schools, see our research on La Petite Academy prices, Kiddie Academy prices, and Primrose Schools prices.

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