Kiddie Academy Tuition & Fees Explained

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Short Answer

Kiddie Academy’s tuition rates vary based on your child’s age, location, and attendance schedule but generally range from $135 to $400 per week. There’s also a registration fee, and some locations require a deposit and/or curriculum fee.

Kiddie Academy Tuition

Tuition rates vary by location, your child’s age, and whether they attend part-time or full-time.[1]

The table below gives a general idea of what you can expect to pay for your child to attend Kiddie Academy, listed by age group and attendance.

Kiddie Academy doesn’t post its tuition rates online. We contacted locations in Nevada, Missouri, Iowa, Arizona, and Tennessee for price quotes.

Program Part-Time Tuition Range Full-Time Tuition Range
Infant Care (Six weeks to 12 months) Not available $380 to $400 per week
Toddler Care (13 to 24 months) $230 to $300 per week $330 to $400 per week
Early Preschool (Two years) $230 to $300 per week $290 to $330 per week
Preschool (Three years) $170 to $300 per week $280 to $330 per week
Pre-K (Four years) $165 to $300 per week $270 to $320 per week
Kindergarten (Five years) $165 to $280 per week $270 to $320 per week
Before/After School Care & Summer Camp (Six to 12 years) $135 to $235 per week $260 to $290 per week

In the table above, part-time tuition rates for children ages six to 12 reflect what you would pay for before and after school care. Full-time rates are what you can expect to pay for a full week’s care during the summer.[2]

Note that most Kiddie Academy locations offer two-, three-, and/or four-day part-time childcare options, while some also offer half days.[2]

Additionally, some Kiddie Academy locations only offer full-time childcare.[2]

Additional Costs

Like tuition, additional costs vary by location. However, there are a few fee types you can expect to pay at Kiddie Academy; we detail them below.

Registration Fees

Every location we contacted requires a registration fee, though some offer promotional periods during which they waive this fee.[2]

Prices range from $175 to $200 per child.[2]

Some locations charge a reduced rate when multiple children are enrolling, such as $50 per additional child or $300 total for all children.[2]

Curriculum Fees

Some Kiddie Academy locations charge an annual curriculum fee of $100. This covers academic supplies — such as crayons, pencils, paper, etc. — used for educational activities and lessons.[2]


Some locations require a deposit, which is the first week’s tuition or the first and last week’s tuition.[2]

If the school requires the last week’s tuition as a deposit, it’ll hold the deposit until you give notice that you plan to unenroll your child. The amount will then be put toward your child’s last week at Kiddie Academy.[2]

Tuition Discounts

Some Kiddie Academy locations provide discounts to eligible families.

We found the following options in the course of our research:

  • Corporate discounts: Some Kiddie Academy locations will reduce your child’s tuition by a set percentage if you work for select businesses.[3][4]
  • Multiple child discount: Most locations we spoke with offer 5% or 10% off of tuition for the oldest child when enrolling more than one.[2]
  • Military and first responder discount: Some locations will reduce your child’s tuition by around 10% if you serve in the military or as a first responder.[5][2]

Payment Method and Schedule

Each Kiddie Academy is individually owned and operated, meaning that owners set their own payment guidelines.[6]

Some locations we contacted require weekly tuition payments, while others require monthly payments.[2]

Acceptable methods of payment also vary by location.[2]

Price Comparison

To compare Kiddie Academy’s rates with other schools, see our research on the tuition and fees at Everbrook Academy, Primrose Schools, Gardner Schools, Bright Horizons, La Petite Academy, and The Goddard School.


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