We’re hiring a large number of passionate individuals.

No set hours. No due dates. Commitment varies from per-project, part-time to nearly full-time.

All hires are independent contractors. 

We’re very focused on treating our team well. Pay is very competitive so if you’re interested in a position, don’t let the worry of poor pay keep you from applying.

To apply for any of the positions, fill out the contact form and, if we’re interested in moving forward, someone in our Human Resources department will be in touch. Please send your cover letter, resume, and applicable materials via hyperlinks (Google Docs, etc.).

If you’ve applied for one of our positions via a third party job site, please don’t message us here as well. Your application will be seen, no matter where it was submitted. Applying twice will diminish, not improve, your chances of getting hired.

Contributor (40 Spots Available): The best candidates have experience researching and writing compelling work. Must complete at least one article per week. No maximum. Topics provided. Payment is on a per-article basis, rendered upon completion. Top-performing contributors will be offered editor roles. Writing samples are mandatory.

Editors (4 Spots Available): Our editors must be able to line edit, follow our style guide, understand research best practices, ensure content reads well, and enjoy working with a large team of contributors. We are willing to work with your schedule, anywhere from 10-35 hours per week. Send a cover letter as well as samples of work you’ve edited which still contain track changes/similar (please send via a Google docs link or similar if they aren’t available online).

Graphic Designer: This person must know SVG and have experience with vector graphics. Payment is on a per-project basis and rendered upon completion.

Researcher: Tasks include everything from helping draft articles to figuring out how to improve areas of the organization. This role is ideal for someone who loves organization and the thrill of creation. Candidates must be very familiar with personal finance. This position is part-time.

Pinterest Marketer: We are seeking an individual to help promote the site on Pinterest. We have a strategy in place but we need a creative Pinterest-lover to see it through. This position is 10 hours per week.

Virtual Assistant: Are you a Jack/Jill of all trades? Does no project intimidate you? Are you extremely organized? Are you a master and conquering a multitude of tasks while also staying eager to perform repeat tasks? If so, we want you on the team. This role is part-time.

Videographer: We are looking for video experts to summarize articles in short character-based videos. Candidates must be able to quickly grasp the main points of articles and create easy-to-follow character videos videos. Payment is on a per-project basis, rendered upon completion.

We also pay for referrals. By sending us referrals, it by no means diminishes the amount of work you will receive.

Updated 8/16/17