The List of Auto Payoff Addresses: GM Financial, Wells Fargo, etc

Woman stamping an envelope to send her auto payoff check

Unlike normal monthly loan payments that include both principal and interest, payoff amounts are end-of-loan sums that tally everything you need to pay to satisfy a loan, including prepayment penalties, if applicable.

It’s the last payment you should have to make on a loan, and you should always contact your lender to determine the exact amount.

If you’re paying by mail, the payment may need to go to a unique address that your lender maintains, and because payoff amounts include interest that accumulates over time, it’s important that your check goes to the right place.

We contacted major banks and auto-finance companies to find out where they direct customers to send final payments.

During our research, we discovered that most larger institutions have designated P.O. boxes and physical addresses so you can send payoff checks by both standard and overnight mail. Some smaller institutions only provide a single mailing address for regular payments and payoffs.

Additionally, a good number of lenders include other, potentially more convenient options for paying, including scheduling recurring online payments, one-time online payments, and telephone payments. We have included these options in the list below.

Note that before mailing a payoff check, you should always contact your bank to determine the proper payoff amount and double-check the address on your statement to ensure that the payoff address hasn’t changed.

Auto Payoff Addresses by Company

Ally Bank logo

Ally Auto Finance

Note: In most cases, you may also complete your payoff payment online by logging in to your account, selecting your vehicle, selecting “Manage Account,” and then selecting “Request a Quote” from your vehicle details page.[1]

  • Regular mail:
    • Payment Processing Center
      P.O. Box 9001951
      Louisville, KY 40290-1951[2][3]

Axos logo

Axos Bank

Note: You may make online payments from your account, one-time online payments, or payments by telephone by calling (866) 923-7112.[4]

  • Regular mail:
    • Axos Bank
      Attn: Dealer Payoffs
      9205 W Russell Rd., Suite 400
      Las Vegas, NV 89148[5]
  • Overnight:
    • Axos Bank
      P. O. Box 509127
      San Diego, CA 92150[6]

Bank of America logo

Bank of America

  • Regular mail:
    • Bank of America N.A.
      P.O. Box 15220
      Wilmington, DE 19886-5220[7]

BECU logo


  • Regular mail:
    • BECU
      12770 Gateway Dr.
      M/S: 1080-2
      Tukwila, WA 98168[8]

Capital One logo

Capital One Auto Finance

Note: You can make online payments by signing in to your Capital One account.

  • Regular mail:
    • Capital One Auto Finance
      P.O. Box 60511
      City of Industry, CA 91716[9]
  • Overnight:
    • Capital One Auto Finance
      Attn: Payment Processing
      2525 Corporate Place
      2nd floor Suite #250
      Monterey Park, CA 91754[9]

CarMax logo

CarMax Auto Finance

  • Regular mail:
    • CarMax Auto Finance
      P.O. Box 6045
      Carol Stream, IL 60197-6045[10][11]

Chase Bank logo

Chase Auto

Note: You may make scheduled payments, one-time payments, and online payments from other banks by signing in to your Chase account.

  • Regular mail:
    • Chase
      ATTN: Payoff Processing
      Mail Code LA4-6455
      700 Kansas Lane
      Monroe, LA 71203[12]

Citizens Bank logo

Citizens Bank

  • Regular mail:
    • Citizens Bank, N.A.
      1 Citizens Bank Way
      Riverside, RI 02915
      Attn: ROP217[13]

Fifth Third Bank logo

Fifth Third Bank

Note: You may make payments from your account and one-time payments from external accounts by logging in to your Fifth Third Bank account. You may pay by phone by calling (800) 972-3030, but this may incur a fee.[14]

  • Regular mail:
    • Fifth Third Bank
      P.O. Box 630778
      Cincinnati, OH 45263-0778[15][16]
  • Overnight:
    • Fifth Third Bank
      Madisonville Operations Center
      5050 Kingsley Drive
      MD 1M0C2J
      Cincinnati, OH 45263-5300[15][16]

Ford Credit logo

Ford Credit

  • Regular mail:
    • Ford Credit
      P.O. Box 650574
      Dallas, TX 75265-0574[17]
  • Overnight:
    • Ford Motor Credit
      1501 North Plano Road
      Suite 100
      Richardson, TX 75081[17]

GM logo

GM Financial

  • Regular mail:
    • GM Financial
      P.O. Box 78143
      Phoenix, AZ 85062-8143[18]
  • Overnight:
    • GM Financial
      1820 E. Sky Harbor Circle South, Suite 150
      Phoenix, AZ 85034-9700[18]


Honda logo

Honda Financial Services

  • Regular mail:
    • American Honda Finance Corporation
      P.O. Box 7829
      Philadelphia, PA 19101-7829[19]
  • Overnight:
    • Honda Financial Services
      Lockbox #7829
      400 White Clay Center Drive
      Newark, DE 19711[19]

Hyundai logo

Hyundai Motor Finance

  • Regular mail:
    • Hyundai Motor Finance
      P.O. Box 650805
      Dallas, TX 75265-0805[20]
  • Overnight:
    • Hyundai Motor Finance
      Box 650805
      1501 North Plano Road, Suite 100
      Richardson, TX 75081[20]

Infiniti Financial Services logo

Infiniti Financial Services

  • Regular mail:
    • IFS
      P.O. Box 740596
      Cincinnati, OH 45274-0596
      Attn: Payoff Department[21]
  • Overnight:
    • IFS
      ATTN: RLBX 740596
      MD 1MOC1N
      5050 Kingsley Dr.
      Cincinnati, OH 45227[21]

Lexus Financial Services logo

Lexus Financial Services

  • Regular mail:
    • Lexus Financial Services
      P.O. Box 5855
      Carol Stream, IL 60197-5855[22]
  • Overnight:
    • Lexus Financial Services
      Attn: Retail Payoff
      Box 5855
      5505 N. Cumberland Ave., Suite 307
      Chicago, IL 60656[22]

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services logo

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services

Note: Sending a Cashier’s Check helps facilitate faster payoff processing.[23]

  • Regular mail:
    • Mercedes-Benz Financial Services
      P.O. Box 5209
      Carol Stream, IL 60197-5209[24]
  • Overnight:
    • Mercedes-Benz Financial Services
      Box# 5209
      8430 West Bryn Mawr Ave., 3rd Floor
      Chicago, Illinois 60631[24]

Navy Federal Credit Union logo

Navy Federal Credit Union

  • Regular mail:
    • Navy Federal Credit Union
      P.O. Box 3105
      Merrifield, VA 22119[25]
  • Overnight:
    • Navy Federal Credit Union
      820 Follin Lane SE
      Vienna, VA 22180[25]

Nissan logo

Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation

  • Regular mail:
    • NMAC
      P.O. Box 740849
      Cincinnati, OH 45274-0849[26]
  • Overnight:
    • ATTN: RLBX 740849
      MD 1MOC1N
      5050 Kingsley Dr.
      Cincinnati, OH 45227[26]

PenFed Credit Union logo

PenFed Credit Union

  • Regular mail:
    • PenFed Credit Union
      Box 1400
      Alexandria, VA 22313-2000[27]
    • PenFed Credit Union
      Box 247009
      Omaha, NE 68124-7009[27]
  • Overnight:
    • PenFed Credit Union
      2930 Eisenhower Avenue
      Alexandria, VA 22314[27]
    • PenFed Credit Union
      13220 Fort Street
      Omaha, NE 68164[27]

PNC Bank logo

PNC Bank

  • Regular mail:
    • PNC Bank
      P.O.Box 747066
      Pittsburgh, PA 15274-7066[28]
  • Overnight:
    • c/o PNC Bank
      Lockbox 747066
      500 First Ave.
      Pittsburgh, PA 15219[28]

Santander logo

Santander Consumer Holdings USA

  • Regular mail:
    • Santander Consumer USA Inc.,
      P.O. Box 660633
      Dallas, TX 75266-0633[29]
  • Overnight:
    • Santander Consumer USA Inc.
      3000 Kellway Dr., Suite 120
      Carrollton, TX 75006[29]

Security Service Credit Union logo

Security Service Federal Credit Union

Note: Security Service Federal Credit Union requests that you use FedEx when sending overnight payments.

  • Regular mail:
    • Security Service Federal Credit Union
      P.O. Box 691530
      San Antonio, TX 78269-1530[30]
  • Overnight:
    • Security Service Federal Credit Union
      Payment Services
      15000 W Interstate 10
      San Antonio, TX 78249[30]

Subaru logo

Subaru Motors Finance

  • Regular mail:
    • Subaru Motors Finance
      P.O. Box 78067
      Phoenix, AZ 85062-8067[31]
  • Overnight:
    • Subaru Motors Finance
      1820 E Sky Harbor Circle S, Suite 150
      Phoenix, AZ 85034-4875[31]

Truist One Checking

Truist Bank

  • Regular mail:
    • Truist
      Attn: Lockbox #580223
      5130 Parkway Plaza Blvd.
      Charlotte, NC 28217-1954[32]

TD Bank logo

TD Auto Finance

  • Regular mail:
    • TD Bank Lockbox
      TD Auto Finance – 16039
      Mailstop ME2-074-017
      6 Atlantis Way
      Lewiston, ME 04240[33]

Toyota logo

Toyota Financial Services

  • Regular mail:
    • Toyota Financial Services
      P.O. Box 5855
      Carol Stream, IL 60197-5855[34]
  • Overnight:
    • Toyota Financial Services
      Attn: Retail Payoff
      Box 5855
      5505 N. Cumberland Ave., Suite 307
      Chicago, IL 60656[34]

US Bank logo

U.S. Bank

  • Regular mail:
    • U.S. Bank
      P.O. Box 790179
      St. Louis, MO 63179-0179[35]
  • Overnight:
    • U.S. Bank Consumer Loan Servicing
      Payment/Payoff Processing
      1850 Osborn Ave.
      Oshkosh, WI 54902[35]

USAA logo


Note: Payoffs sent by mail must be a cashier’s check.

  • Regular mail:
    • USAA Federal Savings Bank
      c/o Nationstar
      ATTN: Payoff Department
      Lake Vista 4
      800 State Highway 121 Bypass, Suite B
      Lewisville, TX 75067[36]

Volkswagen logo

Volkswagen Credit

  • Regular mail:
    • Volkswagen Credit
      1401 Franklin Blvd.
      Libertyville, IL 60048-4460[37]

Wells Fargo logo

Wells Fargo Auto

  • Regular mail:
    • Wells Fargo Auto
      P.O. Box 17900
      Denver, CO 80217-0900[38]
  • Overnight:
    • Lockbox Services 17900
      Wells Fargo Auto
      MAC C7301-L25
      1740 Broadway St – LL2
      Denver, CO 80274[38]
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