Walmart to Walmart Money Transfers: Fees, Limits, Hours, etc

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Short Answer — Walmart offers three types of money transfers — Walmart2Walmart, Western Union, and MoneyGram. All three give you options for transferring funds from a Walmart to varying locations around the world. Money transfer fees at Walmart generally range between $4 and $18. Maximum transfer limits vary somewhat by location and transfer method but are usually around $2,500. Below, we have more details of each money transfer option’s fees, transfer process, limits, and tracking.

Money Transfer Options at Walmart

Walmart offers you three options for transferring funds: Walmart2Walmart (powered by Ria), Western Union, and MoneyGram. You can transfer funds online by using Walmart or Money Gram, or by visiting your local Walmart. Sending money in person from Walmart allows you to use any of the three choices previously mentioned to transfer funds to over 200 countries and territories.[1]

We gathered info about the ins and outs of each type of money transfer offered through Walmart by viewing documentation on the Walmart, Western Union, MoneyGram, and Ria websites and by calling Walmart locations, corporate Walmart customer service, Ria customer service, and MoneyGram customer service.

Walmart2Walmart Money Transfers

You can use Walmart2Walmart to transfer money in minutes between Walmart locations in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, or to agent locations internationally through Walmart2World. You have to go to an actual store to make a Walmart2Walmart transfer — you can’t make it online.[1]

Sending a Walmart2Walmart Money Transfer

Go to the Customer Service Desk or Money Services Center. (Note that MoneyCenter hours are often shorter than store hours.) You can pay for the money transfer with cash or a debit card.[2]

To send money with Walmart2Walmart, you need to be over 18 years old and show any of the following forms of ID:[2]

  • U.S. Driver’s License or state ID
  • U.S. or international passport
  • U.S. permanent resident card
  • Mexican Metricula Consular,
  • Tribal ID
  • Military ID

To make things faster, you can initiate the transfer on the Walmart app. Open the app, then find Money Services in the Services section. Enter your information on the “Send Money” page; you’ll then be able to skip the line and complete your transaction at your local Walmart store.[2]

Receiving a Walmart2Walmart Money Transfer

If you’re picking up your money transfer in person, you can do this at any Walmart or Bodega Aurrera within the United States, Puerto Rico, or Mexico. For pick up outside of these countries, you can visit any of their agent locations in more than 200 countries and territories. This would be your only option if you’re receiving funds in the form of cash, unless you’re in a location where ATM payout is available.

Make sure you have a valid form of ID and the transaction reference number for the transfer — the sender should have given it to you after they sent the money transfer. Note that the name on your ID must match the name on the transfer exactly.

Other options for receiving funds if you can’t make it in person are direct deposit into a bank account, mobile wallet, or debit card. You can also have it delivered to your home with Walmart2World. With the exception of home delivery, transfers are usually available for pickup within ten minutes of being sent.[2]

Walmart will hold Walmart2Walmart money transfers for 60 days from the original transaction date, customer service representatives for Ria and Walmart said. If the recipient doesn’t pick up the money transfer within that time, Ria will refund the amount of the money transfer to the sender;[3] we detail the refund process below.

Fees and Limits

The Walmart2Walmart money transfer limit is $2,500 per person per day.[4][5] Fees start at $2.50 for Walmart2Walmart Mexico powered by Ria and $4 for Walmart2World.[2] Other Walmart2Walmart services charge $6.50 for transfers up to $800 and $18 for transfers above and up to $2,500.[4]


Can you track a Walmart2Walmart money transfer? Yes. You can track your transfer or get support by calling Ria customer service at (855)443-1399 or using Ria’s “Track a Transfer” page online. If you suspect fraud, contact the Ria Fraud Department at (855) 443-1399.


You can send or receive a Walmart2Walmart money transfer whenever the Walmart MoneyCenter or customer service desk is open. Note that Walmart MoneyCenter hours are often shorter than regular store hours. It typically opens at 7 or 8 a.m. and closes between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m.


You can refund a Walmart2Walmart transfer under certain conditions. Once the person you’re transferring money to receives the funds, you’ll be unable to edit or cancel your transfer.[6] However, you can get a refund if the recipient hasn’t picked up the money yet or doesn’t pick up the money within the hold period.

If you need to cancel your transfer for a refund, you can contact Ria’s customer service department at (855) 355-2144; Ria, not Walmart, handles all issues and changes regarding Walmart2Walmart transfers.

Ria can usually issue a refund to the original payment method you used to fund the transfer. However, if that account is closed or frozen, Ria will issue a refund as a paper check. The refund process usually takes between two and 10 business days after Ria receives the funds back from the paying agent if processed to your original payment method. If dealing with a closed or frozen account, your refund should arrive within seven to 10 business days.[6]

Western Union Money Transfers

Another option for sending money to or from Walmart is Western Union. With this feature, you can send money from your nearest Walmart location to any Western Union agent location in the U.S. or participating countries and regions across the world, and vice versa. This is the best option if either the sender or receiver is inside the U.S. or Puerto Rico and needs to use a location other than Walmart.[2][7]

Sending a Western Union Money Transfer in Person

If you’re sending money from Walmart to Western Union, you’ll do this from the Customer Service Desk or Money Services Center. Be sure you have one of the forms of identification mentioned in the Walmart2Walmart section above.[2]

If you’re sending money from Western Union to Walmart, you need to visit your nearest Western Union agent site. There are more than 500,000 locations worldwide. You can find the nearest location by using the Western Union store locator.

You’ll be required to give an agent your transaction details and provide a valid ID.[8] Acceptable forms of ID include a driver’s license, a valid international passport, National Identity card, Residence ID for foreigners, or a foreigner’s document.[9] Then you will pay the transfer amount plus fees with cash or debit card.[10]

Sending a Western Union Money Transfer Online

If you want to send money online through Walmart, you’ll first need to register or log in online. Next, you’ll select a receiver if you’re sending a transfer to someone you’ve sent to before, or if you’ve never sent a transfer to the receiver, you’ll select “send to someone new”. You can pay with a debit or credit card.[11]

You have two options if you want to send money online through Western Union to be picked up at Walmart.

One option is to use the Western Union app. If you’re new to this, you’ll have to register a profile with your email address and use your driver’s license, government-issued ID, or passport to verify your identity. You’ll then be asked to provide the receiving location and the amount you wish to send. You can pay with a debit card, credit card, or through your bank account.[10]

The other option is to send money via the Western Union website. To do this you’ll have to sign in or register. Next, you’ll choose the location and the amount to send, as well as the receiver’s information. Be sure to check the “cash pickup” option. You can pay with a debit card, credit card, or through your bank account. If you’re paying from your bank account, you’ll have to verify it before Western Union will allow this.[12]

You will be required to verify you’re identity before sending a transfer online. You can do this while in the process of transferring funds or by video chat. Acceptable forms of identification include a government-issued ID, passport, driver’s license, voter card, and pension card.[13]

Receiving a Western Union Money Transfer in Person

You can pick up your money transfer in person from any Walmart or Bodega Aurrera within the United States, Puerto Rico, or Mexico. If you’re receiving the transfer outside of these countries, you have the option to visit any of their agent locations in more than 200 countries and territories.  In-person is your only option when receiving a cash transfer.

You must have a valid form of ID and the transaction reference number, as well. The transaction number should have been provided to you by the sender. Acceptable forms of identification are a driver’s license, state ID, military ID, tribal ID, or passport.[2]

If you’re receiving money at a Western Union, find the location nearest you. You’ll be required to provide the Money Transfer Control Number, the sender’s name and where they sent the transfer from, the amount transferred, and a valid ID. In some circumstances, you will also have to answer a test verification question. Once you’ve provided the necessary documentation and information, you’ll sign a receipt and collect the cash payment.[14]

Forms of personal identification that are acceptable vary by location. However, passports and national IDs are generally accepted.[15]

Receiving a Western Union Money Transfer Online

Generally, if you’re sending and receiving funds virtually through Western Union, you wouldn’t need to involve Walmart. Here’s a brief overview of the process for receiving funds directly to your bank account through Western Union.

You will have to provide information regarding the sender and their bank. Within the U.S., you will need their routing number, account number, address, and phone number. Then you can use the tracking number to find out when your money will arrive. In most cases, it only takes a few minutes. There are circumstances when it can take up to four days, however.[16]

Fees and Limits

Fees vary due to exchange rates and bank policies[17], but basic transfers from Walmart to a Western Union begin at $4.[7] For an estimate of fees for online Western Union transfers being sent to anywhere in the world, you can use their price estimator.

When sending a transfer from Walmart, the limit is $2,500.[4] When sending and receiving from Western Union inside the U.S., the limit is $5,000 whether it’s being sent online or in person. Limits vary when sending to or from a country outside of the U.S.[18]


Visit the Western Union transfer tracking page. From there, you’ll choose the sender or receiver option and input your Money Control Transfer Number.[19]


Hours vary by location and place of business. Transfers completed online are available 24 hours a day.


If you have a Walmart powered by MoneyGram account and you’ve sent a transfer online, you can log in and search your transaction history for the transfer. Use the cancelation option on the “Transaction Details” page. Refunds usually take three to 10 business days but can take longer.[20]

If you sent the money from Western Union and it hasn’t been picked up or deposited, you have other options, as well. For transfers sent through their app, log in and view your recent money transfer activity. From there, choose the transfer you want to cancel and tap “Show Details”. If the transfer is eligible for cancellation, follow the link provided to cancel the transfer. If not, you’ll need to contact Customer Care.

If you sent the transfer in person from a Western Union, you can return to the same location with your government-issued ID and cancel the transaction. You can also cancel in-person- and telephone-initiated transfers by contacting Customer Care.[21]

MoneyGram Money Transfers

This is another great option for transferring funds from Walmart to a domestic or international location.[2] MoneyGram allows transfers to over 200 countries and territories but prohibits transfers to some countries. When you go to choose the country to send funds to, if the country isn’t listed this indicates that it’s one of these prohibited countries.[22]

There are two ways to send Walmart MoneyGram transfers: in-person (by visiting a store) or online. Either way, make sure that the recipient name you provide is an exact match to what’s on the recipient’s ID. Also, be sure to save the receipt so you can give the reference number to the recipient — they’ll need it to pick up the transfer.[23][24]

Sending a MoneyGram Money Transfer In Person

For in-person MoneyGram transfers, you can send a money transfer to another Walmart store with money transfer services or to another MoneyGram agent.[1] Most Walmart locations — over 4,000 worldwide — offer money transfer services at the MoneyCenter or customer service desk. Find your nearest Walmart or MoneyGram agent on the Walmart and MoneyGram store locator page.

You can only pay for your MoneyGram money transfer with cash or a debit card. You also need to show your driver’s license or government-issued ID. Acceptable IDs include state IDs or driver’s licenses, U.S. or foreign passports, green cards, or military IDs.[2]

For faster service, you can initiate the transfer on the Walmart mobile app. You’ll need a Walmart account, but not a MoneyGram account, to use this feature. Open the app, then navigate to the Services section and choose “Money Services.” You’ll then be able to enter your information and start your money transfer in the app. Starting your transfer in the app will allow you to skip the line when you visit the store; you’ll join the express lane to pay for your transfer, show your ID, and get the reference number.[2]

Sending a MoneyGram Money Transfer Online

If you’d rather make a transfer online, you can do so through the Walmart Money Transfers page. To use the online service, you have to create a free MoneyGram account with your email address and a password.[11]

For all online money transfers, you can pay with a Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card. If you’re sending money from the U.S. to another country, you can pay with a U.S. checking account.[24]

Fees depend on the amount of your transfer and destination country but are usually lower if you opt to pay with your checking account instead of a debit or credit card. You can use the fee estimator to find out how much your transfer will cost.

You might also have to provide an ID when sending a transfer online, but it depends on how you’re paying. Debit and credit cards don’t require any information from your ID, but checking accounts require your driver’s license number.[22] If you don’t have a U.S. driver’s license, the website will direct you to pay with a credit or debit card instead.

Note: If you wish to send a money transfer to someone who doesn’t have a valid government-issued ID, you may be able to do so in person. This is subject to local regulations, so check with your local Walmart or MoneyGram agent.

Receiving a MoneyGram Money Transfer In Person

In most cases, you have to pick up your money transfer in person at the store. Inside Walmart, head to the MoneyCenter (if your store has one) or the customer service desk. You can also pick up funds transferred from any Western Union, Ria, or MoneyGram location.

MoneyGram transfers are usually available for pickup within minutes;[2] however, if the sender pays with a checking account online, it may take up to three days for the money to be available for you to pick up as cash. Once it’s been sent, you have 90 days to pick up the money.[22]

To pick up a MoneyGram transfer in person, you’ll need to show your ID — either a driver’s license, state ID, U.S. or foreign passport, green card, or military ID. Your name on the ID must match the name on the money transfer exactly.[24] You’ll also need to give the reference number, which the sender should have received at the time of purchase.[22]

Receiving a MoneyGram Money Transfer Online

Outside the U.S., you may be able to receive a transfer sent online as a deposit to your bank account, debit card, or mobile wallet or as a delivery to your home. The person sending the money transfer will see these options when they choose your country as the destination. If you’re outside the U.S. and receiving your money transfer as a deposit, you won’t need to show ID as the money will go directly into your account.[25]

If you’re outside the U.S. and are receiving your MoneyGram transfer as a deposit, your money will likely be available within the hour. But in some countries, bank deposits won’t be available until later. The timeframe for home delivery also depends on the country, but is usually available by the next day at the latest.[25] There is no timeframe in which you must pick up your money order after it’s sent.[22]

Fees and Limits

For transfers made in-person, you should be able to send at least $2,500 anywhere without trouble, but the actual spending limit for MoneyGram transfers made in-person depends on where you’re sending the money.[4] We spoke with both Walmart and MoneyGram customer service agents, but they were unable to confirm limits. The customer service agent won’t know ahead of time if you’ll be able to send the requested amount; if it’s too much, the computer will indicate this when the agent tries to process your order.

Fees on MoneyGram transfers through Walmart are 1.2% of the amount being sent when it’s over $2,500.[4] Other fees can vary based on the amount and where funds are being sent.[22]

When sending a MoneyGram transfer online, you can send up to $10,000 per transfer or within 30 calendar days.[24]

Fees vary depending on the amount you’re sending, where you’re sending it, and how you pay for it. You can log in to your MoneyGram account to get an idea of what you’ll pay based on the amount, country, and payment method.


Visit the MoneyGram tracking page to check the status of your transfer. You’ll need to enter your transaction reference number and last name. If you’re having a problem with your money transfer, call MoneyGram Customer Support at (800) 926-9400.


You can send and receive money transfers in person from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. local time. Online transfers are available at any time. If you’re outside of the US and receiving the transfer electronically, the time of day you receive it will depend on your bank or other local conditions.[25]


You can cancel your MoneyGram transfer and get a refund as long as the recipient hasn’t yet picked up the money. If you sent the transaction online, you may cancel it under the transaction history section of your account or through the “Track a Transfer” tool; the Transaction Details page will include an option to cancel the transfer. You can also call MoneyGram at (800) 926-9400 for assistance.

Your refund should process to your original form of payment in three to 10 business days.[22] Note that unless you cancel within 30 minutes of payment, your refund won’t include the money transfer fees.[26]

  3. Ria customer service (877) 443-1399[]
  5. Walmart store customer service representatives[]
  18. Western Union online chat[]
  22. MoneyGram customer service via contact form[][][][][][][]


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      My Walmart transaction was held up and now its taking ages for me to get a refund because there is an issue with the receiver’s information, can I change the receiver’s information on the transaction?

      • First Quarter Finance logo
        First Quarter Finance | Lindsey Desmet

        Hello, Sofia! Was your transaction a Walmart2Walmart transfer or a Walmart2World MoneyGram? If your refund is already in progress you will not be able to edit the transaction, but you can find out whether there is any other way to speed up your refund by contacting customer service. For Walmart2Walmart, you will need to contact Ria at (877) 443-1399; for Walmart2World, contact MoneyGram at (800) 922-7146. Best of luck!

        • Sofia

          Hello! My transaction has been cancelled and it’s a Walmart2Walmart transaction but I’m yet to process the refund. Can I still change the receiver’s name?

          • First Quarter Finance logo
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            Hello, Sofia! Unfortunately, you will not be able to change the receiver’s name. Once you cancel the transaction, you cannot edit it. Your refund should arrive within 30 days of the cancellation date. If you have any further questions about your transaction, you can get in touch with Ria’s customer service department at (877) 443-1399.

  • Mommaof3boys

    My Walmart is open 24/7. The articles I’ve read on line have stated that pick up of Walmart to Walmart or MoneyGram is basis on store hours. Both times I’ve received MoneyGram and Walmart to Walmart our store has told me they won’t cash over weekend. This is very upsetting especially since website states differently! Can someone explain why my Walmart won’t honor what they advertise? I do alot of shopping at Walmart for many diffrent items. I’m just a concerned shopper… Thank you

  • Brandon

    If I send money to myself in another state but not moving there for 2 months will the money still be at the Walmart in the other state I sent it to myself at?

  • Lee

    I went into Walmart to do a money transfer as I had done many times before. There was a sign on the table where the forms are to fill out to transfer the money. I saw a sign that stated that for a limited time you can send money Walmart 2 Walmart via Ria ONLINE with no fees. This is not Walmart/Moneygram. It specifically said Walmart 2 Walmart via Ria. And it was for ONLINE transfers. I already knew that Walmart 2 Walmart had to be done in person at Walmart but this sign said online transfers with no fees for a limited time. I have searched the Walmart and Ria websites and searched Google but cannot find where this promotional offer is. This is very frustrating and I am also upset that the promotion is so difficult to find. Please direct me to the website or the person I need to speak with. Thank you

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Laura Bachmann

      Hi Lee,

      Our past research has also only shown that the Walmart2Wamart transfer (those done by Ria) are in store, so thanks for tipping us off that they might sometimes be offered online as well. I took a look at their website, and I think this might be part of a new service Walmart is currently rolling out, that allows people to transfer money via Walmart’s phone app. Take a look at the Express Money Services FAQ and let us know if this looks like the same thing you saw in store!

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    Do you have walmart pickup points in Kenya Nairobi?
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      Hi Kenyan,
      Unfortunately, due to the volume of comments we receive, we can’t respond to individual specific location requests.

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    Why did you change Walmart 2 Walmart pickup hours. I use this service frequently and sometimes need emergency money as I travel and stay in a lot of hotels. Sleeping out on the streets cuz I can’t get my money after 9:00 is not cool if my credit card is not working for some reason

    • First Quarter Finance logo
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      Hi Steve,

      I’m sorry Walmart’s Money Center isn’t open as late as the whole store! There’s really not much we can do here to help you. Do your best to be prepared by checking the hours for the Walmart you’ll pick up at. You’ll probably have to call the store, Money Center hours aren’t always posted online.

  • Iramyahu

    How long with the money sit there before it’s sent back to the sender?

    • First Quarter Finance logo
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      Hi Iramyaho,

      There’s generally not a set date that a transfer would expire and get sent back to the sender. Instead, the sender can cancel the transfer, and request to have the money refunded. If the transfer was via MoneyGram and made online, you can cancel it online. It’ll take 3-10 days to get a refund. If you can’t log in because you made the transfer in person at a Walmart, you’ll have to go back to the Walmart to request to cancel and refund. Ria (which provides services for the Walmart2Walmart money transfers) also allows you to cancel an transfer, but whether you can request cancellation depends on the local agent (in this case, always Walmart). If yours was a Walmart2Walmart transfer, try looking up your transfer online and if you can’t find it or request to cancel online, get in touch with the Walmart you made the transfer from to request a cancellation.

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    I can’t get to Walmart until Thursday. I was sent money via walmart 2 walmart on Monday. How long do I have to pick up the money?

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      Hi Debborah,

      Don’t worry, your money will still be there waiting for you on Thursday. If you’d like, you can keep an eye on it with Ria’s Track Transfer feature.

  • Nikki lopez

    How long will it stay before I pick it up

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Laura Bachmann

      Hi Nikki,

      Usually very quickly. Walmart2Walmart transfers are usually available within 10 minutes after the sender sends the money. MoneyGram transfers sent in person are usually available for pickup within minutes. MoneyGram transfers sent online to be picked up as cash are usually available within a few minutes if the sender pays with their credit or debit card. If the sender used a check to pay for the transfer, it can take up to three days. These times might vary a bit if you sent an international money transfer.

      • Bruce

        Laura… that was not what Nikki was asking. I believe she was asking what I also was wondering… once someone sends a Walmart 2 Walmart, is there a timelimit on how long you have to pick it up? Or just for an example, if someone sent me one in January, could I wait 3 months to pick it?

  • Jc

    I don’t have the reference number but I was sent money..can I still pick up the money without a it?

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Laura Bachmann

      Hi Jc,

      You need the reference number to pick up the money transfer. You’ll have to get in touch with the person who sent you the money and find out what the reference number is.

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    How can someone get a lost reference number on a Walmart 2 Walmart transaction?

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Laura Bachmann

      Hi Ymb,

      You should be able to recover the reference number either by calling or going back to the store where you made the transfer, or by calling Ria customer service at (855) 355-2144. Ria is the company that does Walmart2Walmart money transfers.

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    If the sender sends 2500 per day, on two different days to the same person, can the pickup person pickup both amounts, in one day or do they have to do it in two different days for pickup??

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      Hi Marie,

      Assuming both money orders have arrived already, yes, the recipient should be able to pick them both up at the same time.

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