Which Banks Have Free Coin-Counting Machines? Answered

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Coin-counting machines allow you to exchange your spare change for paper money. You can find these machines at various banks and credit unions — and some of them are even free to use.

Below, we have the comprehensive list of banks and credit unions that offer coin-counting machines.

The List

We compiled this list by contacting customer service representatives at branch locations.

Note that most national banks don’t have coin-counting machines but will allow you to deposit rolled coins into an account. 

Coin-counting machines may only be available at select locations of each of these businesses, so it’s best to call your nearest branch before visiting. Follow the link provided in the table to find a location nearby.

Bank or Credit Union Fee for customers Fee for non-customers
Amegy BankNone Not available to non-customers
Eastern BankNone 5%
Fifth Third BankNone 5%
First County BankNone 10%
First Financial Northwest BankNone Not available to non-customers
Hancock County Savings BankNone Not available to non-customers
JBTNone 5%
Manasquan BankNone 15%
OceanFirst BankNone 10%
People’s United BankNone 11%
Republic BankNone None
Salem FiveNone Not available to non-customers
Shelby Savings BankNone Small fee; varies by location
Valley National BankFree once a year for most customers, then 5%; 5% to 10% for business customers 10%
Webster BankNone Not available to non-customers
Access Federal Credit UnionNone 20%
Alabama One Credit UnionNone Not available to non-customers
American Heritage Federal Credit UnionNone Not available to non-customers
cPort Credit UnionNone 5%
First CommunityNone 15%
Forum Credit UnionNone 10%
Freedom Credit UnionNone Not available to non-customers
Har-Co Credit UnionNone for up to $150 in coins per month; 10% thereafter Not available to non-customers
Hershey Federal Credit UnionNone 5%
HFS Federal Credit UnionNone 10%
Houston Federal Credit UnionNone for most members; 4% for deposits into business accounts 5% for shared branch members and 10% for non-customers
Idaho Central Credit UnionNone Not available to non-customers
Mission Federal Credit UnionNone for up to $200 in coins per month or $1,000 in coins per year; 11% thereafter 11%
NASA Federal Credit UnionNone 6%
Point Breeze Credit UnionNone 10%
Sharon Credit UnionNone 10%
Tinker Federal Credit UnionNone for coins up to $200; 5% thereafter 25%
Trona Valley Federal Credit UnionNone 10%
UnitedOne Credit UnionNone 7%
University of Michigan Credit UnionNone 7%
Visions Federal Credit UnionNone Not available to non-customers
Wescom Credit UnionNone Not available to non-customers
Westerra Credit UnionNone Not available to non-customers
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Other Ways to Empty Your Coin Jar

You’ve probably spotted a green Coinstar machine in your local supermarket or big-box chain. For a fee of about 25 cents per transaction and 12% of the coin amount, these machines will count your coins and print a voucher, which you can bring to a cashier or customer service desk to redeem for cash.

Fees can vary depending on location.[1] For an idea of what this service may cost, 12% is $6 for every $50 in coins exchanged.

You can avoid paying the fee if you redeem your coins as an e-gift card instead of cash, or opt to donate the money to a charity. eGift cards and donations are not available at all kiosks.[2]

To find out which banks will roll your coins, where to find Coinstar machines, and a few other tricks for emptying your coin jar, see our list of more than 50 places that count coins.


  • Bob Fetterman

    We have free coin counting in the Syracuse-Utica New York area at Yellow Brick Road Casino and Turning Stone Resort & Casino.

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Laura Bachmann

      Thanks for sharing and helping future readers, Bob! Local casinos are another place that can have coin counting machines, and good to know the ones near you are free!

    • Jim

      Are their any stipulations on coin counting st the Yellow Brick Rd Casino?

      • Bob

        No stipulations at this point for the free coin counting at Yellow Brick Road, Turning Stone or new Point Place Casinos.

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