Can You Rent a Car With a DUI on Your Record? Answered

You can rent a car with a DUI on your record. Companies like Enterprise and National will rent to drivers who have had a DUI as long as you have a valid, unrestricted driver’s license and are not required to use a Breathalyzer. Other companies like Avis and Budget will not rent to drivers who have had a DUI in the past 48 months. Below, we have the list of policies and restrictions by rental company, including Alamo, Hertz, Turo, and more.

Can You Rent a Car With a DUI on Your Record?

Renting a car with a DUI on your record is possible — though sometimes restrictions are in place if you were recently convicted of a DUI or are a repeat offender. We contacted the corporate customer service departments and various locations of the major rental car companies in the U.S. to learn their policies for customers with DUIs. We’ve detailed our findings below.

Note: Any time you book a car, it’s a good idea to contact the location and/or check the terms and conditions during the online booking process to make sure you have a clear understanding of all policies. Violations of your rental contract (such as misrepresenting your driving history or driving without insurance) may result in fees, restriction from future rental, or even legal action.

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ACE Rent A Car

  • Policy: Rentals are generally not restricted as long as you have a valid driver’s license, customer service representatives said. Some locations may have additional requirements.
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Alamo Rent A Car


Budget Car Rental


  • Policy: A corporate customer service representative said you cannot rent a car if you’ve had a DUI, but associates at various Dollar Rent A Car locations said you may be able to rent a car as long as the DUI wasn’t recent and you have a valid driver’s license.
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Enterprise Rent-A-Car


National Car Rental

Payless Car Rental

  • Policy: Driving history is considered on a case-by-case basis; Payless may or may not deny you a rental based on a DUI, customer service representatives said; see Payless’ FAQ for more details.
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Thrifty Car Rental


  • Policy: Turo’s Verifications team evaluates driver account applications on a case-by-case basis, a corporate customer service representative said. It is possible to be approved with a blemished driving record, but it is not guaranteed.
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  • Policy: Zipcar membership requires a valid driver’s license and a good driving record. Zipcar does not accept drivers with alcohol- or drug-related violations, and if you get a DUI while you are a member, your membership will likely be suspended or voided. See our article on Zipcar’s driver requirements for more details.
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None of the above-listed companies mentioned fees for drivers with past DUIs. Generally, there are only additional fees for young drivers, extra drivers, and/or other rental features. However, fee policies may vary by location and the manager’s discretion.

In Summary

While policies vary by rental company and sometimes by location, there are options available if you have a DUI on your record. Enterprise will rent to any driver with a valid, unrestricted license, as long as you do not have a Breathalyzer requirement. ACE, Hertz, and National have similar rental policies. Avis and Budget won’t rent to drivers who have had a DUI in the past 48 months, and Payless, Thrifty, and Turo decide renter eligibility on a case-by-case basis. It would be a good idea to contact your rental company of choice before your reservation to make sure you have a clear understanding of its policies.

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