Cast Iron Bathtub Value: Scrap & Resale Prices Explained

Cast iron bathtub in the bathroom of a restored home

Short Answer — Depending on your cast iron bathtub’s weight and condition, it may be valuable either for resale or scrap. Cast iron bathtubs are generally worth up to $50 at scrap yards. Tubs in good condition can bring anywhere from about $300 to $2,500 on the resale market.

Cast Iron Bathtub Value

If your cast iron bathtub is in bad shape, scrapping it might be the only way to get any money for it. However, if the tub is still in usable condition, you’ll probably get more money by reselling it as a tub to someone restoring or decorating a home. Scrap and resale prices vary based on several factors; we provide estimates for both methods below.

Scrap Price

The average scrap price for cast iron ranges from $0.02 to $0.10 per pound ($40 to $200 per ton)[1][2][3] at the time of writing. While the price per pound is low, cast iron bathtubs can weigh up to 500 pounds,[4] meaning they have a scrap value of up to $50.

Note that prices change over time and depend on the cast iron’s condition and your location. If your tub is heavily rusted, contains porcelain coating, or has attached fittings made from other materials, the scrap yard may pay less for it or refuse it. You can find up-to-date pricing and contact information for scrap yards in your area through iScrap App.

Resale Price

Because of cast iron’s low scrap value, if your tub is in good working condition, it may be worth more for resale than at the scrap yard. The resale value of a cast iron tub will depend on the following factors:[5][6]

  • Brand: Notable brands that produced cast iron tubs in the late 1800s through 1930s may be valuable today, including J. L. Mott and Kohler.
  • Size: The most popular size of cast iron tub is five feet long and 30 inches wide. Different sizes and shapes, such as larger claw-foot tubs, may be more valuable.
  • Condition: Cast iron bathtubs are usually coated with porcelain, at least on the inside of the tub. If the porcelain is worn, chipped, discolored, or cracked, the value of your cast iron tub will likely be lower. You can try to clean the tub to improve its condition or evaluate refinishing the porcelain coating to enhance its value.

A tub in good condition might sell for anywhere from around $300 to $2,500.[7]

How To Scrap or Resell Your Tub

Before scrapping or reselling a cast iron tub, it’s best to remove any surface rust. If scrapping the tub, you’ll also want to remove any non-cast iron components (such as faucets, legs, fittings, and pipes) to create a “clean” tub, which may fetch a higher scrap price. Depending on the type of metal, you might be able to scrap pipes and other accessories separately to get the most value out of the tub. For example, you can sell brass fittings for up to $2 per pound (as previously reported).

Finding a Scrap Yard

Use one of the following websites to find a scrap yard in your area; you might want to call a few or check their websites to compare prices:

Where To Resell

If you decide to resell your cast iron tub instead of scrapping it, there are several online and local options to help you find a buyer. Try posting pictures and a for-sale ad on any of the following websites:

Since cast iron bathtubs are so heavy, finding a local buyer for your bathtub will be much more economical than shipping the tub to a buyer. If you’re unable to find a nearby buyer on a peer-to-peer platform, you might be able to sell your cast iron tub to a local antique shop.

Alternative: Recycling

If your cast iron bathtub is in very rough shape — for example, heavily rusted — a scrap yard may not offer you much, if anything, for it. Another option is to recycle the tub. Earth911 and RecycleNation can help you find recycling centers near you.

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