Chrysler Capital Repossession Policy and Process Explained

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Chrysler Capital does not have a standard repossession policy. Repossessions occur on a case-by-case basis. To avoid repossession, discuss your options with Chrysler Capital’s loan servicing department. We have all of the details below.

Chrysler Capital Repossession Policy

Chrysler Capital doesn’t have a uniform policy regarding repossessions, customer service said. Repossession occurs on a case-by-case basis and follows state repossession regulations. If you have a newer account, Chrysler Capital may repossess your car as soon as 60 days after your missed payment(s). But, if you have an older account and a solid payment history, Chrysler Capital may wait longer before repossessing the vehicle.

Chrysler Capital will make several attempts to reach out before sending someone to pick up the vehicle, the company representative said. She added: If you expect you are not able to make your monthly payment, the best way to avoid repossession is to communicate with Chrysler Capital. In most cases, the company will do its best to work with you, including possibly offering a one-month deferment. Call the loan servicing department at (855) 563-5635 to speak with a Chrysler Capital representative.

In Summary

Now you know the Chrysler Capital repossession policy — or as much as anyone can know. Chrysler Capital does not have a standard repossession policy, but communication with the company can help you avoid repossession.

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